An Impact Only The Soros Name Can Make

No one knew that a peasant boy, who was led into exile from his own country, would become one of the world’s most profound billionaires we know of today. The same man supported Ferguson protests according to the Washington Times. His contributions toward fair treatment and equality are evident and ongoing.

But it just so happens that when George Soros became a refugee during the onset of Nazi occupation, he found a way to survive and then thrive later in life. It’s now his passion to enable everyone on the planet a way out. This is not just based on a desire but a living example that he is.

Today, Soros’ name is known for wealth, investing and a long track record within philanthropy. It’s no secret as to why. Yet to tell this story, we must return to where it all began. After escaping the German occupation of Hungary, where George was born, the young 13-year-old made his way into the United Kingdom.

Here, George also found the education that would elevate him into the world of finance. But before this happened, the young man needed suitable work for daily survival. He was in a foreign country with no hopes of ever returning to Hungary. So he first found labor within the train-yards of England and therefore Europe itself.

Something special was occurring during this struggle. Like many souls found in similar straits, George’s heart yearned for more. He wanted a better life and more security for his family. So, he soon took the steps to apply for university education. He then took the long road within education and found employment in finance. Learn more about his profile at

We see this same passion for opportunity and an open society. It’s clear with George’s return to charity work as was seen during Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

Today, George Soros is known for beating the financial markets in ways that shake the world economy. These infamous trades have literally decided how surrounding markets will survive on a financial level. There’s only one direction a man with this much power and wit can do. He is now retired. But before that happened. …

The Soros family became rich. A mutual fund was started. It made investors rich.

Everyone involved with this man and his innovation then remained rich.

And today, we find a different picture.

We no longer see the active financial specialist hovering over data for money or trends. Instead, we now learn from and watch one the world’s most sought-after philanthropists. Soros is often recorded in major news. His work seeks to protect refugees of all kinds, to spread equality and to fund the social needs of society.

We’re only on track to see more as the future continues becoming today and as the billionaire returns to his charity work. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

George Soros: Fulfilling His Mission of Aiding Countless Lives

George Soros is a prominent name in the world of politics, but not for the reasons most people in that field are. George is a man whose impact on governments all over the world has been so enormous, that he is sometimes known to have more persuasive power over the people than what the actual candidates standing in elections have. But George has never actually contested in any political elections. Read this story at about George Soros.

When George was a young boy, he lived with his family in Hungary. During his childhood, the country was then under the control of the Pro-Nazi regime. Owing to this political state in his country, there was an extensive amount of distress in the people of the society. The government in power played a significant role in the unhappiness of the people owing to the harsh policies and laws in place. George and his family were practicing Jews at the time, which created all the more problems while they lived in Hungary. Seeing this happen to the people around him and the large impact it created in his life and set him on his path to help people to always put the right party in power for the development of society. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

However, George soon realized that to pursue his mission to help people; he would need a lot of funds, to start foundations and organizations to set forth on his mission, on the scale that he wanted to conduct it. When his family moved to London, George enrolled in London School of Economics with a goal of entering the field of finance. On completing his education, George came to New York and invested in his first hedge fund, which garnered him the fortune he has to his name today.

George is known to be one of the richest people in the world and has been featured numerous times by Forbes on their ‘top’ lists. In 2016, he made an appearance on their list as one of the richest hedge fund investors. Through his fortune, George Soros has created an impact on countless lives and has benefited numerous people through the various organizations that he has funded as well as started up himself. In 2016, George set the roots for an organization that strives to help people seeking refuge in war-torn countries and countries that were under any political distress. The group used George’s personal funds to give monetary support to entrepreneurs and businesses of these people so as to help them set up their life in their new home and support their families adequately to provide them with a good start.

George has also donated millions to the Democratic party, with the hope of bringing a just party to power, for the benefit of the American citizens.

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George Soros Isn’t A Trump Supporter And It Shows

The George Soros story is well-known in the financial industry. The Hungarian-born investor was able to get out of Hungary before the Nazis captured him and his family. Thanks to that experience and many others during his 86 years on the planet, Soros has evolved into a humanitarian, political pundit, economic forecaster and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Soros has spent more than $12 billion of his money promoting human rights and Democracy around the world. He is known as a lightning rod for conservations because he supports so many liberal causes.

Soros spent more than $14 million on the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. More than half of that money went directly to Clinton Super PACs, but he also funded elections in several states. George Soros funded Democrats running for Congress, the Senate and even District Attorney races. When Trump was declared the winner, Soros didn’t waiver from his convictions. He has never been a Trump kind of guy. He plans to continue to monitor Trump’s actions and policies for the next four years.

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George Soros rises again
George Soros Donates $10 Million to Help Combat Hate Crimes

The interesting thing about George Soros is, he does what he says he’s going to do. When the migration crisis turned the European Union into a group of whining fools, Soros vowed he would try to help solve the issue. George Soros recently announced a $500 million investment in migrant businesses and in businesses that support migrants. When the Chinese decided to play games with their economy, currency, and the stock market, Soros was one of the first people to tell the world that China’s economic policies may be the catalyst for another Great Recession. It seems Soros is always at the forefront of economic and financial issues that threaten the well-being of open societies and freedom.

The Open Society Foundation uses the massive fortune of George Soros to spread Democracy around the world. The foundation recently announced a $10 million pledge to fight hate crimes. That pledge is a direct response to Trump’s win. The Open Society spends more than $500 million supporting groups that promote human rights, justice, and Democracy. Soros and other members of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club want Trump to know they are watching him. That group will not tolerate any anti-immigration or anti-Muslim policies that threaten the core principles of the United States.

Some people, like Glenn Beck, think George Soros is a modern day puppet-master. Beck thinks Soros will spend whatever it takes to get his own way. But that is not the real George Soros. George Soros is here to make a difference, and he won’t stop making a difference until he stops breathing. Soros believes in equal rights, and the freedom to live life without political interference. George has demonstrated his allegiance to Democracy time and time again over the last 50 years.