Professor and Judge, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva comes from Brazil having been born in Itapetininga city in 1958. Marco Antonio is a judge at the Court of Appeal of Brazil. He presently serves in Sao Paulo. Marco Antonio joined the judiciary in 1983 where he works up to date. He has previously served in Diadema, Monte Alto city, and Palmeira D’oeste as a judge. In 2002, Marco Antonio ascended to the level of a substitute judge after receiving a promotion. He later in 2007 won an advancement that saw him become a judge of Court of Appeal. Judge Antonio believes in justice as well as education. He values God, friends, and family.


At the age of 15,Marco Antonio Marques da Silva knew he wanted to a judge. His aspiration to become a judge made him start Pursuing legal classes at PUC In 1977. Marco finished his studied from PUC where he graduated in 1981. Later on, he joined Pontifical Catholic University for his specialization and his master’s degree. Additionally, Judge Antonio enrolled for his teaching degree at the same university. He acquired his postdoctoral fellowship in 2005 from the Law Faculty of Coimbra. In 1982, Antonio began his career in teaching as a professor at PUC. His tenure came in 2003, and he is currently a criminal law professor at PUC.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has received several recognition awards from PUC for his contributions to the university. For instance, in April 2018, he was awarded an honorary by the university. The new auditorium at the campus of Perdizes was given Judge Antonio’s name. The chair of the ceremony was Dirceu de Mello, the University’s president as well as the former president of Court of Appeal of Sao Paulo State. In his speech, Dirceu mentioned Judge Antonio as a man ready for service at any time. Moreover, he mentioned Judge Antonio’s tireless efforts to help others. Judge Marco received this honor for his input toward the new auditorium construction. The University’s Specialization and Extension office (Cogeae) also gave Judge Antonio a plaque as recognition for his devotion to the office’s operations. In addition to this, the chair said that Judge Antonio is a sincere, loyal, and zealous man.