Robert Ivy Honored With Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy, the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, was honored recently with a Lifetime Achievement Award named in the honor of Noel Polk. The awarded is given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters and is given to artists connected to the state of Mississippi that are still living and have accumulated a lifetime body of work that is found to be extraordinary. Robert Ivy is the first architect to be honored with the award. See Related Articles at

Robert Ivy can now be counted amongst a small list of highly distinguished Mississippians that include Eudora Welty and Morgan Freeman.

Nancy LaForge, MIAL President, explains her organization’s choice to honor Ivy by saying that he stands alone in regards to making architecture something that is more accessible to the people of Mississippi. LaForge went on to say that it is only fitting that as an author and commentator on architecture globally that Ivy takes his rightful place alongside other Mississippians that have been honored with the Noel Polk Award.

The words spoken by AIA President Carl Elefante demonstrated his admiration for Robert Ivy who he says is an ambassador for the industry of architecture. Elegante offered his official congratulations to Ivy from the AIA.

Robert Ivy is the former editor in chief of the Architectural Record published by McGraw-Hill before joining the AIA in 2011. The Architectural Record reached a status of global prominence under the guidance of Ivy and was recognized with a number of prestigious awards. Ivy also directed McGraw-Hill’s media offerings pertaining to design and construction as the company worked to increase market growth in China and even produced a version of Architectural Record that was published in Mandarin.

Since joining the AIA, Ivy has raised the global profile of the organization and many American architects are working abroad today while having their efforts supported by AIA branches in the countries they now reside.

A biography written about Ivy was published in 2001 and is now in its third edition. The book highlights many aspects of work in architecture credited to Ivy and is titled ‘Fay Jones: Architect.’



Robert Ivy Becomes The First Architect To Be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

The Honors

Recently, Robert was awarded with Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given to people who have recorded a remarkable performance by offering attractive arts services and other disciplines in the related field.

This marked the first time for an architect to receive Pork Award which is only awarded to the artist who lives in Mississippi. The award is also given to the artists and patrons who have shown commitments over the time by creating, supporting and performing art. In the press release, Nancy LaForge commended Mr. Ivy by stating that ivy is the only person in Mississippi who makes architecture more accessible to the public. Nancy added that Ivy deserved the award for being a commentator, an author, and a writer and that being Noel Polk Award honorees is his rightful place.

The president, Carl Elefante of American Institute of Architects (AIA), congratulated Robert Ivy for his unique honor and added that he is worthy to be an ambassador in his profession since 2011.

Robert joined a small list of famous Mississippians to be honored including singer Leontyne Prince, the late artist Walter Anderson, actor Morgan Freeman and Writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty.

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Robert Ivy’s previous honors include the description Master Architect by the state architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and dean medal in 2010 from University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. He shares the designation with architects Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker, John Wellborn, Eliel Saarinen, Cass Gilbert and many others and among them, Ivy is the first one to receive this award in world’s 100-year history and the first one to be chosen in the 21st century.

Robert Ivy attended Tulane University where he received a master in architect and Sewanee: The University of the South where he earned Bachelor of Arts in English. He became the editor in 1996 for Chief of Architecture Record. He later became the editorial director and V. President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. From 1981 to 1996 Robert Ivy was the principal at Dean Dale, critic and Dean &Ivy for several national publications. He became the Editor in 1996 for Architectural Record which he managed to make it grow and became the most read architectural journal in the world.

He was among the juror that choose architect Frank Gehry to be the designer of Dwight D. Eisenhower Monument. Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011.