Siteline Cabinetry Brings It All to Life

Corsi Group was started in 1973. The company specializes in the making of cabinets to suit its client’s tastes. From the laundry room, bath and kitchen cabinets to the Mudroom. The Siteline Cabinetry company, stationed in Keysville, VA is a branch in the Corsi Group brand which came to be 2015. With Pat Corsi as the chairman and CEO and Ken Pfarr as its president.The company deals in custom made storage solutions. With a wide range of over 270 materials, color and designs to choose from, Siteline Cabinetry offers variety.


Siteline Cabinetry offers excellent cabinetry solutions, with a personal touch at unbeatable pricesand short delivery and installation time. The cabinets are made to tailor suit each client’s personal preference and taste. Giving their competitors, who deal in mass production of cabinets sand store them until an order is received, a wide berth. The company prides itself in the making of quality modern cabinets with a traditional touch..

Clients Turning into Architectures

The company is able to bring to life a client’s idea. As the client is completely in charge of the design, color and even finishing. The designs are crafted as exactly specified by the client, with the aide of professional to help them. With the solid knowledge that the kitchen is the center piece to all family homes. Siteline cabinetry does not disappoint. It brings to life a variety of storage ideas.

Services Offered

From high-tech cabinets that are a must-have in this generation. Sprawling back to the good old classic black and white shaker style storages that is still dear to many. All the way to horizontal orientation cabinetry, that give a kitchen a polished look while maximizing on space. And back to the subtle and clean line designs, which is still preferential to many due to its uniqueness. Coupled with plenty of other designs. With the latest kitchen trends in mind, the storages are designed with the latest fitments to incorporate the current kitchen appliances like pans and utensils.The doors are also not left to chance. The cabinets’ doors are of quality and are fashionable.


Siteline Cabinetry has greatly transformed the retail home furnishing market over the last few years. Employing about 200 skilled and professional workers, that strive to deliver quality and satisfactory storage pieces to its clients. And are familiar with the market.