How Madison Street Capital Closed A Deal Between Corbel Capital Partners and ARES Security Corporation

Some of the qualities that companies look for investment banking firms include a high level of expertise, a diverse range of skillsets and a strong record of success. The Chicago-based investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has all of these qualities in droves. Madison Street Capital has been providing its clients with world-renowned service in areas like tax planning, valuations, mergers and acquisitions, company valuations and capital raising endeavors. The firm’s clients are businesses with a wide range of needs and financial interests that operate within industries like healthcare, technology, retail, real estate development, agriculture, aerospace, mining and natural resources, medical devices and transportation. The company has led transactions that involved mergers and acquisitions for businesses that are based in countries outside of the United States.


These transactions speak to the firm’s global sensibilities. It has also conducted many transactions that involved pairing clients that were seeking to raise capital with entities that are interested in providing it. The Madison Street Capital reputation for helping companies raise the capital they need is a strong one. Recently Madison Street Capital announced the completion of a deal between the technology security company ARES Security Corporation and the private equity firm Corbel Capital Partners. Madison Street Capital’s client ARES Security Corporation was seeking a financial advisor that could help it secure a debt equity investment from the right partner. According to a report ARES Security Corporation wanted Madison Street Capital to prioritize finding the best organization for ARES to partner with in that endeavor.


Some might say that a good investment management firm is sort of like a good matchmaker. Both entities are able to listen to their clients to discern what their needs and wants are. Matchmakers and investment management firms are able to offer the parties that employ them with access to their knowledge of a particular landscape whether it be romantic or financial. They can offer a broader view of those landscapes than their clients could discern own their end. Investment management firms like Madison Street Capital help clients that are interested in raising capital cut through the noise of a busy marketplace and narrow it down to a shortlist of strong choices that each have the potential to result in a mutually beneficial financial marriage.


When it came to helping ARES Security Corporation find the right option for its capital raising goals Corbel Capital Partners ending up proving to be the best choice for the company. Corbel Capital Partner’s ability to provide ARES Security Corporation with flexible financing solutions and access to a roster of new potential business partners ending up sealing the deal.


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