Madison Street Capital Continues to Show Its Excellence

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based that offers expert financial advice to both publicly and privately held businesses across the globe. Over the years it has developed a reputation for providing top notch financial service and integrity. It works in unison with other organizations to help them navigate the complexities of the industry. Madison Street Capital’s success didn’t come overnight. It had to prove itself time and again by aiding numerous business big and small throughout its tenure.


There were many things going against Madison Street Capital and its co-founder and CEO, Anthony Marsala in the beginning. Marsala is a relatively young entrepreneur who had yet to make a name for himself in business. Many thought the international investment banking firm was going to have a very short lifespan. Marsala was up to the challenge however. In 2015, he received a 40 Under Forty award the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.


A year later Madison Street Capital was named a finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards. Even though the firm didn’t win the prestigious award it was still honored to be considered among so many others. It received its first major award earlier this year when it was the recipient of the Turnaround Award.


It solidified its spot as one of the top in the industry when Vital Care Industries hired the firm for its services. Madison Street Capital helped it find a suitable lender and acquire a commercial loan to make future medical products.


Madison Street Capital’s reputation as a firm with great integrity comes from its many philanthropy efforts. It has many several charitable donations organizations with just causes. It’s contributed funds to non profits like the United Way and American Red Cross.


The Madison Street Capital reputation is in a great space right now.