Kid Rock Picks New Production Manager For Upcoming Tour

Musician Kid Rock is doing two tours in 2018. His first tour, “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour”, was not without its share of controversy. He is pretty well-known for being outspoken and being unreserved when it comes to antics. Due to these tendencies, he has been in hot water a number of times with the general public although his fans seem to enjoy it. One person that was roundly credited for keeping the tour on track was his stage manager, Clayton Hutson. He made sure that the stage crew stayed laser-focused on their jobs and doing everything they could to make the concerts on this tour as smooth as possible.

As a reward for his great work on this earlier tour Clayton Hutson is taking over as the production manager for the second tour. This tour kicks off in early August and will crisscross the nation, ending its run in November. This tour is named the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” and Clayton Hutson says he is ready for any challenges that may present themselves.

Clayton Hutson is currently wrapping up another tour he has been on, the “Soul2Soul Tour” featuring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. On this tour he is the lead rigger. He says it is a little challenging being on this tour while also already doing work for Kid Rock’s tour but he is handling both duties very well. He says one thing that has helped is that so far the Kid Rock tour’s only problem to date was shifting some concert dates around as there were some issues with local production gear.

As the production manager, Clayton Hutson will be very busy. This role requires organizing and coordinating everything that goes into making a tour happen. He also needs to make sure that he and his team are prepared for any eventuality and spotting issues before they arise. He has been in this position plenty of times before, though, which is why he was chosen for this position.

Clayton Hutson is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. He moved to this city because it is becoming a big part of the national music scene, to the point where some refer to it as “NashVegas”. He said that moving himself and his business to Nashville meant he could maintain all of the important business relationships he has developed over the years as well as foster new ones.

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Alex Pall Showcases Personality in Music

On the climb up the music charts and beyond, the band Chainsmokers released a new album which takes an interesting approach to the expected electronic soundscape of the dj musicians through the continual use of personal touches to their music. While they have often used their own lives as inspiration, the new release has the added bonus of featuring Alex Pall’s band mate, the other dj in the duo, Andrew Taggart.

It all started in the art gallery, years ago. Pursuing the dream career in the big city was a challenge but there Alex Pall met Drew and from there they went to work with the music they loved. They became the dj duo that everyone now knows as the Chainsmokers. Working together has always been an intertwining of personalities and lives that became showcased within the works, no matter who worked with them.

From the beginning they took a personal approach with the music they developed as djs, using the art form as a method of self discovery. Even through the use of electronic music, they have found a way to build up a strong identity in the music they have created. And this includes working with the ones creating the song lyrics, which has led to the music being self-identified as about them. As part of the process from writing to synthesis, is a process that showcases both themselves and their ever-changing lives. Even the live performance elements of the shows are evolving as they work with the music and changing world including different elements including social media.

The music has progressed over the years and this is a next step approach that Alex Pall explains as a natural step with their intimate approach in music creation. While having Taggart step into the role of vocalist seems strange to some, it’s a part of their individual based approach to music.