How Talk Fusion’s Products Have Become High Quality While Maintaining Simplicity

Talk Fusion hasn’t become featured on Microsoft or been the most ubiquitous company when it comes to mentioning it with corporate software, but it is silently growing and taking over communication spaces where IT experts may not have seen it coming before. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion is always putting forth ground-breaking ideas on how video emails and live streaming can be improved and get the message out that its users want to send. Talk Fusion is doing with their products what many previous video chat applications have done, but in a more user-friendly way.


One thing Talk Fusion users love is not having to download bulky software or even having to use the Adobe flash media player to use Talk Fusion’s video player. The software is almost invisible as it can be used as a built-in plugin with the browser or mobile device app that is compatible with any operating system. Its technology is known as web real-time communications, a protocol used both for transmitting live streams or distributing pre-recorded video files. The company was given the Video Product of the Year award by the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016 and Bob Reina often talks about its video strategies in his articles on the HuffPost and MarTech Advisor.


The beginning of Talk Fusion came when Bob Reina wanted a way to send video files through email back before social media became a fad. He had retired from the police force about 10 years earlier and had been undertaking some multilevel marketing opportunities when he stumbled across email video communications as new way to make sales. The first software allowing videos to be displayed in emails came in 2007, and since then several other newsletter, conferencing and group chat apps have been released. Talk Fusion’s customers include small, large and mid-sized businesses, and non-profits have also expressed their gratitude over how Talk Fusion has allowed them to share their message.¬†Learn more: ¬†


One of Talk Fusion’s latest programs is Talk Fusion University, a tutorial program that gives associates pointers on how to market Talk Fusion products. Associates earn bonuses and commissions on each product suite sale they make, and Talk Fusion also has free trials that associates can refer customers to and earn credit for. For associates who can meet a certain sales volume or recruit more people to the Talk Fusion multilevel marketing program, they could bring home items like rolex watches, diamond jewelry or even major sports cars.