Securus Technologies’ Standing Against Contraband Threats

It was recently reported that an ex-corrections officer, Robert Johnson, is working on disconnecting inmates’ mobile phones. For seven years, Johnson has been talking to everyone who would listen to his story which motivates his mission to refrain mobile phones from being in the hands of inmates. He stated how inmates with mobile phones is a danger to the community.


In 2010, Johnson worked for Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina that’s located in South Carolina. Being in this field for 15 years, his main task was to confiscate contraband. He apparently performed his job so well that Sean Echols put a hit on Johnson. Echols, an ex-convict at the time, was arrested and convicted later on for the attempted murder of Johnson. It was found that Echols used a contraband mobile phone to contact the hitmen for the job of murdering Johnson. In another case, a baby was shot and killed while being in his mom’s arms from contracted hitmen. These hitmen killed the baby because of something the baby’s uncle did that they didn’t like.


As a result of these incidents, Johnson testified during a hearing in front of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in March 2017. He addressed the crucial need of controlling the contraband usage of mobile phones in prisons. This issue is considered a major safety hazard by many working in corrections. The FCC works on the issue since they regulate mobile phone providers’ airwaves. A federal law restricting the ability to completely block or jam signals is set in place.


Also, Johnson is now working for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. This organization is now using a managed access cell phone detection system for stopping inmates’ mobile phone calls. A spokesperson from Securus stated that they are putting a network in which the phone is attached to the network so once a number is dialed they can choose what should be done with the number.


Established in 1986, Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas which includes four regional offices in Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. This company is one of the biggest detainee communications’ providers of detainee communications, government information management solutions, and parolee tracking.


Securus Technologies is Making Communities Safer Each and Every Day

Securus Technologies is a program of communications that is bringing people together in ways that may not necessarily have been available before. It’s a state-of-the-art communications program that’s allowing inmates to directly communicate with those who would have physically visited their place of confinement through a method of videoconferencing sessions. Why ask a visitor to physically visit your place of confinement when you can simply refer them to the Securus Technologies website at which point all they will have to do is speak with a help desk representative and download the program to begin utilizing it so that they can speak with you?


Although Securus Technologies is a system of communications that is primarily benefiting both inmates and visitors, it is also one that is offering the public a bit of favors, as it’s having a role of stopping crimes due to law enforcement officials being able to monitor what is spoken about over the communicative lines. It has become a tremendous deterrent of crimes because inmates in confinement are made aware that there is a form of a communications program that can potentially have the crimes that they engage in uncovered should other inmates speak about such matters over the Securus Technologies platform with the visitors they chat with.


Help desk representatives are offering a myriad of opportunities for its immediate users, in which they’re capable of contacting them should they run into any issues while utilizing it. It’s highly recommended for individuals to ensure that they’re aware of exactly what this beautifully designed program is offering for entire communities. Unfortunately, not every community has been able to benefit from such advantages, as it’s a program that has yet to be installed into every correctional facilities’ communicative lines/systems. This is why it’s recommended for every citizen to petition to their local courts to have it installed into the communicative lines/systems of their local jails.


Securus Helps Our Law Office Reach New Clients

I have used Securus in my law office for a few years now, and I have found them to be the perfect foil for my calling needs. We pick up new clients often who are starting cases in days or weeks, and we must call them to learn how to manage their cases. I have had quite a lot of success with Securus, and I know they are giving me something that I cannot get anywhere else. This article explains how our office became more efficient with Securus.


#1: We Cannot Drive There


We cannot drive to the jail every time we must meet someone new because we do not have time to drive. We believe it is easier to call them for their consultations, and we learn quite a lot on our first calls. We have made many calls with the Securus account, and I have everyone in the office using a Securus account. We use their company because it is simpler and more functional than any other, and they allow us to see our clients on each call.


#2: Calling With Video


We have been calling with video on every Securus account, and I am allowed to see how my clients react to the information that is given them. I want to know their general state of mind, and I want to know that they are ready to move forward with their case.


They have been a help to our business as we reach out to clients, and I feel as though they are helping us meet everyone’s needs in the present.


Securus Technologies Gives Many People In Correction Facilities The Chance To See Christmas At Home

Technology allows many people to do things on a daily basis that would have been impossible even a few decades ago. The use of technology has changed the way many people and businesses handle a wide variety of situations. One of the biggest changes in how people and businesses go about daily tasks is communication. Today, there are new technology innovations that allow people to communicate in multiple ways.

The use of the traditional phone to make landline calls is only one of the many ways that people can communicate with family and friends today either across town or across the world. People can use technology devices such as smart phones to email, text, call, send pictures, send video, or other various communication methods.

One of the technology companies that is using technology to provide various ways for people in correction facilities to communicate with family and friends is Securus Technologies. During the Christmas season, Securus Technologies will provide its video visitation technology, so people confined in correction facilities can use the technology to talk to and actually see family and friends during the Christmas season. View the company profile on

The way that people in correction facilities can see and talk to family and friends with the video visitation technology is that the technology allows the people in the correction facilities to establish a connection with family and friends at home. Once connected, people in correction facilities can communicate with their people back home in real time.

For people in correction facilities with children, this will give them the chance to see their children on Christmas Day opening presents and enjoying the Christmas season. Also, the chance to see and talk to their spouse or significant other is an awesome opportunity. The video visitation technology allows people in correction facilities to almost feel like they are a part of the Christmas activities.

I feel that the technology developed by Securus Technologies to help people in correction facilities communicate with family and friends is good for a variety of reasons. The Christmas holiday season will be much better for many people in correction facilities who have the opportunity to communicate with family and friends with the use of the video visitation technology provided by Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies  provides numerous technology related products and services to correction facilities located across the country.

The holidays can be a really hard time for people who are in prison. It is depressing as it is and, to make matters worse, many families are unable to visit the prisons even though it is the holiday time. They want to make sure that they are able to have a somewhat happy Christmas even if they are in prison. For this reason, Securus does things that are special for the prisoners by offering different opportunities to them that are only available during the holiday season. This makes things slightly better for the prisoners who are unable to see their families.


One of the things that Securus offers is a holiday video chatting service. This is different than their typical service and gives the inmates the chance to make sure that they are getting what they need from the services that they have. With Securus, prisoners are able to talk to their families and they do not have to worry about the problems that come with different things. They must make sure that they are able to get a great relationship out of being able to see and talk to their different family members who cannot visit them.


When it comes to the way that the people who are in prison are able to talk to their family members, it makes their lives better once they are released. Prisoners who are able to keep up with their family while they are in prison have a better chance of doing better once they get out. This is because they are able to have an established relationship that is waiting for them on the outside. It is an important part of the way that things work for the families and that they need to make sure that they are doing things the right way.


Securus not only has this available to people who are in prison but they also have other ways that they are able to keep up with their family members. Families can put money on the inmates accounts so that they are able to make calls, send emails and even do the video chatting for the people who are in prison. This is something that is important for the prisoners and something that they must be able to do. When it comes time to do different things, prisoners can also use the kiosk for things like commissary products.