Dr. Dov Rand’s Holistic Prescription for Aging

For better or worse, we are all getting older, but Dr. Dov Rand has dedicated his career to making the aging process as painless and easy as possible for his patients. As the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dr. Rand takes a holistic approach to his patient’s health, incorporating both medical intervention as well as diet and fitness programs into his treatment plans.


The goal for Dr. Dov Rand is to provide his patients with optimal levels of health, ensuring that the aging process is smooth and immune systems are armed. In support of any clinical interventions, Dr. Rand encourages all his patients to pursue a prescribed regimen of physical fitness, mental health, healthy eating, and monitored supplementation. The physical fitness side of his prescription entails both cardio workouts as well as activities that enhance mental fitness and clarity. This includes activities like yoga and martial arts.


For Dr. Rand, the value of a strong immune system cannot be understated. This is where diet does its most to help. Dietary changes in combination with targeted supplementation help to reduce inflammation within the body and fight against future infection and disease. If the body of an older person can return to the metabolic state experienced in youth, it is equipped to repair itself from damage.


As for clinical intervention, Dr. Rand likes to incorporate treatments that enhance the body’s natural processes. This includes therapies to help replace and replenish hormones that are naturally diminished in the aging process, returning patients’ bodies to the hormonal equilibrium of their youth. These hormone treatments are customized to individual needs, and, unlike many hormone therapies, Dr. Rand employs a process known as bioidentical therapy. The hormones are not synthetic but created as exact replicas of an individual’s hormone mix. The process rebuilds a patient’s hormone structure more naturally.


The clinical therapies promoted by Dr. Rand also include practices like IV vitamin supplementation, which helps to better target nutrient supply, and medical acupuncture. It is that holistic approach, treating mind, body, and spirit, that Dr. Dov Rand believes is the key to dealing with aging successfully.