Jorge Moll Insights On Mental Illnesses

Depression among other mental illnesses has become prevalent today. This has downgraded the quality of lives led by many people. Jorge Moll, a scientist who heads the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), aims at finding out how such problems can be solved. He has a lot of experience and is multitalented in giving long-lasting solutions.


One of the subjects that Jorge Moll has been actively involved in researching about is how the well-being of a person relates to the relationships they uphold with other people. Jorge Moll argues that the brain reacts in various ways towards the act of tenderness. The psychology of an individual is also affected by ethics propagated in the society.


Jorge Moll also asserts that for human beings to receive psychological pleasure, they have to develop the habit of giving out more than that of receiving things from others. He came up with this claim after an experiment. In this experiment, he asked the people to talk about their experiences. While answering the questions, magnetic resonance imaging was being used to study how the brain was reacting. It was discovered that the reward system is energized by giving out enabling one to feel pleasure.


According to Jorge Moll, mental illnesses can be avoided if people maintained healthy relationships. Various acts of love and tenderness go a long way in enabling people to feel happy. Through his research studies, Jorge Moll will cause positive transformations in the society. His efforts are supported by IDOR. For a long time, this institution has been on the front line to investigate how science and technology can be used to enhance the delivery of healthcare services. The D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network sponsors it. This institution carries out research studies in oncology, pediatrics, neurosciences, and intensive medicine.


Jorge Moll is a Brazilian based scientist. He has achieved high education levels in the medical field. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Pathophysiology and an MD in neuroscience from the University of Sao Paulo and the Federal University of Rio de Janiero respectively.