Quality Construction-America Institute of Architects

     For an extended period architects all over the world have been blamed in one way or another for their reckless developments. One organization known as American Institute of Architects was established over 150 years ago to change the face of the architecture industry. The body does not only help investors get quality services and products, but it is also at the forefront of assisting architects to have access to quality materials and equipment for their work. The organization which has their Head Offices in Washington DC was created by 13 members in 1867. Since the inception of the group, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion with them having over 880000 members up to date.

America Institute of Architects was established as a primary cause of community reconstruction, education, offering sovereignty backing, as well as public outreach. In connection with real estate experts as well as development experts, America Institute of Architects has been working hand in hand with other with the construction industry to change the image of the architecture sector. The firm is created on firm values as well as standards which have enabled them to be existence for an extended period and making technical changes throughout their works. Their values are advocacy for architects as they deliver to them the required quality materials as well as resources for their work. With their long history, AIA requires their members to follow their set rules and regulations to the end.

Robert Ivy is an expert in the architectural industry. Mr. Robert is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of America Institute of Architects. After his graduation from High School, the great experienced construction expert attended The University of South for his Bachelors of Arts in English, and later Tulane University for his Masters in Architecture. Robert can well be described as a leader, and he has been holding top positions ever since he began his career. In 1996, Mr. Ivy was appointed the editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. During his tenure as the Chief Editor of the construction, journal expanded to become one of the most read construction magazines. Ivy was also the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGrew Hill Construction Media. Since the beginning of his career Ivy has won several awards among them; National Magazine Awards, Jesse H. Neal Awards, and the American Society of Magazines Editors among others. Robert Ivy continues to make changes in the development as well as the construction industry.

Bruno Fagali-The Founder of Fagali Advocacy

     Bruno Fagali, a corporate integrity expert, and an expert counsel is recognized for his high contributions to clean up Brazil public contracts, bearing in mind the scandals associated with the dubious contracts, by initiating a transparency drive and integrity campaign. He founded his own law firm known as Fagali Advocacy and also works for Nova/SB as the corporate integrity manager which is a respected Brazilian advertisement firm. With close to a decade experience in offering professional legal solutions particularly in the corporate world, Bruno understands what is required to put up a cleanup campaign.

He is a professional in administrative law, compliance, ethics, urban law and regulatory law. Mr. Fagali understands the importance of his position in Nova/SB as he has established many initiatives to bring integrity in the advertisement firm.  As a top leader in the advertisement industry, the firm secures a significant number of contracts in the public sector that are directly sourced from different government departments. Because of the recent public anger demonstrated against corruption in different government departments, the government has resolved to implement an integrity and transparency drive that can gain back the faith of citizens. Bruno Fagali was appointed by Nova/SB in this line as he is capable of implementing new initiatives and to pioneer a drive for integrity which the organization requires at this particular time.

Being the corporate integrity manager of Nova/SB, Bruno designed and implemented a professional integrity program for the organization in both Sao Paulo and Brasilia offices. In addition, he also created an employee ethics committee and introduced a new policy that would see all members and employees treated equally. He has a thirty-six months contract with the firm that will give him an opportunity to have an authoritative hand and make decisions that will improve the firm’s performance.

Bruno Fagali graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2009 with a degree in administrative law. He later joined the University of São Paulo where he got masters in progress in state law. He has worked with different organizations such as Ramires, Manesco,Tojal , Teixeira Ferreira and other law firms before founding his own law firm in 2014.

Urologist David B Samadi – Providing Your Medical Checkup via the TV Screen

     The Urology Chairman, David B Samadi has started a live broadcast on Fox News since September 2017. The purpose of the live broadcasts is to provide viewers valuable health tips and keep them updated through medical reports. During this Sunday afternoon broadcast, the TV audience may have access at DoctorsamadiTV.com, Twitter, YouTube live or Facebook.

Dr. Samadi will host various guests in the health fields. They will talk about important health topics, which will give the public advice on preserving good wellness. The topics will obviously cover sought-after answers from women and men. Expect to hear solutions to many issues such as prostate health, exercise, food & diet, sexual health and common diseases.

You will be welcome to call and speak with Dr. Samadi or his distinguished guests for answers to all of your questions. Because the broadcast is live, the viewers can interact by email or phone while the show is happening or when it ends.

What’s more, Dr. David B Samadi, the famous urologist has an excellent reputation and a successful record in offering equal care to all of his patients. The Lenox Hill Hospital in New York has been high regards for Dr. Samadi and therefore, praises him as a high-quality surgeon who has achieved several successful clinical outcomes.

In addition, he is board certified while specializing in dealing with urologic diseases – bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer. At 15, David and his younger brother left their birthplace of Iran at the time when the country became the Islamic Republic during 1979. Moreover, the celebrity doctor attended Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 2001.

During this time, he finished his oncology fellowship in proctology. Besides that, he completed a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship under the instructions of Professor Claude Abbou during 2002. So, the Robotics Chief from Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France would move on in doing his first practice at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Later, Dr. David B Samadi became a part of the faculty at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2007. It was here his accomplished positions comprised Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

By 2012, he was recognized as the highest-paid physician in New York City. After he and his team moved to Lenox Hill Hospital during 2013, they promoted him Head Urologist and Chief of Robotic Surgery.

Read more at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/fox-news-contributor-dr-david-samadi-announces-new-show-sunday-housecall-with-dr-david-samadi-live-online-sundays-300518094.html.

Pro Racquetball Player Sawyer Howitt Gives Some Tips To Help You Reach Your Full Potential

     While many people may aspire to become professional racquetball players, only a small number will actually make it. Professional player Sawyer Howitt has a few tips to help aspiring professional racquetball players reach their dreams.

Establish A Strategy

You must have a specific strategy in place to improve. Achieving great athletic performance requires you having a detailed training plan. Work with a racquetball professional to help get some experience.  Most professionals have great stories about the obstacles that they have went through to achieve success. A professional racquetball player can give you valuable words of wisdom as you pursue a professional career.

Do Your Research

Before you start your journey to become a professional racquetball player, do your research on the sport. Look at the different features that happen through you pursuing a professional racquetball career. Look at the different business opportunities that you may have access to through your racquetball career, so that you can plan for the future.

Coaching Is Key

Find the right coach who will give you the necessary tools to help you become a great racquetball player.  Once you officially become a professional, you should have access to better coaching. Be aware that you may have to relocate in order to advance your career.  Make sure that you find a coach that has a clear vision for how to help you reach your goals.

Put In The Hard Work

In order to succeed at the professional level, you must be in peak physical condition. You have to work out for a few hours every day in order to help your body gain the strength to perform at a high level. It may take a year for your body to adjust to the kind of conditioning that is necessary at the professional level. You have to practice every day. You can greatly enhance your chances of playing professionally by securing a sponsor. A sponsor can ease the financial burden and allow you to focus on becoming a better racquetball player.

A Portland, Oregon native, Sawyer Howitt has been certified as a professional player through USA Racquetball. Howitt plays singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Becoming A Racquetball Professional with Sawyer Howitt

     Racquetball is a type of sport that played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor court. Joseph Sobek invented it in 1950. Striving to be a racquetball pro like Sawyer Howitt is considered an admirable lifetime goal. According to Mr. Sawyer, the dedication of enough time and energy is the first tip of becoming a professional player of racquetball. To make a plan to move forward and to ensure that you are seeking a goal that will produce the results you are seeking.

Sawyer Howitt’s advises athletes to start by researching their potential avenues to kick start before starting their professional journey. They should also dedicate themselves to a specific training plan, hire a professional coach, and do the right workouts to gain an excellent physique. And by establishing their strategic plan, they then make a habit of practicing to perfection.

Sawyer Howitt is currently The Meriwether Group project manager since early 2017. Despite his young age, he takes pride in assisting young entrepreneurs and businesses to grow. Sawyer has directed different charitable organizations due to his keen eye on operational and financial needs. Sawyer is always up for all tasks. Sawyer continues with plans to seek how the change in commerce will affect the future as well as how business growth will need to adjust to the continuing technological changing factors.

Sawyer is a second semester senior who has focused on his studies, internships, and efforts on business and finance. In pursuance of furthering entrepreneurial athlete career, Sawyer is set to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance in the fall of 2017 at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sawyer Howitt has participated in many different charitable courses. He has continually championed for the mentoring the youths and also fighting for women rights. He participates in the leading of global race related study group. The American Racquetball Association acknowledged Sawyer Howitt as a professional player.

Publicist History

    Alexandre Gama began his pursuits in copywriting back in the later ’70s. He studied at Brazil’s own FAAP – or Armanda Alvares Penteado Foundation. There, he earned a double major in advertising and communications and has put his skills to the test ever since. He has worked for countless agencies ever since and now holds his own under the title of Neogama CEO. Neogama is his own business, but it has not always been this way. Gama had to fight hard to get his own spot at the top, and the battle was more than usually not an easy or fun one; yet, since he has studied advertising, copywriting, marketing and everything in between, he attests that he was more than prepared to meet each challenge along the way – even becoming his own boss in 1999.

Neogama was born in 1999. It still stands. It’s been through many mergers.

Karl Heideck: A Pennsylvania Litigator

     Litigation is the process of entering into a lawsuit, whether a person has filed it themselves or is responding to it. These “actions” are brought to the court in order to enforce a particular right. Litigation involves a series of steps that resolve the legal matter, whether that means working towards a legal settlement or towards a court trial.

The litigation processes begin with the filing or answer to the initial complaint, pleadings, discovery, settlement conferences, trial, and possibly appeal. The entire process can take weeks, months, or even years. The parties involved in the lawsuit can enter into an agreement, or “settlement” at any time during the process.

The process begins with the Plaintiff filing a complaint with the court. This will identify the parties involved and a description of the facts involved. The Defendant is the opposition in the court proceedings that will receive the complaint. The Defendant then must respond to the allegations, or answer to them.

“Pleadings” is the term for any and all written documents involved with the case. These documents will include the initial complaint, answer, and all other documents presented. These documents can include motions, petitions, declarations, hearings requests, and all other documents.

The exchange of information between parties in the case is called discovery. This is often the longest part of the litigation process. At the start of every case, both parties ask for the other to provide evidence, facts, and documents that are related to the case.

Settlement conferences are required most of the time before a judge will hear the legal matter. This means that both parties will meet in the hopes of resolving the matter outside of court. This can be helpful in reducing the time parties could spend in court.

If settlements cannot be arranged, the case will then go to court. This is the trial aspect of the litigation process. The trial can involve a jury or just the judge. Each party will present their evidence at trial. The jury or judge takes evidence and documents from each party and makes a decision at the end, called a verdict.

Sometimes a party is not happy with the outcome of the trial and an appeal is issued. Both sides may argue their cases again and the court can make the decision to affirm the verdict (keep the ruling as it is) or reverse the previous ruling or verdict, causing the need for a new trial.

Litigation attorney are different from lawyers. A litigation attorney will handle a case from the beginning process to the end. A lawyer typically has a team behind them that handles the beginning processes, but they conduct the trial aspect of the case. A litigation attorney works by him or herself to work through all processes.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who practices in the Philadelphia area. He has experience in litigation, compliance, and risk management. Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature. He then received his law degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law.

Karl Heideck’s license to practice law has been in good standing for 8 years and he is currently a Contract Attorney at Hire Counsel. Karl Heideck has a vast knowledge of civil litigation, corporate law, and commercial litigation.

For more, check https://www.behance.net/karlheideck.



The Reasons For Choosing A Great Cleansing Conditioner

     The problem with having great hair is that it has to be washed regularly. Yes, a nice problem to have, but hair cleansing can be a time consuming chore if the right products aren’t at hand. That’s why many people are turning to all-in-one cleansing conditioners to make their hair beautiful.

One of the big advantages of using a cleansing conditioner is that all-in-one quality. It takes less time to use one product to take care of all your hair needs. Many of the cleansing conditioners sold today are all natural, too, which is great for your hair. These natural products don’t produce lather, which also makes them easy to use. The absence of sulfates accounts for the lack of a lather, and that’s another great quality. This type of cleansing conditioner is also easier on hair that’s been color treated.

Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners

One of the top makers of organic cleansing conditioners is Wen by Chaz. Wen by Chaz has an amazing cleansing conditioner line that’s becoming very popular, especially among clients who appreciate all-natural products.

This sweet-smelling and totally natural haircare line was created by stylist Chaz Dean when he heard many of his clients asking for more natural products for their hair. These easy to use products make the hair lustrous and beautiful, and they smell fantastic, too.

So, next time your hair needs a good cleanse, consider using a cleansing conditioner to keep your hair shiny and smooth.

Check http://www.wen.com/before-after.html for more details.



Travelling Vineyard Is Giving You an Opportunity to Do What You Love Best and Earn Money

     Napa Valley is known for many beautiful things, but the beautiful landscapes and vineyards have placed this region at the top of the map. The region has some of the most fertile lands for growing grapes, a fact that is known all over the world. Almost every wine from across the world has heard a thing or two about this great land. However, Napa Valley is not only known for its vineyards; there are beautiful places in the area where visitors and tourists alike can go and see the wonders of the Mother Nature.

If you love 3-D art, then be sure to drop by the Napa Art Walk exhibition. The exhibition features the artwork of renowned art masters from around the country and includes magnificent sculptures of all kinds. Napa Valley also has something for history lovers. Napa Valley Historical Society will quench your thirst for knowledge about this place. The organization keeps Napa’s most treasured historical pieces and then invites the public to come and learn from them.

While visiting Napa Valley, be sure to explore the Round Pond Estate that is renowned for producing Mediterranean olives that are known from around the world for their high qualities. These olives are produced using the classical methods. As if this adventure isn’t enough, you can also take cooking classes at Silverado Cooking School where you are sure to polish up your culinary skills.

While at the institution, you can sure to pick cooking lessons the great Chef Malcolm de Sieyes who will help to take your cooking adventures to another level. Napa Valley is renowned for world-class restaurants and spas. After the adventurous walk in the vineyards, the trip to the Napa exhibition and a trip to the Round Pond Estate, you can now lay back and relax at the Auberge Spa and enjoy a spa session at Calistoga Ranch resorts.

About Traveling Vineyard

Travelling Vineyard is an MLM Marketing Company, which was launched in 2001 when the first-in-home wine tasting was held. The company focuses on selling wine that is put into three different categories; red, white and sweet and fizzy. Individuals interested in joining this business have to register as Wine Guide before they can start earning. A member is paid up 35% of the orders they generate. Your earnings as a member will mainly depend on your sales and also your downline sales. Additionally, you will earn by your level in the organization.

Being a Traveling Vineyard guide offers a lot of benefits. The most important thing is that you get to make money doing what you love. Besides that, it also helps to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. The business gives you an opportunity to make friends with your other members and also stranger from around the world. You have the chance to create your schedule and have the flexibility to work when you want.

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EOS Lip Balm Fashion Iconography For The Original You

Craig Dubitsky was a simple man who with one bold move managed to completely change an entire industry with one inspired idea. Seeing that the lip balms taking over the industry at the time were impersonal, medical-type products that smelled as unappealing and medical as their names: Blistex and ChapStick. Wanting to make women feel more at ease and enjoy the process of their every day lip care routines, Craig Dubitsky decided it was time to take a lesson from other beauty products like lotion and shampoos and conditioners which were infusing scents, dyes, and even glitters into their products for a while now which was winning the eye of women everywhere who wanted their own symbol of fashion iconography in their skincare(https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) and beauty products. This was the exact reason so many women were fawning over lip gloss buckets at the time: they were different and fun and came with fruity flavors like watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi. There wasn’t too much choice at the time and it wasn’t doing the same job as lip balms were, but it was more original and it made women feel less like they were merely taking their medicine. Dubitsky wanted to inspire women to enjoy EOS lip balm as much as they enjoyed their kiwi lip gloss and their coconut shampoo, so he decided it was time to fill the gap in the lip care department with pretty pastel eggs that had their own flavors like Sweet Mint and Pomegranate Raspberry. It seemed like a simple and small move, but like wildfire it struck fast and made a huge impact! Women everywhere were going crazy for these eBay sold delicious smooth lip balms and the flavors and scents that made them feel unique unto themselves. EOS Lip Balm made a monumental difference and it clicked -literally!

To learn more about EOS, visit their Facebook page.