Shafik Sachedina: Offering the Best Healthcare

Healthcare is very important and as a dentist, Shafik Sachedina understands that getting the right care makes a huge difference. He treats his patients with respect and dignity, which goes a long way in treatment. It is always about the patient and their needs. That is why he founded Sussex Healthcare. He needed to show people that caring for someone that is elderly or had a neurological problem can be done with the utmost professionalism.

With his dentistry background, Shafik Sachedina came up with a way to care for people with all types of ailments that involve the brain. From learning disorders, autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, he devised a plan on how each type of patient could get the care individualized to their needs. His business partner handled the housing portion. Together, they created  a unique healthcare network that is not only the largest but also the model of what residential assistance care should look like.

The home that was created to house each patient was beautiful. At first, in 1985, there was only one facility. Now there are twenty and one of the is a new state of the art gym. You can find a chef in each home making sure each patient is getting the nutrition that they need, according to their diet. That is very important as it contributes consistently to each resident’s overall health. Making sure that everyone in the Sussex facility has the proper care can help them live longer. The gym itself was designed to stimulate various parts of the body that does not get enough exercise. Using the underwater treadmill is designed to help make your muscles stronger and stop your bones from being stiff. This helps with arthritis. They also offer respite care for those that want the right to life treatment.

Shafik Sachedina has done a remarkable job with Sussex Healthcare for his part. It was not an easy feat putting the largest healthcare network together. It is not easy to run it either. However, for Shafik Sachedina this was a mission that is very much needed.

Jason Hope Uses Technology to Bridge the Medical Gap

For Jason Hope, things continue getting better for the medical community. He knows the right technology to use to help other people with the issues they might face. He also knows things will always change when people have a chance to do things the right way. For Jason, the idea behind making sure he can help people with different situations is something that continues changing and something he knows will make a difference for everyone in the community. By looking at different options in technology, Jason Hope knows he can make sure anti-aging is better in the future than it has ever been before. He always wants people to see he’s doing things the right way so he can make a better opportunity for people who continue changing the ideas they have about different options. It’s his goal to always let others know what they can get and how they can make things better. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Now that Jason Hope knows there are things that will keep getting better, he can make sure there are positive opportunities that people can rely on. Thanks to the hard work that people come up with, others have a chance to see what will happen in the future. They also have the ability to make things easier on everyone in different situations. By the time Hope started showing people what they could get from different situations, he knew there were many different ways for him to succeed with the help of other people.

The technology industry kept changing and Jason Hope saw that as his chance to jump into it. He always knew he wanted to work in tech. He also knew he wanted to make a difference for other people. There were times when he realized the best way to bridge the gap for medical options and technology was to focus on aging. If he could help people have a better understanding of aging in different situations, he would make more out of the situations he could help with. He could also show other people they had someone who cared enough about the community to help.

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Gregory Aziz: Creating a Global Powerhouse

There is something to be said about good old fashioned hard work and ingenuity. CEO Gregory James Aziz has proved that he is willing to bring all of that and more into his business products. From his very first position, he has redefined the terms of the business world and created an incredible legacy. Gregory Aziz, or as he is sometimes called James Aziz, was born in 1949 in London, Ontario. He had the standard childhood, but at the age of 19, his family launched the grocery supplier, Affiliated Foods. Aziz became interested in business at that time and started his education at Ridley College. From there, he went on to receive a degree in Economics from the Western University of Ontario.


In 1971, at just 22 years old, Gregory James Aziz started working at Affiliated Foods with his family. The company grew tremendously during his time there. He worked through some very big changes with the company that made Affiliated Foods a global powerhouse. Not only did they start importing fresh foods from Europe, Central America, and South America, but they also started exporting to international markets. This new business strategy gave Aziz some experience in international trade and allowed him to hone skills that would be necessary for the future.


The future crept up quickly for the business tycoon when, at 38 years old, he left affiliated foods. He started doing some investment banking from 1987 to about 1994 in New York, but this lifestyle was not exactly what he had been looking for. The opportunity for change presented itself when he saw that National Steel Car was on the market. The company had been a major railcar manufacturer and engineering company for many years. It had started to decline in recent years, but Aziz felt like he could make it work for him. See This Article for more information.


At 45 years of age in 1994, Aziz became the CEO of National Steel Car. He immediately turned the company around and brought it back to its former glory. Not only was the company creating quality products once again, but it started to grow exponentially. It even received the TTX SECO highest quality award in 1996. Gregory J Aziz continues to be a master of innovation in his field.

He still pushes National Steel Car to be the most innovative company that it can be. While it could have continued its decline, Aziz believed that it possessed something special. Now, thanks to him, it is a global powerhouse in its own right.

Gregory James Aziz The Force Behind National Steel Car Success

Gregory James Aziz is the successful entrepreneur leading innovation and development at National Steel Car, one of the world’s largest rail cars manufacturing companies in America. It has not been easy all through for Gregory J Aziz. but thanks to his passion and commitment to the company he has been able to make the numerous achievements of National Steel Car look like a walk in the park. So who is Greg James Aziz and what accomplishments has he been able to achieve with his company?


Gregory J Aziz is a household name to millions of people who like to keep up with car innovations. He was born in 1949, April 30, in Ontario, London. James Aziz went to Ridley College before joining University of Western Ontario where he pursued his dream, a degree in economics. After graduation, Greg was involved with running his family food business which helped shape his entrepreneurial path Gregory James Aziz has also worked as a financial investor for a number of banks and organizations.


Since acquiring the nearly collapsing National Steel Car company from Dofasco, Mr. Gregory James Aziz’s record of accomplishments speaks volumes on its own. National Steel Company, for the record, has been able to expand and dominate its industry. Once the operations were stable, the company was able to increase its car manufacturing volume from 3,500 to 12,000 vehicles by the year 1999. In addition to this, the company was also able to create employment opportunity to over 2,400 people during this period.


Gregory James Aziz has been of great help to the company. His management strategy is centered on the interest of his employees. Thanks to this, he has been able to create an excellent work environment that encourages innovation and quality production. Greg’s strategy has worked as the results are evident for everybody to see. See This Article for related information.


National Steel Car Company is the first company in its industry in the larger North American region to be certified with an ISO certification. In addition to this, the company has been the annual award winner for the TTX SECO award for a decade now. These two factors coupled with the company’s commitment to the satisfaction of their customers’ needs has been what has contributed to boast of confidence and trust customers have for this company.


Like most successful business executives, Gregory James Aziz believes in caring for his community. On a number of ways, Greg has expressed his care and compassion by sponsoring charitable organizations. Such organizations include the Salvation Army, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and Theatre Aquarius to name but a few.