Freedom Checks Raise Questions with Positive Answers

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks have been making rounds for awhile now, and the more viewership they gain the more questions they garner. In an industry with a wide number of scams at play, it is very easy for people to mistrustful. This is why accompanying Badiali’s commercials have been a plethora of internet searches on what Freedom Checks actually are. Both Badiali and Freedom Checks have completely vetted by would-be investors, and here is what most have discovered. Visit the website to learn more.

Question number one is usually who is Matt Badiali, and the answer is always expert natural resource investor. Badiali is a geologist who treks the globe putting his expertise in earth science to the test. He personally vets natural resource companies by examining their operations first-hand. This provides him with reliable information he can pass on to the many who follow him. He also understands the investment market inside and out. Badiali’s job is to provide investors tips and opportunities most are unaware of. Freedom Checks are an unnoticed perk that Badiali is promoting. It is not a scam but a legitimate investment form a legitimate investment source.

Question two asks what are freedom checks an investment in, and the answer is natural resource companies. Natural resource companies deal exclusively in the production, refinement, transportation, and storage of natural gas and oil. Such companies are U.S. based, and are afforded special advantages based on their stateside status.

The final question asks what a freedom check actually is. A freedom check is a return of investment payment from what is known as a master limited partnership. MLP’s are used by natural resource companies to take advantage of a significant tax break. This tax exemption requires said company to divest 90% of its income to stakeholders. MLP’s function like a stock, they purchase a percentage of the company while providing said company capital. As these companies have to dispense 90% of their revenue, that means a quarterly to monthly payment for stakeholders. The payment related to the amount of stakes purchased. So the truth behind the freedom check is a legitimate investment that can yield significant profit.



Aloha Construction Tips on Mistakes Made by Homeowners and Their Remedies

New homeowner and veteran homeowners make mistakes in construction. Experts in Aloha Construction have identified some of these mistakes around the estate. The following are the most common mistakes that a homeowner does in development and their remedies.

Wrong Home Upgrade

One common mistake that homeowners make is upgrading in a wrong way especially those planning on selling their homes. Building or changing the look of your bathroom make the interior look excellent and luxurious. However, these do not add value to the house. One sure way to upgrade your home is to do the sidings and roofing. The first impression is what that first attract the homeowners before entering the house. The next time you are planning to upgrade it is recommended to first do the roofing and sidings before doing the interior.

Failure To Repair the Gutters and Downspout

Another way in which people do make a mistake is neglecting their gutters and downspout. It is advisable that you should inspect the guts and downspout from time to time for any faultiness. Ensure that the downspout point toward the outer side of the house and puddles is collecting water under them. Whenever you spot a red flag, it is advisable that to fix the problem quickly. Always check your gutters and downspout, which then after you should contact Aloha Construction for services.

Attempt To Save Money on Repair

One of the worst mistake homeowners makes, is opting to do the work themselves or hiring unprofessional individuals in the effort to save money. It is advisable to hire professional contractors such as Aloha Construction, who will deliver top-notch services. You should ask for the company license and look at their profile before asking them to undertake the task.

Untimely Inspection

Homeowners should call companies to inspect for at least once a year. Carrying inspection frequently helps you notice the problem early enough to attend them. Doing this will help you save money which you don’t need to spend because of high unnoticed damage. Aloha Construction is one company that offers free six step inspection at least ones a year.,29.htm

Investor Sahm Adrangi

St. Joe Company could be facing a lot of challenges as the report from Kerrisdale indicates. According to the release of Sahm Adrangi, the company is experiencing a lot of shortcomings that could reveal a future forced selling. Those who tune in will no doubt be interested in hearing about the situation concerning Fairholme Fund, the largest shareholder in St. Joe Company. Things are more likely to get worse because of the new SEC rules which Fairholme Fund must abide by.

The Fund as had poor stock choices for the last few years hence, the assets of Fairholme are declining by more than 90% from their peak. For this reason, the fund has to cut their position by approximately half. This will profoundly affect the share price of St. Joe. All these put St. Joe Company on the unstable situation even if everything else concerning the organization checked out.

Sahm Adrangi goes on to say in his report that the value of St. Joe Company is exaggerated to a level that cannot be believed. The company bought a deserted land near Panama City beach. Those plans were made ten years ago, and since then a little has been done concerning the projects. Nothing has materialized about the ideal place for businesses and retirees although shareholders are eagerly waiting.

The more significant problem according to Sahm Adrangi is the valuation absurdity. If the organization has the so stated $1 billion value, it should be selling the land as if it was getting out-dated. To get to such an amount, they would have been the largest real estate organization in the Panhandle market. The company could be selling more than any other player in the area if such was an actual case.

With the company’s lack of action so far, one can assume that nothing is going to happen. Sahm Adrangi states that the shareholders who are patiently waiting for something to happen, then they are likely to wait for a more extended period. There is no way St. Joe will deliver its promises with Fairholme disappearing from the table hence; there is no justification of its present price.

OG Juan Knows How To Maintain Successful Business Relationships

OG Juan Perez is a prominent figure in the world of hip-hop. He is deeply woven in the fabric of the business and has intimate working relationships with some of the most influential personalities in the industry. OG Juan was managing the studios where rapper Jay-Z was recording in the 90’s. Jay-Z’s career was catching fire as he and Rockefeller Records released a string of hits throughout this period. Jay-Z has continued to evolve as an entertainer and businessman. He and OG Juan formed a friendship after they were introduced by mutual acquaintance Kareem Biggs Burke. They have since worked together on several projects including the extravagant 40/40 club in New York City.

OG Juan and Jay-Z launched the 44/40 club together as their first business venture. They discussed the idea of sports for a long period of time. Eventually they got around to forming Roc Nation Sports. Roc Nation Sports it is an agency that is dedicated to serving athletes the way they have not been served before. Both OG Juan and Jay-Z had grown tired of hearing the stories about professional ball players losing their wealth throughout the course of their careers. Roc Nation Sports was created to change this narrative and be a new force in the world of Sports.

OG Juan Perez is married to Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is also an important member of Roc Nation. She is COO of the company that Jay-Z founded and is in charge of managing the its contracts. Desiree is given credit for many intricate business deals including the one that brought the streaming app Tidal to Roc Nation. Both Juan and Desiree are members of the HOVA Circle of Influence. These are the people who have the closest relationship to Chief Executive Officer Jay-Z.

OG Juan celebrated 50th birthday in style with many of his dearest friends including his wife Desiree and Jay-Z. The night out made news around the city as the entourage ran up a $100,000 tab. Many believed that Jay-Z splurged on his good friend for his birthday. However, it was later revealed that OG Juan himself took responsibility for the night’s finances.


Recently, the media has introduced something called freedom check in which they feature Matt Badiali holding a huge check of $114,287. The check resembles the ones that are given by the government after a tax refund. Many of those that viewed the advert perceived it as a scam as it was too good to be a pipe dream because it only sought to enrich the few people who tried to gain from it. The diverse feeling was as a result of the advert’s nature in which it came as a sensational and exciting concept in most of the times. However, it doesn’t seem possible for government writing persons to citizen a check for no reason. Watch freedom check on Youtube.

Much of the writing-off and confusion concerning the freedom checks came from the point that the freedom checks were not understandable. Also, most of the people had no idea of the Matt Badiali’s identity and the reason why he was talking about the freedom checks. They questioned the qualifications that made him qualified to talk about the opportunity of the freedom check as well as how an average person would identify whether the opportunity was genuine.

Matt Badiali studied financial analysis, and he has a good background in geology, and thus he is considered on the top compared to others. He acquired Bachelor of Science degree in the Penn state university and later enrolled for a master of science in geology at Florida Atlantic University. His good work and experienced has taken him to various parts of the world such as inspection of wells and mines in

Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland among other countries. His knowledge and training on geology have enabled him to interrogate several CEOs in a manner that is well-informed.

Having visited many countries across the globe in search of knowledge, Matt Badiali stresses the significance of staying updated on the recent groundbreaking opportunities in investing. For this reason, when he goes out, he meets experts, master investors and CEOs of every field for the sake of creating a good picture of future as well as the opportunities that are lying there. He boasts of much accolades such as speaking with business luminaries like Rick Rule, Boone Pickens, and Ross Beaty. Matt believes that key to success is researching oneself and begin the journey of investment with a good understanding of the opportunities that one receive from freedom checks.



Hope Supply Company & Stream Cares

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most financially devastating hurricanes in the history of the United States. It cost $125 billion worth of damage, which is tied with Hurricane Katrina as one of the costliest ever. Harvey created devastation in its wake that took the form of structural damage to the city, loss of homes and flooding, and even emotionally loss of hope. A Dallas-based energy company named Stream Energy has seen the devastation and decided to do something about it.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji after a degree of deregulation of the Texas energy market. Stream Energy has been able to capitalize on multiple markets besides energy, including first and foremost offering energy at only a portion of the cost that it normally is, but also offering virtual doctor services, wireless cell phone services, VoIP services, and cell phone porting.

Between 2005 and 2008 Stream Energy found great success and eventually expanded into the Georgia Market in 2008; After again having success, they expanded into the Northeast. When push comes to shove, Stream showed his true colors and helped homeless kids in need by partnering with Hope Supply Company. Hope Supply Co. was founded in 1989 and offers hope to homeless people in need. Stream Energy and their new philanthropic company stream cares has provided almost kids a day of endless fun at the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark, where they are given hope, a smile, a packed lunch, a hat, and even a pair of sandals. Hundreds of kids enjoyed fun at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park, and it was a great time to be had by all. Typically the national average for homelessness is about 1% per state, but because of the extreme nature of hurricane Harvey the homeless rate actually reached 24%! Additional information on Stream Cares, Hope Supply Co., and Stream Energy can be found here.