New Acclaimed CEO of Capital Group Announced

In July of 2015 the Board of Directors at Capital Group named Timothy Armour as Chairman of Capital Group. This change of leadership had been planned for several years and was formalized when the previous Chairman, Jim Rothenberg, passed away. In a statement Timothy said, “Tim said, “All of us here at Capital deeply mourn the loss of our friend and colleague, Jim. He was a purposeful leader, who possessed a talent for taking decisive action in the best long-term interests of our clients, investors and associates.”

Timothy obtained his Bachelors degree from Middlebury College in Vermont. Timothy began his career in 1983 in The Associates Program at Capital Group, and then moving on to the position of equity investment analyst. Later on he served as an equity portfolio manager for the company.

Timothy has said, “find active managers who earn their keep.” He believes that an investor doesn’t need to settle for average returns, and should seek out an actively trading manager who can consistently make greater returns than the overall market does. He is a proponent of active management of a portfolio rather than passively following an index which will only make what the overall market does. By researching and investing in profitable companies that are doing better than the overall market an active manager can provide the best gains for his clients.

Janet Yang, a Director of Multi-asset and Alternative Strategies, believes that Timothy Armour was a good choice to lead Capital Group. She believes a good deal of their success is because of Timothy’s ability to peer into the future and uncover the needs and demands of a business, as well as the long term needs of the employees of these businesses.

These market corrections, in his words, remove pockets of excess. In a July 2015 interview he commented that he’s in agreement with the Fed that rates need to rise because it would be healthy to do so over the long term. both the vision they need and, as a long term employee and executive of the company, continuity after the passing of the former Chair.

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