ClassDojo is a Leading App in the Challenging World of Education Technology

Teachers are a very cautious bunch. They do not trust anything tech related just because it has been created for their use. Whatever types of technology that developers create for teachers in the education field must be useful and meaningful for the classroom. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time for teachers, students and anybody involved in the education process.

When ClassDojo was launched in 2011 Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don made the app with teachers in mind. That was their first priority because teachers are key to the whole education system. Without them, it would be very difficult to teach and train students with knowledge. Having a practical and proven technology to help out with this process helps to make this process easier on everyone.

The technology application market has been recently on the downturn since 2013 and now in 2018, this particular field for software growth is starting to look good. Since it is, EdTech startups are now creating their products with a lot caution. They are teaming up with universities and other education connected organizations to make sure their products are useful for the education field.

ClassDojo had a unique advantage with its development. Sam Chaudhary was a high school teacher. He has first-hand experience in the classroom. He knew what would work and what would not. He used this knowledge when ClassDojo was being developed. This input has helped to make ClassDojo a first rate EdTech app that is now being used by most of the schools within the United States.

Teachers know that the ClassDojo is a great piece of technology. Most are glad that they can implement it in their classroom and that is produces great results. The app’s success has forever change how EdTech apps are being developed. In a sense, ClassDojo has set the standard for this area of education technology. They truly understand what it takes to make a great EdTech app that produces results.

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