Reasons Leading to the Excellence of Rocketship Education.

In Education, a child’s progress is very important to the parents, teachers and even the student themselves. It determines their potential and progress. As important as it is however not all schools have been able to do it. While the well up schools has been able to get their analysis those from low schools would have to wait longer. This has however been addressed by using another form of evaluation method called Measures of Academic Progress MAP to track students’ progress. MAP is able to show us the value added by the students in spite of the point they are unlike proficiency which would only show students achievement at specific point and time.

Many public schools have picked up Measure of Academic Progress as their assessment tool throughout the world. The method was implemented in public schools by Metro Nashville public schools and director Mr.Joseph last year. This area has many disadvantaged students and this method has been used to bridge the gap caused by this difference in economic status. Rocketship Education has been using this method of evaluation in their schools.

Rocketship is a non-profit network of public charter schools that is offering its services to low-income families that don’t have the advantage to access excellent schools. Rocketship education started in 2006 with the goal of eliminating the achievement gap by establishing a school model that is scalable and sustainable and one that drives student achievement in incapable communities in the country. The foundation of the instructional model by Rocketship is the use of modern technology to personalize students learning by giving each student individual attention according to their specific needs. This is done by deeply engaging parents in their student’s learning and the school community as their advocates to ensure continuous progress is going on in a student’s life.

Rocketship Education helps the children from low-income areas to catch up with their peers through effective teaching. This involves frequent measuring and monitoring student with a benchmark evaluation tool like MAP. It also capitalizes on planning where the child is heading so as to provide enough support for the child to achieve their goals. So far 146 students from Rocketship Education were able to bridge this gap.