Luiz Carlos Trabuco Came A Long Way And Is Now The Top Guy At Bradesco

     Luis Carlos Trabuco began his journey as a volunteer in Banco Bradesco while going to college to study philosophy and business. In just a few short years, Luiz showed a lot of interest in the marketing department, and he introduced ideas to the marketing team that could revolutionize the way they conduct marketing. One day when Luiz came to work, he was surprised to find out that he was named the new leader of the marketing department.

For the next several years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became very close with Lazaro Brandao, who was the president of the bank at that time. Luiz learned the ins and outs of the banking system, and he then graduated college and devoted all of his time to the bank. At that point, the then vice president of the bank landed a job at another bank, and Lazaro Brandao names Luiz the new vice president of Banco Bradesco. Luiz was extremely humbled. Brandao told the press that he always considers his current employees first whenever a position opens in the bank.

Almost two decades have passed since Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the vice president of Bradesco, and now Luiz has become the president of Bradesco. This happened because Lazaro Brandao decided to retire. He was almost 95 years old, and he desired to spend more time with his family and doing things and mean a lot to him. Brandao also wanted to retire because of all the new technology that was coming into the bank. This technology puzzled Brandao because it was not there during his prime years.

After meeting with the bank board of Banco Bradesco it was announced publicly that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would become the next president of the bank. All of the employees of Bradesco said they could not think of anyone better qualified for the job. Luiz also assured the employees of Bradesco that the vice president and other key positions were going to be filled by current employees, and Luiz surely lived up to his word.

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