The Overview of Cone Marshall, the Prominent International Tax Company

Cone Marshall Ltd. is a renowned law firm that serves international families and advisors. They assist in establishing New Zealand partnerships, companies and offering universal wealth planning advice. The company provides services to attorneys, advisors, families, private banks and other institutions located outside New Zealand.


Cone Marshall Company have established New Zealand structures, and offered ultimate structuring advice, trust, and provide local tax. All inquiries are highly confidential and protected by legal professional privilege. Under the management of Geoffrey cone and Karen Marshall, the firm has aided their clients in the creation of partnership and companies.


The Leadership and Services of Cone Marshall


They have trained their official employees to offer global wealth and training. For instance, Karen Marshall has a 10 years of experience in law and has worked in law firms’ commercial litigation departments in the large cities of London. Moreover, she has offered reputable services in Cone Marshall since 2005. In her work, Karen provides advisory services including trustee’s liability and power to enter into compromises. She also offers third parties’ security with particular reference to obligations for lenders.


The subject of international taxes is one of the most complex issues facing many nations. With many businesses around the globe, there have been a lot of connections and the practice of law has been considered as an important aspect. This is why Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are determined to make Cone Marshall the most prominent international tax and trust planning company in New Zealand.


Cone has been recognized and described as an exemplary tax attorney by a regular magazine in the Firm and Experts Directory. Furthermore, they have assured entrepreneurs of their commitment to conform to the principles of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD promotes comprehensive tax laws internationally for member states.


Cone’s experience in counseling and litigating work in the West Indies has helped the firm to build and reach its vision. Founded in 1999, the company has been creating global tax plans for a maximum of 17 years and continues to show up the same principles of excellence. Cone Marshall promotes the sort of reliability and transparency needed in contemporary tax law and trust planning.


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  1. New Zealand has endorsed comprehensive legislation to sieve dishonest individuals. The foreign trust trustees are obliged to deliver a Foreign Trust Disclosure Form to the IRD for tax purposes to enhance accountability. It makes me wonder if these what rush my paper services would do the stuff for them in a right manner.

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