Wessex Covers Important Topics in the New Year

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) offers courses that focus on important challenges that affect the international community. Industry leaders, members of academia and professionals come together to discuss climate change, risk management, and technology integration to prepare for an uncertain future.

Flooding and mudflow risk management uses the newest computer modeling technology to aid in lowering the impact of these disasters. Participants prepare for flooding and mudflow using their knowledge and the latest software to anticipate and mitigate the risks in our ecosystem. You also study how changing one part of a system might affect the system as a whole. Studying the circular economy gives another look at a different system while retaining the concept of change and improving.

Spatial target mapping for hazard prediction and risk assessment focuses on studying hazard preparation and risk mitigation using the latest software to predict trends. Security system integration prepares the best guidelines and policies when preparing for dangerous or disastrous events. There are many topics WIT covers and you leave prepared to make a big difference in the world.

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