Dr. Jim Toner Weighs In On The Octomom

Dr. Jim Toner is one of the foremost fertility specialists in the world. As the clinical director of SART, he is responsible for a lot of research and treatment related to the very real problem of infertility. So it was natural that he would wish to weigh in on the entire “octomom” story. I’m talking, of course, about the woman who used the services of a fertility clinic to become impregnated with a record 8 children at once. While the media couldn’t help but make a circus of the matter, many people took a look at the situation and saw an irresponsible stunt.

Dr. Toner is among the latter, and I must say I agree with him wholeheartedly. In fact, I find it very refreshing to hear the entire fiasco called for the irresponsible thing that it was. When you run a fertility clinic, you have to think about the responsibility that you have to refrain from encouraging overpopulation. In an article published by the Atlanta Center For Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Toner gives his expert opinion on the matter, asserting that the process never should have happened, either morally or legally.

The big bombshell is the fact that fertilizing one woman with eight embryos is completely illegal, and has been for years. The doctor who performed this fertilization is now under investigation by the state for his actions, and will likely face consequences from his peers in the industry as well.

I found Dr. Toner’s opinion on this matter to be a good, refreshing look at what an actual doctor looks like. I commend him for practicing his profession in a socially responsible manner.

Dr. Toner has a five star rating on healthgrades.com, and upon reading some of the reviews left by his patients you can easily see why. Out of the 8 reviews that are given, 7 have rated him 5 stars. The remaining review gave three stars, but it speaks well for him when we see that no one has given a bad review at all. What we have here is 7 glowing reviews and one moderately positive review. Overall, he was rated as “excellent” in the categories of trustworthiness, good explanations, responsiveness, scheduling, and overall staff friendliness. They also said that the average wait time in his office is ten to fifteen minutes. All said, these reviews give us nothing but positives.