Voter Enthusiasm High for Conor Lamb Thanks to End Citizens United Endorsement.

     When Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old former marine, entered the American Legion Hall in a little town southwest of Pittsburgh, you’d think that a local celebrity had just walked into the building. Lamb is running for Pennsylvania’s vacant seat in the redder-than-red 18th District. Due to gerrymandering, this seat has been held by Republicans since the early ’90s but for the first time, there is a real enthusiasm for a progressive candidate. Lamb has been surging in the polls over the past several month’s thanks to an endorsement from End Citizens United and a growing feeling that the country is about to turn blue in a big way. Is a blue wave on the way?

Conor Lamb will be competing with Rick Saccone, a former military intelligence officer who has the financial and verbal backing of establishment Republicans throughout the country. Saccone will be a tough opponent to overcome thanks to President Trump’s recent endorsement as well as the RNC’s $2 million donation to pay for campaign attack ads against Lamb. Still, that doesn’t mean that Lamb is ready to run and hide. Instead, it looks like as his opposition grows his own popularity grows to match.

Typically, special elections tend to have lower turnouts than at any other point during the electoral process. This means that voter enthusiasm will be of the utmost importance, and that is where End Citizens United comes into play. End Citizens United is led by Tiffany Muller and their connection directly to voters could be a difference-maker in this election. End Citizens United has been active since the 2016 presidential election as they sought to help get out the vote for progressive candidates who are willing to fight back against dark money and corporate lobbying. Lamb is a staunch champion for campaign finance reform and he figures to be a key figure for progressives throughout the country if he is able to overcome Saccone.

Joe Zupancic, another progressive running for a vacant House seat, was in attendance at Lamb’s most recent rally. Zupancic was there to get a gauge for Democratic enthusiasm and he left overwhelmed and impressed. If the rally at the American Legion Hall is any indicator of things to come, we could be looking at a blue wave sweeping into Pennsylvania’s deep-red district and a lot of that will count on the success that End Citizens United has getting out their vote and voter enthusiasm.

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