Securus Helps Our Law Office Reach New Clients

I have used Securus in my law office for a few years now, and I have found them to be the perfect foil for my calling needs. We pick up new clients often who are starting cases in days or weeks, and we must call them to learn how to manage their cases. I have had quite a lot of success with Securus, and I know they are giving me something that I cannot get anywhere else. This article explains how our office became more efficient with Securus.


#1: We Cannot Drive There


We cannot drive to the jail every time we must meet someone new because we do not have time to drive. We believe it is easier to call them for their consultations, and we learn quite a lot on our first calls. We have made many calls with the Securus account, and I have everyone in the office using a Securus account. We use their company because it is simpler and more functional than any other, and they allow us to see our clients on each call.


#2: Calling With Video


We have been calling with video on every Securus account, and I am allowed to see how my clients react to the information that is given them. I want to know their general state of mind, and I want to know that they are ready to move forward with their case.


They have been a help to our business as we reach out to clients, and I feel as though they are helping us meet everyone’s needs in the present.


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