Freedom Checks Raise Questions with Positive Answers

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks have been making rounds for awhile now, and the more viewership they gain the more questions they garner. In an industry with a wide number of scams at play, it is very easy for people to mistrustful. This is why accompanying Badiali’s commercials have been a plethora of internet searches on what Freedom Checks actually are. Both Badiali and Freedom Checks have completely vetted by would-be investors, and here is what most have discovered. Visit the website to learn more.

Question number one is usually who is Matt Badiali, and the answer is always expert natural resource investor. Badiali is a geologist who treks the globe putting his expertise in earth science to the test. He personally vets natural resource companies by examining their operations first-hand. This provides him with reliable information he can pass on to the many who follow him. He also understands the investment market inside and out. Badiali’s job is to provide investors tips and opportunities most are unaware of. Freedom Checks are an unnoticed perk that Badiali is promoting. It is not a scam but a legitimate investment form a legitimate investment source.

Question two asks what are freedom checks an investment in, and the answer is natural resource companies. Natural resource companies deal exclusively in the production, refinement, transportation, and storage of natural gas and oil. Such companies are U.S. based, and are afforded special advantages based on their stateside status.

The final question asks what a freedom check actually is. A freedom check is a return of investment payment from what is known as a master limited partnership. MLP’s are used by natural resource companies to take advantage of a significant tax break. This tax exemption requires said company to divest 90% of its income to stakeholders. MLP’s function like a stock, they purchase a percentage of the company while providing said company capital. As these companies have to dispense 90% of their revenue, that means a quarterly to monthly payment for stakeholders. The payment related to the amount of stakes purchased. So the truth behind the freedom check is a legitimate investment that can yield significant profit.



Ted Bauman’s Predictions on the Effects of Launching Trade Wars on China

Ted Bauman works as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing under Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter and Plan B Club. He specializes in international migration news, privacy and asset protection. Ted was born in Washington, D.C and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He gained his scholarly credits overseas in South Africa and pursued a 25-year career in the same country.

Ted Bauman served as a fund manager for affordable housing projects such as the Slum Dwellers Internationals that currently houses 14 million people across 35 countries. He has other projects in over 75 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. He is the epitome of a citizen of the world who believes in owning multiple investments all over the world. Ted’s personal investment values are clear in his daily articles on Banyan’s The Sovereign Investor Daily, Small Enterprise Development and Environment and the Journal of Microfinance.

Ted Bauman has a developed awareness of the threats facing the bull market. He warned US participants of the international trade market to take heed of the risks their assets face under certain companies. He explained that souring trade wars would primarily affect the United States traders. He expounded that Trump’s administration will determine the direction of the trades, adding that igniting a trade war with China will be the trigger that collapses the entire market.

Ted Bauman stated that companies such as Apple, which receive a majority of their sales from China, would have an unpreventable break down. Stocks like Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ will also undergo a regenerative period if China fights against the companies set up in international markets. The value of physical commodities such as soybeans will also undergo serious crashes. Additionally, Ted Bauman sides with other economy experts who believe that China will increase limitations to US firms and ban the purchase of some of the United States’ vital exports.

Ted derives his broad economic and political knowledge from working with the South African government, Europe’s grant agencies, the United Nations and the World Bank. He served as director for the International Housing Programs in the United States. Currently, Ted devotes a majority of his time as a researcher and writer of world markets.



The Outstanding Career of Mike Bagguley

Mike Bagguley has made an outstanding career for himself in the field of finance. He has served various roles at the Barclays pc firm and led it towards its today’s successes. He joined the firs operations in 2001, and he is today a significant figure in its operations. Among the many roles, he has served in the firm include being the head of linear options trading and rates, head of Marco Product Sales and Trading, among many other roles. Additionally, he is known for his ability to lead the firm towards adopting creative approaches in the course of its operations with the aim of helping it reach the top. Today the British bank Barclays Plc continues to emerge as the leading financial operators in London besides having established many other firms of its kind in the broader parts of Africa and Europe.

The renowned financial expert currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the banking institution. He was recently promoted to his recent role by the firm’s executives s they believe that he is the most suitable candidate for the task. Mike will report to Tom King, who is the investment bank chief executive of the firm. According to the executives of the investment bank, Mike will also oversee the smooth operation of the firm’s infrastructure sector and share his counsel with the other executives on the best approaches that the firm can adapt to cut costs and improve the profitability of the firm. He has gained the trust of many people through the notable successes he has brought in the investment firm, and he seeks to continue being of a great benefit to the firm in the coming years.

He also possesses vast experience in foreign exchange commodities and products, interest rate reduction and policy and regulation procedures in the industry. Besides, he has also shown interest towards researching the emerging market trends to ensure that the firm moves fast towards the adoption of great strategies for its success. Mike Bagguley continues to bring development in the financial industry, and he seeks to adopt survival tactics in the latter for success.

Investor Sahm Adrangi

St. Joe Company could be facing a lot of challenges as the report from Kerrisdale indicates. According to the release of Sahm Adrangi, the company is experiencing a lot of shortcomings that could reveal a future forced selling. Those who tune in will no doubt be interested in hearing about the situation concerning Fairholme Fund, the largest shareholder in St. Joe Company. Things are more likely to get worse because of the new SEC rules which Fairholme Fund must abide by.

The Fund as had poor stock choices for the last few years hence, the assets of Fairholme are declining by more than 90% from their peak. For this reason, the fund has to cut their position by approximately half. This will profoundly affect the share price of St. Joe. All these put St. Joe Company on the unstable situation even if everything else concerning the organization checked out.

Sahm Adrangi goes on to say in his report that the value of St. Joe Company is exaggerated to a level that cannot be believed. The company bought a deserted land near Panama City beach. Those plans were made ten years ago, and since then a little has been done concerning the projects. Nothing has materialized about the ideal place for businesses and retirees although shareholders are eagerly waiting.

The more significant problem according to Sahm Adrangi is the valuation absurdity. If the organization has the so stated $1 billion value, it should be selling the land as if it was getting out-dated. To get to such an amount, they would have been the largest real estate organization in the Panhandle market. The company could be selling more than any other player in the area if such was an actual case.

With the company’s lack of action so far, one can assume that nothing is going to happen. Sahm Adrangi states that the shareholders who are patiently waiting for something to happen, then they are likely to wait for a more extended period. There is no way St. Joe will deliver its promises with Fairholme disappearing from the table hence; there is no justification of its present price.


Freedom Checks are checks that were introduced by Banyan Hill’s Matt Badiali. Mr. Badiali went on to state that these funds had not been provided by the government. They are being given to selected individuals who have staked their claim before a specific date has reached. Several people have already bagged a portion of the $34.6 billion payouts, and others are still optimistic about getting a part of the fortune. No income or age restrictions are being imposed on the people who are collecting these checks since they are neither government programs such as Social Security, nor are they any Individual Retirement Accounts. Visit the website to learn more.

The legitimacy of these checks are a cause of concern for many people, but Matt Badiali assures them that it’s not a scam but rather investments that were even approved by Congress in 1987. The organizations that offer such kinds of checks are required to have met the Statute 26-F, which states that it’s a mutual fund and not that of retirement or one offered by the government. When the person invests in the company, they enter into a Master Limited Partnership with the organization thus forming a partnership that demands that one gets their money back depending on the company’s performance. The person willing to invest in the venture gets the return depending on the money they invested in, which could be done monthly or after three months. By investing in the project, one is buying units of the company, after which, depending on how the company performs, one gets their money back. The difference between investing in the stock market and investing in such a project is that, for the Freedom Checks, the company one invested in has to get 90% of its revenue from USA’s natural resources.

Matt Badiali states that there are over 550 companies that are in on the Freedom Checks deal, though he states that there are five favorable ones which could guarantee a return of the investment since they own raw materials worth over one billion dollars ranging from minerals to timber. Technically, Mr Badiali is not selling the Freedom Checks but rather he is selling a membership to his advisory newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. The question of whether or not Freedom Checks is a scam is answered in that one gets the money they invested in, back, based on the investment they made.  Read more:



Recently, the media has introduced something called freedom check in which they feature Matt Badiali holding a huge check of $114,287. The check resembles the ones that are given by the government after a tax refund. Many of those that viewed the advert perceived it as a scam as it was too good to be a pipe dream because it only sought to enrich the few people who tried to gain from it. The diverse feeling was as a result of the advert’s nature in which it came as a sensational and exciting concept in most of the times. However, it doesn’t seem possible for government writing persons to citizen a check for no reason. Watch freedom check on Youtube.

Much of the writing-off and confusion concerning the freedom checks came from the point that the freedom checks were not understandable. Also, most of the people had no idea of the Matt Badiali’s identity and the reason why he was talking about the freedom checks. They questioned the qualifications that made him qualified to talk about the opportunity of the freedom check as well as how an average person would identify whether the opportunity was genuine.

Matt Badiali studied financial analysis, and he has a good background in geology, and thus he is considered on the top compared to others. He acquired Bachelor of Science degree in the Penn state university and later enrolled for a master of science in geology at Florida Atlantic University. His good work and experienced has taken him to various parts of the world such as inspection of wells and mines in

Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland among other countries. His knowledge and training on geology have enabled him to interrogate several CEOs in a manner that is well-informed.

Having visited many countries across the globe in search of knowledge, Matt Badiali stresses the significance of staying updated on the recent groundbreaking opportunities in investing. For this reason, when he goes out, he meets experts, master investors and CEOs of every field for the sake of creating a good picture of future as well as the opportunities that are lying there. He boasts of much accolades such as speaking with business luminaries like Rick Rule, Boone Pickens, and Ross Beaty. Matt believes that key to success is researching oneself and begin the journey of investment with a good understanding of the opportunities that one receive from freedom checks.



HCR Wealth Advisors’ Tips on How to Financially Educate Children

Educating your kids about money and finance can help in increasing their knowledge about finance and thus train them in becoming responsible adults. A number of parents are hesitant to discuss financial matters with their children because they think that their children are not yet ready or interested in such matters.

But when children are smarter about money, they are more likely to make more intelligent financial decisions when they grow older. And this is the reason why HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, endorses the early financial training of kids. Below are some tips given by HCR Wealth Advisors on how children can learn about money and finance.

  1. Provide an Allowance for Accomplishing Chores

Kids must learn that nothing is really free, especially money. Giving them an allowance will emphasize the notion that money must be earned and not just given or asked for. So, if your child asks for more money, then offer more chores. Tell them that the more chores they do the more they will earn.

  1. Teach Them How to Budget

After educating your children about the fact that they can earn income by doing chores at home, help them make a budget. Instruct them to write down their income and the things they need on a paper. The list should have income on the left side of the paper while the right side contains what they expect to spend it on. By accomplishing this step, you are helping the child understand how budgeting is done and see whether he or she can afford to buy the things he or she needs or wants.

  1. Open a Savings Account for Your Child

Starting a savings account with your kid is another fantastic way to educate him or her on how to save earnings with a bank. Understanding how to open a bank account and how to utilize debit cards are valuable lessons that your children should learn. Therefore, if you assist them in setting up their savings accounts they can become more dependable financially.

HCR Wealth Advisors on giving personalized financial solutions:

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Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties and President Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani, founder of DAMAC Properties(1976), and Donald Trump have both a business and social relationship which seems to have served them well over the years. President Trump made a brief statement before his inauguration describing his thoughts about eliminating the business element of their connection and keeping the personal side to make sure that it would not affect his efforts as president during heightened times of dispute with the Middle East and the United States. Back in 2015 and 2016 President Trump was able to net $10 million dollars from a shared golfing business interest with Hussain Sajwani. The Trump family, namely his son Donald Trump Jr., has a deeper association than just in business as they attended a wedding in Dubai for Sajwani’s daughter.

Hussain Sajwani is indeed a billionaire and credits President Trump with helping to strengthen DAMAC Properties. He boasts $3 billion with well over 44,000 property units throughout the Middle East. Through the DAMAC company and his associations, Sajwani has been able to fulfill many of his philantrophic efforts and made positive changes for his homeland. Their property locations have an immense global span which is pivotal to having such a wide-ranging outreach. DAMAC Properties has donated millions in resources to help feed and clothe needy children around the world. He is very well connected to the world socially and pubicly. As does his friend President Trump, he too has an Instagram account and posts relevant news and commentary regularly.

The luxury lifestyle is the focal point of DAMAC Properties and its founder Hussain Sajwani. From beautiful villas, hotels, gorgeous apartment homes, to spectacular family friendly golf and vacation resorts, this company attracts wealthy business people and investors to enjoy. Hussain sees the wealth created from his business ventures as a priceless resource to help others and build and celebrate their decisions to excel in life. Having plenty of “friends in high places”, Sajwani would like to continue building upon and creating new business ventures. This can only help him achieve further success for his native country, family and international friends in the future.

See Sajwani’s latest videos, photos and activies:

What You Ought To Know About The Oxford Club And Its Membership

The Oxford Club organization is a private and worldwide network of investors and entrepreneurs. The Organization regularly offers recommendations on real estates, bonds, options, funds, equities, currencies and precious metal. The club’s main target is to assist its members in creating wealth to become rich and live a comfortable life.

Previously, the Oxford Club was known as Passport Club. It and was founded in 1989 by William Bonner, among other founders who were all ambitious of creating a private financial club consisting of investors with a common interest in searching for investment opportunities in the United States and the world at large. According to the Founders, the best investment opportunities are found through an individual’s connections or through deep research and not via both the mainstream press and Wall Street Brokers.

Julia Guth is the Chief Executive Officer of the Oxford Club. Under her is a great team talented in customer service, sales and marketing, editorial, research, operations and publishing. The club has three major membership levels namely the Premier membership, the Director’s Circle membership, and the Chairman’s Circle membership.

Premier membership consists of the subscribers of any Oxford Club’s paid publications, may it be services or newsletters. This membership is compulsorily renewed annually. It is the lowest membership level though the members also enjoy some of the club’s privileges. Directors Circle level of membership is composed of those who have been in the club for a long time. The members include fully committed members who enjoy the benefit of accessing the 3 club’s newsletters. The highest level of membership is the Chairman’s Circle membership. The members at this level enjoy access to all publications of the club, and also access exceptional features of the Oxford Club website.

The Oxford Club has its headquarter offices in Baltimore, Maryland. It has been successfully operating for over a period of twenty years hence definitely considered equal to the task. Internationally, the club has over 100,000 members in over one hundred and thirty countries. Over the twenty years the Oxford Club has been operational, it has spontaneously enabled its members to acquire and also protect extraordinary wealth. They are also on Twitter as @The_Oxford_Club

Jeb McCaleb Uses Technology to Change the World

Jed McCaleb is known for utilizing his programming skills to create platforms that help other people. One of the first things that Jed ever created was eDonkey2000. eDonkey2000 was one of the first peer to peer (p2p) file-sharing networks. The innovative aspect of eDonkey2000 was its multi-source downloading and its use of Kademlia DHT. Jed then went on to create the first way to exchange Bitcoin, Mt. Gox. Jed’s interest in financial infrastructure worldwide and the issues it comes with led him to then create

Jed is the Chief Technical Officer at His goal is to help those who do not have access to regular banks around the world. People with no access to a regular bank account lose the ability to save and easily transfer monies. They also end up paying large fees if they do send money back to their families. Stellar helps to connect and streamline these different banking structures, reducing costs and making it easier for people to move money around the world.

Another way Jed McCaleb is helping to make a better world utilizing technology is by donating to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI). MIRI is a non-profit which concentrates on using artificial intelligence and making sure it is safe for future generations to use. Jed has taken a special interest in MIRI because he acknowledges that artificial intelligence has such huge potential for good, but also has a terrifying aspect to it. He sees the potential for artificial intelligence to solve many problems and to make life easier for many, but he also wants to be sure it is done safely.

Jed McCaleb has a passion for technology and its potential to help all people that is astounding. His determination to find innovative ways to help people, even the poorest of people, is inspirational. His drive and willingness to keep going no matter the obstacle is going to continue allowing him huge amounts of success.

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