EOS Lip Balm Fashion Iconography For The Original You

Craig Dubitsky was a simple man who with one bold move managed to completely change an entire industry with one inspired idea. Seeing that the lip balms taking over the industry at the time were impersonal, medical-type products that smelled as unappealing and medical as their names: Blistex and ChapStick. Wanting to make women feel more at ease and enjoy the process of their every day lip care routines, Craig Dubitsky decided it was time to take a lesson from other beauty products like lotion and shampoos and conditioners which were infusing scents, dyes, and even glitters into their products for a while now which was winning the eye of women everywhere who wanted their own symbol of fashion iconography in their skincare(https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) and beauty products. This was the exact reason so many women were fawning over lip gloss buckets at the time: they were different and fun and came with fruity flavors like watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi. There wasn’t too much choice at the time and it wasn’t doing the same job as lip balms were, but it was more original and it made women feel less like they were merely taking their medicine. Dubitsky wanted to inspire women to enjoy EOS lip balm as much as they enjoyed their kiwi lip gloss and their coconut shampoo, so he decided it was time to fill the gap in the lip care department with pretty pastel eggs that had their own flavors like Sweet Mint and Pomegranate Raspberry. It seemed like a simple and small move, but like wildfire it struck fast and made a huge impact! Women everywhere were going crazy for these eBay sold delicious smooth lip balms and the flavors and scents that made them feel unique unto themselves. EOS Lip Balm made a monumental difference and it clicked -literally!

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