Freedom Checks Raise Questions with Positive Answers

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks have been making rounds for awhile now, and the more viewership they gain the more questions they garner. In an industry with a wide number of scams at play, it is very easy for people to mistrustful. This is why accompanying Badiali’s commercials have been a plethora of internet searches on what Freedom Checks actually are. Both Badiali and Freedom Checks have completely vetted by would-be investors, and here is what most have discovered. Visit the website to learn more.

Question number one is usually who is Matt Badiali, and the answer is always expert natural resource investor. Badiali is a geologist who treks the globe putting his expertise in earth science to the test. He personally vets natural resource companies by examining their operations first-hand. This provides him with reliable information he can pass on to the many who follow him. He also understands the investment market inside and out. Badiali’s job is to provide investors tips and opportunities most are unaware of. Freedom Checks are an unnoticed perk that Badiali is promoting. It is not a scam but a legitimate investment form a legitimate investment source.

Question two asks what are freedom checks an investment in, and the answer is natural resource companies. Natural resource companies deal exclusively in the production, refinement, transportation, and storage of natural gas and oil. Such companies are U.S. based, and are afforded special advantages based on their stateside status.

The final question asks what a freedom check actually is. A freedom check is a return of investment payment from what is known as a master limited partnership. MLP’s are used by natural resource companies to take advantage of a significant tax break. This tax exemption requires said company to divest 90% of its income to stakeholders. MLP’s function like a stock, they purchase a percentage of the company while providing said company capital. As these companies have to dispense 90% of their revenue, that means a quarterly to monthly payment for stakeholders. The payment related to the amount of stakes purchased. So the truth behind the freedom check is a legitimate investment that can yield significant profit.



Freedom Checks Are Helping Both Businesses And Americans

Freedom Checks is the newest prosperity tool on the market for both businesses and individuals. Freedom Checks was introduced to the community by Badiali, who happens to be one of the greatest minds in the world as it relates to investments and financial return on investments.

According to Badiali, there have been major tax breaks given to businesses that serve the community for necessity purposes. This includes gas stations, food stores, clothing stores, and more, and people who invest in these businesses are expected to receive a large sum of money due to their investment and the tax breaks. This large sum of money will be provided in Freedom Checks, which are checks that cannot be taxed by the government. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

By the fall, there is expected to almost 100 million Freedom Checks in circulation, and the amount of these checks are expected to be no less than $30,000. When the tax break laws were recently signed, there were stipulations put in that restricts the government from taxing people receiving Freedom Checks, and that is why no taxes will be taken out. The only catch regarding these tax break checks is that all investments must be made by the first week of July is only to qualify for a check.

Most investors who are expecting a Freedom Check have invested in the oil industry. There has been less and less oil being shipped into the United States, but the United States is still the largest oil consumer, so states have been doing all they can to drill oil and deliver it to the community right on the grounds of America. Due to oil being in such high demand, the biggest tax breaks have been given to gas stations. Even from a minimum $10 investment, investors are expected to see over $3,000, and no other market can accomplish that.

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Freedom Checks are checks that were introduced by Banyan Hill’s Matt Badiali. Mr. Badiali went on to state that these funds had not been provided by the government. They are being given to selected individuals who have staked their claim before a specific date has reached. Several people have already bagged a portion of the $34.6 billion payouts, and others are still optimistic about getting a part of the fortune. No income or age restrictions are being imposed on the people who are collecting these checks since they are neither government programs such as Social Security, nor are they any Individual Retirement Accounts. Visit the website to learn more.

The legitimacy of these checks are a cause of concern for many people, but Matt Badiali assures them that it’s not a scam but rather investments that were even approved by Congress in 1987. The organizations that offer such kinds of checks are required to have met the Statute 26-F, which states that it’s a mutual fund and not that of retirement or one offered by the government. When the person invests in the company, they enter into a Master Limited Partnership with the organization thus forming a partnership that demands that one gets their money back depending on the company’s performance. The person willing to invest in the venture gets the return depending on the money they invested in, which could be done monthly or after three months. By investing in the project, one is buying units of the company, after which, depending on how the company performs, one gets their money back. The difference between investing in the stock market and investing in such a project is that, for the Freedom Checks, the company one invested in has to get 90% of its revenue from USA’s natural resources.

Matt Badiali states that there are over 550 companies that are in on the Freedom Checks deal, though he states that there are five favorable ones which could guarantee a return of the investment since they own raw materials worth over one billion dollars ranging from minerals to timber. Technically, Mr Badiali is not selling the Freedom Checks but rather he is selling a membership to his advisory newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. The question of whether or not Freedom Checks is a scam is answered in that one gets the money they invested in, back, based on the investment they made.  Read more: