Daniel Taub: Interview After Ambassador

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. His education is from the University College in London, University College in Oxford, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 1989, he moved to Israel, and served in the Israel Defense Forces. Since then he has held several diplomatic and legal posts. After four years as Israelis ambassador from 2011 to 2015, he has resigned.


Daniel Taub is one of his country’s highly regarded diplomats. The day he took office as Israelis ambassador, he presented his credentials to the Queen during a meeting. On this day, he wore a statement piece, his kippah. Nothing was changing his practices and beliefs as an Orthodox Jew. His hope was to bring the two countries of Israel and U.K. together. For him, and most citizens, they feel this has happened. He was deemed the most popular and successful Israeli since Shlomo Argov.


Daniel Taub was there in crisis and in times of joy. He believes that faith can help build bridges. He spoke with programs such as Newsnight and the Today show about Israelis relationships. So far, relations between the two nations are as strong and successful as they have ever been. To Ambassador Taub, it is easy to see both sides of issues. The answer is to put aside your own personal views and look at it open-mindedly.


For the Middle East, there is a silver lining, according to the ambassador. They must treat the region with care and not dictate what is happening there. There are factors they want Israel to influence and show much importance. The Iran agreement took them into new phases, some of which are concerning. Iran needs to stick to the original deal that was drawn up, or nuclear capabilities in Iran will be problematic. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/daniel-taub#/entity


On the brighter side, resilience of peace agreements are shown with Jordan and Egypt. There are also alignments of the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Most of these countries have the same concerns as Israel. All initiatives for agreements must be nurtured. The United States has even supplied Israel with all of their latest technology.


Daniel Taub is not officially assigned to Anglo-Jewry. He suggests he is ambassador to the Court of St James, not to the Jewish community. He believes that his Jewish spirituality is of importance for building faith and bridges between communities.




Why Daniel Taub Legacy will live beyond his Diplomacy

For four years, Daniel Taub remained true to his mission of diplomacy while representing Israel in the United Kingdom. When his term came to an end, it was a mixture of great joy for his accomplishment but also sadness in equal measure to see him go. His work as a Foreign Minister started in 1991 just two years after he moved to Israel in 1989.

Bloomberg reveals that Daniel Taub prides himself of having helped in uniting the United Kingdom and Israel in various areas such as academic and research throughout his limited and demanding period as an ambassador. He goes ahead to appreciate the role that Britain plays in Israel amidst dramatic changes and crises experienced in the Middle East. However, he states that the solution to the problems encountered in the Middle East is to accord the region some degree of humility.

How did he manage to separate his views from that of the country he was representing? He terms this as the simplest thing since he mainly focused on making people comprehend where Israeli leadership is at the moment, as well as its people. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Of particular concern to him is the agreement with Iran which may achieve the nuclear capabilities of Iran. However, there will be plenty of opportunities from this especially on the resolve of the peace accords with Jordan as well as Egypt.

Taub who hails from the Jewish community counts himself privileged to have raised his children in their homeland. He has earned a place in the Jewish community where he describes the Jews as being generous and the Britain people to be good at listening. Daniel Taub, who was born and also raised in the United Kingdom, currently works at Yad Hannadiv Foundation where he serves as the Director of Strategy as well as Planning.

The diplomat went to Harvard University where he studied Master in Public Policy. He also holds a Masters (LLM), Law from University College in London. Besides his current role and previous role as a diplomat, Taub is a writer and is well known for his book, Parasha Diplomatit, which contains an analysis of Torah sections and insights on every weekly section.

Taub lecturers on international law as well as negotiation theory. His is known for his humor and has been interviewed on various television stations such as Sky News and Newsnight.