OSI Food Solutions Continues To Set High Industry Standards In The World Of Food Wholesale:

OSI Food Solutions is a world-renowned food distribution company that works behind the scenes bring people across the globe the food that they enjoy at many of their favorite restaurants. Well known global food brands such as McDonald’s, KFC and Papa John’s, to name just a few, rely on OSI Food Solutions to provide them with the quality food products that they serve at their locations. The company has a history that stretches back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century when the operation started out as a local meat market in the Chicago area suburb of Oak Park, Illinois. Originally a small family business ran Germany immigrant Otto Kolschowsky and his family, the operation has grown over its many decades in business to become one of the largest company’s of its type in the world today. OSI Food Solutions ranks as one of America’s top 100 food businesses and has locations in seventeen of the world’s countries. The company operates eighty different facilities in these various global markets. The steady stream of growth that OSI has experienced over the years has not slowed down and recent years have seen some key acquisitions for the firm.

OSI Food Solutions has seen some big upgrades to its business model in the European market over the last handful of years. In 2016 the company acquired two major European food distribution firms that were a good fit for what OSI does. Netherlands based company Baho Food is a distributor with a base that reaches across many countries in Europe. The company has facilities in Germany and the Netherlands and adds a huge amount of value and added capability to the strengths that OSI already had. That same year, OSI acquired the United Kingdom-based Flagship Europe. The British speciality food supplier is a huge boost to OSI’s expansion efforts in the U.K. OSI President David McDonald commented that the addition of these two operations was expected to be a great benefit to the company in its drive to bring in more corporate contracts in the European arena. The company also recently put in some major upgrades to its processing facility in Toledo, Spain in order to double its chicken production for its Spanish and Portuguese markets.

The 2016 calendar year also saw OSI Food Solutions honored by the British Safety Council for its work in maintaining environmentally sustainable facilities. OSI was awarded the Globe of Honour by the council. This award is given out yearly to organizations that go the extra mile in ensuring that their operations are maintained to high standards regarding environmental sustainability.