Mark Mofid Brings the Long-awaited Change in the Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid has been the long-awaited revolution in the gluteal augmentation industry. Following a disastrous history of making negative news headlines day in day out, now the cosmetic surgeon can perform operations to their patients safely, without the usual worry of the process going wrong.

This has followed constant research in which Dr. Mark Mofid, in collaboration with other renowned medical experts from other parts of the world, has been engaged. Immediately he started practicing medicine eight years ago after leaving training at the Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities, Mofid felt that the cosmetic surgery operations could be performed in a safer and better way.

The main problem that Dr. Mark Mofid identified concerning the old practice was the presence of defective gluteal implants. The implants were so generic and were never compatible with the muscle structure of human beings. These two defects made the implants sag shortly after the operation, an aspect that put the health of patients in danger.

Using his extensive proficiency in medical acumen, especially in matters relating to human skin, fat and muscle structure, Dr. Mofid entered into rigorous research that involved long hours of brainstorming, critical designing and a lot of research work. His main objective was to come up with a better product that could improve the way things were done in the gluteal augmentation industry.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been a dominant pacesetter in the gluteal augmentation industry. Many people believe that he is a man who is always sure about the consequences of his actions. What has helped him earn this kind of trust from the public is his fundamental principle that “Patient’s health before everything.” He knows that it’s possible for patients to demand cosmetic operations that could earn the medical expert good money, to him if he feels that for sure the operation could compromise the health of the patient, he would rather not engage in it.

True to his dreams, after working for long research work, Mark Mofid has innovated higher quality implants that have made the cosmetic operations a success. The success rate of such operations in America has rapidly increased, and currently almost matching the world leaders, Brazil. Patients can now have confidence that they would undergo treatment without any chance of anything wrong happening.

Dr. Jim Toner Weighs In On The Octomom

Dr. Jim Toner is one of the foremost fertility specialists in the world. As the clinical director of SART, he is responsible for a lot of research and treatment related to the very real problem of infertility. So it was natural that he would wish to weigh in on the entire “octomom” story. I’m talking, of course, about the woman who used the services of a fertility clinic to become impregnated with a record 8 children at once. While the media couldn’t help but make a circus of the matter, many people took a look at the situation and saw an irresponsible stunt.

Dr. Toner is among the latter, and I must say I agree with him wholeheartedly. In fact, I find it very refreshing to hear the entire fiasco called for the irresponsible thing that it was. When you run a fertility clinic, you have to think about the responsibility that you have to refrain from encouraging overpopulation. In an article published by the Atlanta Center For Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Toner gives his expert opinion on the matter, asserting that the process never should have happened, either morally or legally.

The big bombshell is the fact that fertilizing one woman with eight embryos is completely illegal, and has been for years. The doctor who performed this fertilization is now under investigation by the state for his actions, and will likely face consequences from his peers in the industry as well.

I found Dr. Toner’s opinion on this matter to be a good, refreshing look at what an actual doctor looks like. I commend him for practicing his profession in a socially responsible manner.

Dr. Toner has a five star rating on, and upon reading some of the reviews left by his patients you can easily see why. Out of the 8 reviews that are given, 7 have rated him 5 stars. The remaining review gave three stars, but it speaks well for him when we see that no one has given a bad review at all. What we have here is 7 glowing reviews and one moderately positive review. Overall, he was rated as “excellent” in the categories of trustworthiness, good explanations, responsiveness, scheduling, and overall staff friendliness. They also said that the average wait time in his office is ten to fifteen minutes. All said, these reviews give us nothing but positives.

Jim Toner’s Fertility Treatments Are Better Than Most

Since Jim Toner knows how to help people with fertility treatments, he feels good about giving them a chance at having a better future. He also feels there are things that make him better than all the other fertility doctors. Because he spent so much time learning about fertility treatments, he’s better than most others who offer the same things. It’s his way of making things better and giving people the chance to try things on their own. While Jim Toner spent a lot of time making things better for his patients, he also spent time trying to show people what would happen to make things better for their chances of trying for a baby. While families are working to conceive, Jim Toner is working to find new solutions to help them have a better chance. It’s his goal that gives him the ability to make things easier on other people.

Since Jim Toner sees all the positive things that come from making things better, Jim Toner knows what they need. He also knows everything will keep helping people and will keep making things better for them. Even though there are opportunities people benefit from and things that come their way because of the hard work Jim Toner puts into the business, he knows what it takes to give people everything. He also knows what it takes to make things easier for his patients. There are positive experiences that people benefit from no matter what issues they’re going through or what options they have available.

Jim Toner continues coming up with new ideas to help his clients. He understands the importance of making his patients see the positive opportunities that come with conceiving. He makes fertility something people have to look forward to and something that isn’t difficult for people to try with his help. He also spends a lot of time learning about how things will keep getting better. It’s his goal of giving back that allows him the chance to try things on his own. For Jim Toner, the point of doing all this so people have a better life.

Jim Toner just wants people to see what they can get from what he offers. There are also positive experiences that come from helping people with fertility treatments. Because of the hard work Jim Toner puts into helping people, he knows it’s worth it to give everyone the chances they need. He also knows what will happen to give people the experiences they need no matter what issues they’re coming up with. It’s his goal of working hard that allows him to keep doing things the right way and making things better for all the people in the industry.

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Exploring the Capitol Anesthesiology Association

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is based in Austin, TX. They offer three classification of Anesthesiology including General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, and Local/MAC otherwise known as Monitored Anesthesia Care. This Association was established in 1980.

In addition to providing Anesthesiology for adult patients they also have a specialty practice in Pediatric Anesthesia. The provide services to 8 local hospitals and 15 regional Ambulatory Surgery Centers. In addition the Capital Anesthesiology Association has partnered with Dell Medical School in order to help educate nurses, paramedics, and other medical professionals.

Capital Anesthesiology Association is heavily committed to the Austin, TX community and are involved with a large number of nonprofits. One of the examples of this community involvement is their work with Austin Smiles, a nonprofit which provides reconstructive plastic surgery to children in Texas and some Latin American countries.

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Capitol Anesthesiology

Capitol Anesthesiology is based in Austin Texas and serves many surrounding offices and hospitals. They assist these offices and hospitals by providing the anesthesia for procedures. They also donate their services for groups such as Austin Smiles and Operation Smile so people can get dental work done.

General anesthesia is the most common for easy surgical procedures. Local anesthesia is used for specific areas of soft tissue. Pediatric anesthesia requires additional training because it is used on very young children and too much exposure can do harm or cause death.

Medical careers are always going to be in demand and anesthesia is a large part in the medical field. Working with a company that has such a large role in the community, offices, and hospitals would be a great goal for those who are looking into a medical career. Capitol Anesthesiology has made an impact with their services and donated time to great causes.