Financial Expert Jim Hunt Believes In Helping The Little Guy


To the average member of society, the world of finance and investment may seem a distant concept reserved only for the financial elite of the world. It’s an industry that may seem to be increasingly greedy and cutthroat every year. However, Jim Hunt, financial adviser and CEO of VTA Publications, is trying to change all that through his expert knowledge.

Hunt, who has several years of successful stock market experience under his belt, developed his brainchild, VTA Publications, in 2012, to share his expertise with others who may find the stock market world to be intimidating. Through his YouTube channel, he frequently shares with the world his own recent investments, as well as information about trades which he breaks down so that investors with all levels of experience can make an informed decision. In a world full of greedy and secretive investor giants, Hunt’s willingness to freely share his wealth of information is considered, to many, to be a godsend.


Hunt is an accomplished entrepreneur who believes in strict discipline, and he sets goals for himself daily. He also claims that his best ideas come to him when he is relaxing, and he follows his intuition. It’s these characteristics that have made VTA Publications the success it is today.


His current project through VTA Publications is “Make Mum A Millionaire,” a series in which Hunt demonstrates how foolproof his trading tips are by making his mother a millionaire with just ten trades. He is documenting the entire process via his YouTube channel so that his viewers can see for themselves just how simple his technique really is.


He has worked tirelessly to guide the little guys toward financial success, and as VTA Publications continues to see growth, more and more people will benefit financially, all thanks to him.

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