Peter Briger believes in innovation for a company to thrive

Peter Briger has been offering successful financial services since he started his career at Goldman Sachs. He joined Fortress Investment Group when he had already acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in the field. That is when he decided to join with others who had similar goals. He joined Wes Edens and Randal Nardone who are also great entrepreneurs at Fortress Investment Group. His contributions at the company are significant, and today he has been the head of the credit and real estate department for the company. He is a skilled leader who has shaped the company since he joined in 2002. Peter Briger is also serving other organizations where he has been appointed as the leader because of his outstanding leadership skills. He has been chairing the board at the company where his skills have them to make the right decision.


Peter is not only running businesses, but he has been appointed the director of organizations like Princeton University Investment Company and Tipping Point. He is also involved with Hospital for Special Surgery Inc. Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger had been working at Goldman Sachs. He worked at the company for more than ten years. While at Goldman Sachs, he held various positions. It is through the many years he worked at Goldman Sachs that he acquired a lot of experience in the financial sector. Today he can lead any organization because of the leadership skills he acquired after working tirelessly for the company.


Peter Briger is also known for his educational background which is impressive. He has attended respected institutions in the United States like Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and Wharton Business School. Learning and acquiring an MBA has enabled him to become the leader he is today. Peter Briger has worked hard to join the Forbes list of billionaires. His involvement in philanthropic activities is also impressive because he has contributed to helping many in the society. Peter will continue to help in the expansion of Fortress Investment Group. His leadership at the company is essential because he is involved in making crucial decisions.