The Oxford Club Members Share Luxury with Property Exchange

The Oxford Club is an organization of elite wealthy members that have like-minded passions to increase their net worth and investment portfolios and also share their luxury accommodations with their Property Exchange opportunities that allow members to share their privately owned chateaus, beach houses, villas, castles and various other elite luxury accommodations. The Oxford Club members have access to world-class research, analysis, and evaluation of investment opportunities that continue to compound exponentially their investment portfolios within various asset categories.


The Oxford Club established itself as one of the world’s most elite and well-respected investment memberships in the world. It provides its members with resources and networking opportunities that continue to catapult their lifestyle and social status by creating opportunities to live a lifestyle that the general public only dreams of living. By offering its members the ability to network with other wealthy Oxford Club members, a platform is created for property exchange where members can exchange there most prized travel destination homes, chateaus, beach houses, castles, and other luxury accommodations. These locations can only be accessed if you’re a member of The Oxford Club and your network with the right individuals who have ownership of these prestigious accommodations.


The Oxford Club was established in 1989 and quickly became one of the leading investment and investment analytics publications in the world. The Oxford Club members are located in over 131 different countries around the globe and they create a world-class global perspective that translates into profitable investment opportunities. Julia Guth is the Chief Executive Officer of The Oxford Club and she leads a highly skilled professional staff of researchers, publishers, editors, sales, marketing, operations, and customer service personnel that provide the highest level analysis, evaluation, and intuitive resources that provides members with extremely relevant investment tips and guidance. The Oxford Club has established itself as one of the elite and prestigious memberships within the investment industry and provides opportunities for its members to network with like-minded wealthy individuals and share information. The Oxford Club also allows members to share the most precious property that they privately owned with other members to provide a community of luxury property destinations for its members travels to.