The Ryan Seacrest Foundation Helps Thousands Of Children Around The US

There are few people in the world of show business that have a name as popular as Ryan Seacrest. Since the 1990’s, Ryan Seacrest has been appearing on television and radio speaking to millions of people all over the country. He has appeared on several different American shows that have been a national success and he has had an eye and an ear on celebrities and the world of Hollywood for over a decade. When most people picture the red carpet and all the celebrities taking pictures, Ryan Seacrest is remembered for being the one right next to them. These days, Ryan Seacrest has become so popular he is often as famous or more famous than the celebrities he is interviewing and introducing for new hit movies.

Ryan Seacrest has had a passion for show business since he was a child and it is his passion that keeps him going despite his erratic professional career. More accurately, Ryan Seacrest has several careers. According to him, he has roughly 10 different jobs he is performing on a normal basis. This includes hosting several different radio shows, a clothing line that he manages, a production studio, reporting for E! news, managing the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He has appeared on major popular American television shows over the years, including American Idol which boosted his level of popularity onto the level of high profile celebrities.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is Ryan’s own personal organization that works to help children in hospitals and Seacrest studios throughout the country. Since first starting up in 2010, they have made the lives of many families and children much better despite their illnesses through engaging activities, family time, and educational opportunities. Many celebrities and public figures have also participated int he organization and done events for the children and have taken the time to meet them. All of this improves the lives of these young children and helps them overcome their sicknesses to start living a better life. Check out his YouTube channel to know more about his radio show.

Alex Pall Showcases Personality in Music

On the climb up the music charts and beyond, the band Chainsmokers released a new album which takes an interesting approach to the expected electronic soundscape of the dj musicians through the continual use of personal touches to their music. While they have often used their own lives as inspiration, the new release has the added bonus of featuring Alex Pall’s band mate, the other dj in the duo, Andrew Taggart.

It all started in the art gallery, years ago. Pursuing the dream career in the big city was a challenge but there Alex Pall met Drew and from there they went to work with the music they loved. They became the dj duo that everyone now knows as the Chainsmokers. Working together has always been an intertwining of personalities and lives that became showcased within the works, no matter who worked with them.

From the beginning they took a personal approach with the music they developed as djs, using the art form as a method of self discovery. Even through the use of electronic music, they have found a way to build up a strong identity in the music they have created. And this includes working with the ones creating the song lyrics, which has led to the music being self-identified as about them. As part of the process from writing to synthesis, is a process that showcases both themselves and their ever-changing lives. Even the live performance elements of the shows are evolving as they work with the music and changing world including different elements including social media.

The music has progressed over the years and this is a next step approach that Alex Pall explains as a natural step with their intimate approach in music creation. While having Taggart step into the role of vocalist seems strange to some, it’s a part of their individual based approach to music.