Ted Bauman’s Predictions on the Effects of Launching Trade Wars on China

Ted Bauman works as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing under Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and Plan B Club. He specializes in international migration news, privacy and asset protection. Ted was born in Washington, D.C and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He gained his scholarly credits overseas in South Africa and pursued a 25-year career in the same country.

Ted Bauman served as a fund manager for affordable housing projects such as the Slum Dwellers Internationals that currently houses 14 million people across 35 countries. He has other projects in over 75 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. He is the epitome of a citizen of the world who believes in owning multiple investments all over the world. Ted’s personal investment values are clear in his daily articles on Banyan’s The Sovereign Investor Daily, Small Enterprise Development and Environment and the Journal of Microfinance.

Ted Bauman has a developed awareness of the threats facing the bull market. He warned US participants of the international trade market to take heed of the risks their assets face under certain companies. He explained that souring trade wars would primarily affect the United States traders. He expounded that Trump’s administration will determine the direction of the trades, adding that igniting a trade war with China will be the trigger that collapses the entire market.

Ted Bauman stated that companies such as Apple, which receive a majority of their sales from China, would have an unpreventable break down. Stocks like Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ will also undergo a regenerative period if China fights against the companies set up in international markets. The value of physical commodities such as soybeans will also undergo serious crashes. Additionally, Ted Bauman sides with other economy experts who believe that China will increase limitations to US firms and ban the purchase of some of the United States’ vital exports.

Ted derives his broad economic and political knowledge from working with the South African government, Europe’s grant agencies, the United Nations and the World Bank. He served as director for the International Housing Programs in the United States. Currently, Ted devotes a majority of his time as a researcher and writer of world markets.