The moves that David McDonald is making in ensuring that OSI Group is moving forward

The supply of protein item globally has been the primary role of OSI Group. The company is based in Aurora, Ill. The other products that they have are things like pizza and sandwiches. The company is privately owned by David McDonald and his still offering his services to the company as the president. Form the time David Macdonald started the company it has grown to what it is right now 50 facilities in 17 parts of the country. From the time OSI Group began to operate in China like 20years they have grown as the economy improved. With that with the help of David, they have been able to rise to what they are right now in China the largest chicken providers in the place.

David McDonald attended the Lowa State University where he earned his BS Degree from 1983 to 1987 and while in the university he was among the member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He offers his services to the North American Meat Institute where he is the chairman. David McDonald has overseen the acquisition of so many companies that have been a great addition to the company helping with the growth. One being the Baho Food acquisition, a company that deals with the manufacture of meat products. The reason why David McDonald was so interested in the buying of Baho Food is that it will help with the growth of OSI Group in parts of Europe.

David McDonald ensures that together with his team they will go beyond their means so that to take care of the needs of the client. That will need them to be creative at all times which can be challenging at times. Though according to David what has been helpful is the transparency they created with the customers over the years. That has been of help to McDonald because once they know the needs of the clients, then they will be able to innovate new product to meet their needs. Having the close relationship with clients has been of help too in knowing the so many changes in the market and being up to date for OSI Group.