Shafik Sachedina: Offering the Best Healthcare

Healthcare is very important and as a dentist, Shafik Sachedina understands that getting the right care makes a huge difference. He treats his patients with respect and dignity, which goes a long way in treatment. It is always about the patient and their needs. That is why he founded Sussex Healthcare. He needed to show people that caring for someone that is elderly or had a neurological problem can be done with the utmost professionalism.

With his dentistry background, Shafik Sachedina came up with a way to care for people with all types of ailments that involve the brain. From learning disorders, autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, he devised a plan on how each type of patient could get the care individualized to their needs. His business partner handled the housing portion. Together, they created  a unique healthcare network that is not only the largest but also the model of what residential assistance care should look like.

The home that was created to house each patient was beautiful. At first, in 1985, there was only one facility. Now there are twenty and one of the is a new state of the art gym. You can find a chef in each home making sure each patient is getting the nutrition that they need, according to their diet. That is very important as it contributes consistently to each resident’s overall health. Making sure that everyone in the Sussex facility has the proper care can help them live longer. The gym itself was designed to stimulate various parts of the body that does not get enough exercise. Using the underwater treadmill is designed to help make your muscles stronger and stop your bones from being stiff. This helps with arthritis. They also offer respite care for those that want the right to life treatment.

Shafik Sachedina has done a remarkable job with Sussex Healthcare for his part. It was not an easy feat putting the largest healthcare network together. It is not easy to run it either. However, for Shafik Sachedina this was a mission that is very much needed.