Jeremy Goldstein Determined to Partner with Fountain House Organization.

The Man who owns and runs a very large boutique law firm in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, is currently organizing a wine dinner that is intended to raise funds to help the mentally ill patients in the state and the whole of America. Jeremy Goldstein has for a very long period been in partnership with Fountain House, an organization that is so determined to provide recovery assistance to the patients with the Mental illness. The wine dinner has been organized by Goldstein, in collaboration with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel. The objective of the diner is to support Fountain House in their dedicated vision of liberating the mental illness group of individuals.


The reason behind this is the fact that mental illness has been identified as a world crisis by the World Health Organization, with the patients of the dreaded condition suffering from stigma. They have been facing challenges in life that have made them feel as if they are all alone in the wilderness. The common challenges that they face are among the difficulties in maintaining sound relationships with other people, hardships in competition for employment in the competitive market, failure to complete their education and many others.


Due to this reason, Fountain House has been taking the brilliant initiative of trying to recover the members of the group and trying as much as they can to convert them into productive members of the society. Some of the initiatives that the Fountain House organization has taken in the quest to recover the individuals living with mental illness are;

  1. Advocating for improved practices and perception for the people who have a critical mental illness
  2. Providing education for the people living with mental illness and making them feel as valuable individuals in the community
  3. Providing for employment opportunities for the mental illness patients after completion of their education.


Jeremy Goldstein has been in full support of the initiatives and has been partnering with Fountain House to recover these important individuals. Being a member of the Board of Directors at the Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein is determined to run the essential program with a lot of success. As a result of the efforts by Fountain House in partnership with Jeremy Goldstein, a lot of individuals living with this condition of the mind have been rescued from the agony that they have been enduring. They have been turned into productive individuals who can contribute to the building of the society.


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