Up-Close With Marc Sparks and His Meteoric Rise in Investment Endeavors

Marc Sparks is the epitome of hard work pays in business. As Founder of Timber Creek Capital, Mr. Sparks credits his positive attitude and strong faith in the Almighty as crucial components to his immense success. The serial entrepreneur has overcome all odds to become a reputable professional on the rise.

With interest in numerous endeavors such as telecommunications, capital investment and real estate, he has exhibited a unique character that distinguishes him from his peers.

Sparks recently moved offices to a new location that promoted startup development and collaboration among rising entrepreneurs. The serial businessman is accredited for his keen identification of viable startups and developing them into profit generating entities. He highlights the importance of a conducive and cooperative work environment in the development of a startup. Such an environment contributes 25% of the total ingredients needed for any business to succeed. However, entrepreneurs ought to build a business model and procure the necessary resources to ensure its success

The importance of an excellent workspace is best illustrated with the example of a warehouse with blacked out windows. Such an environment is less likely to promote creativity and productivity of workers.

Rather than occupy such a space, he would recommend an office floor on 5th Avenue New York with lots of ventilation and free movement of professionals. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he reiterates the connection between an office space and success or failure within a company.

Marc Sparks has extensively elaborated on the benefits of an ideal office space in his latest literary work: They Can’t Eat You. The novel contains detailed descriptions of the failures and successes he has encountered in his 35 years of experience.

Such experiences played a vital role in the development of Timber Creek Capital, LP which personifies his journey across various stages.

Background of Marc Sparks

Sparks serves as the Founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, LP. The private equity firm is a premium provider of numerous services such as office space, capital, banking and much more. Marc’s unyielding pursuit of excellence has earned him numerous honors over the course of his career.

Apart from running the company, Spark is a renowned philanthropist and has donated to several Foundations in the U.S.

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