Penelope Kokkinides Raises the Bar at InnovaCare

Goodleadership is at a premium today. That is why InnovaCare Inc. is grateful to have Penelope Kokkinides on board as the Chief Administrative Officer. After a break, Ms. Kokkinides came back to InnovCare in 2015. Before her time with InnovCare, she had the privilege of serving with Aveta Inc, in the role of Vice President of Clinical Operations. With a few decades of experience in the healthcare industry under her belt, Penelope Kokkinides has specialized in many government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. She has also spent her fair share of time in the managed care industry.


In 2017 Kokkinides was invited to be one of eight women to sit on a panel to meet with President Donald Trump. This meeting was designed to discuss Medicaid issues, especially as it related to Medicaid programs in Puerto Rico.


Ms. Kokkinides really shines in the areas of developing clinical programs as well as managing certain health care operations. Because she always keeps her focus on improving the lives of patients, it has not been difficult for Ms. Kokkinides to rise up in the ranks of her peers. This passion is visible in her ongoing efforts to improve health care options for Puerto Rico which is critical in the current health care crisis.


In addition to her time with InnovCare Inc and Aveta Inc, Penelope Kokkinides also served as the Executive Vice President at Centerlight Health Care. She also wore the hat at Centerlight of being Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Kokkinides is no stranger to multitasking and doing what ever it takes to get the job done, even going above and beyond her own call of duty. In similar roles Ms. Kokkinides has also led managing operations at Touchstone Health as well as at AmeriChoice.


Kokkinides began her career with her study of biological sciences at Binghamton University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Her education continued at New York University where she completed her master’s degree in social work as well as a post-master’s degree program in substance abuse. Not quite satisfied there, Ms. Kokkinides also earned a second master’s degree in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health.


Her extensive education in health care has set a strong foundation for the work which she carries out everyday at InnovCare. Penelope Kokkinides has carried this unmatched dedication to goal achievement along with her to InnovaCare where she makes a stupendous difference in the lives of patients and employees alike.