Eva Moskowitz Changes New York Education Sytem with Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is someone that was dissatisfied with the concept of high school education, but she is just not another complainer. What she decided to do instead of complaining is actually doing something about it. Eva started the Harlem Success Academy- a charter school that would go on to eventually be known as the Success Academy – and change education in New York forever. With the Success Academy Eva would prove that she had exactly what it took to bring something new into the environment of zoned schools and poor school choices.

Eva Moskowitz is the founder of these schools in New York, and there are 41 of these institutions spread out through the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. This is the way that Eva wanted to promote the concept of a better education system even if kids did not have access to the expensive private schools. There has been a push for education reform by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and Eva Moskowitz has proven that she is one that believes in the need for this as well. She grew up in New York so it was obvious that she would start at home, but the Success Academy concept is growing outside of New York because it’s effective.

Eva Moskowitz has created the highest-performing public school network in New York. This is quite an accomplishment for someone that grew up in a New York school system where she felt that she did not learn anything. This may have been the biggest part of her motivation. Eva wanted to make sure that children that were growing up in New York did not have to worry about getting a quality education.

With Success Academy Eva Moskowitz found a way to reach the African American community in New York. She started in Harlem, but now this school system reaches as many as 41,000 students throughout the state of New York. At least 93% of the kids that are in the school system are African American students.

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