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It is a universally known fact that people like parties. Whether it’s a high energy event full of strangers and loud music or a quiet get together with family and close friends. No matter which type of party you enjoy more most of the time the experience will be stress free and enjoyable.


The only person that may be stressing is the host. Often times the most important part of the party is overlooked. Being a party planner is a lot harder than it sounds. Many party planners crack under the pressure. Luckily this article contains a few tips to hosting your next big party or get-together without breaking a sweat.


Tip #1


The First step to hosting any successful event is planning. Planning can be very simple if you stay organized and start early. Having a sufficient amount of time can make all the difference in remaining stress free.


Tip #2


Organization is key. There are many ways to get organized. Keeping a list is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to do so. A list can ensure that you don’t forget any supplies or vital information about guests.


Tip #3


Sending out invitations is another great way to take the pressure off. Online invitations are perfectly fine but don’t have quite the same effect as a mailed one. An invitation in the mailbox can really set the tone of what’s to be expected at the party.


Tip #4


If you’re stressing about the drink service offering a self serve bar may be the solution. Guests then become their own mixologists.


Tip #5


For more of a family event having a kids table is very ideal. This way adults can have their fun without being weary of being inappropriate.


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Twenty Three Layers has become one of the leading event planning companies in NYC. The creative and energetic company is made up of some of the best corporate event planners in NYC. What makes Twenty Three layers so spectacular is its ability to seamlessly adapt to the different needs of its variety of clients. Its full service event planning and design shines through in a corporate function or personal celebration.

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