Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties and President Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani, founder of DAMAC Properties(1976), and Donald Trump have both a business and social relationship which seems to have served them well over the years. President Trump made a brief statement before his inauguration describing his thoughts about eliminating the business element of their connection and keeping the personal side to make sure that it would not affect his efforts as president during heightened times of dispute with the Middle East and the United States. Back in 2015 and 2016 President Trump was able to net $10 million dollars from a shared golfing business interest with Hussain Sajwani. The Trump family, namely his son Donald Trump Jr., has a deeper association than just in business as they attended a wedding in Dubai for Sajwani’s daughter.

Hussain Sajwani is indeed a billionaire and credits President Trump with helping to strengthen DAMAC Properties. He boasts $3 billion with well over 44,000 property units throughout the Middle East. Through the DAMAC company and his associations, Sajwani has been able to fulfill many of his philantrophic efforts and made positive changes for his homeland. Their property locations have an immense global span which is pivotal to having such a wide-ranging outreach. DAMAC Properties has donated millions in resources to help feed and clothe needy children around the world. He is very well connected to the world socially and pubicly. As does his friend President Trump, he too has an Instagram account and posts relevant news and commentary regularly.

The luxury lifestyle is the focal point of DAMAC Properties and its founder Hussain Sajwani. From beautiful villas, hotels, gorgeous apartment homes, to spectacular family friendly golf and vacation resorts, this company attracts wealthy business people and investors to enjoy. Hussain sees the wealth created from his business ventures as a priceless resource to help others and build and celebrate their decisions to excel in life. Having plenty of “friends in high places”, Sajwani would like to continue building upon and creating new business ventures. This can only help him achieve further success for his native country, family and international friends in the future.

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