Shervin Pishevar and Social Media Posts

Shervin Pishevar is an eminent businessman who comes from the United States. He was born in the middle of the seventies. He’s like many other widely known American entrepreneurs in that he’s active on a social networking website that’s called Twitter. Pishevar is known by many for his Uber actions.

People took notice not long ago after Shervin Pishevar devoted roughly one day to tweeting. They couldn’t figure out what he was attempting to communicate to the public. He was making guesses about a broad range of topics. He wrote that he believes that Bitcoin is going to go down. He said that the thinks that it’s going to go down to anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. He also said that he thinks that it’s going to gradually go back up again as well. Pishevar posted approximately 50 messages on Twitter. Since he’s an individual who adores talking, this didn’t shock many individuals.

People were bewildered by Pishevar’s social media actions. He began the whole situation by indicating that he’s going to clarify a financial storm that’s on the horizon. Pishevar decided to leave Twitter temporarily to have a meal. Once he got back after eating, he transitioned to Silicon Valley and the belief that it’s no longer relevant to the world. Pishevar said that Silicon Valley has ceased to be a tangible location. He said that he thinks that it’s currently nothing more than a faraway concept. It’s a concept that has actually taken over the Internet. Although people discuss Silicon Valley on a frequent basis, it’s far from genuine in Pishevar’s mind.

Shervin Pishevar has major concerns that involve infrastructure within the United States. He thinks that the United States isn’t going to be thriving in the infrastructure realm for too long. He has fears that China is going to surpass it there. He doesn’t think that China is going to surpass the United States solely in infrastructure, either. He thinks that the vast East Asian nation is going to exceed it in general. Shervin Pishevar frets over businesses that he believes are excessively powerful. He has many questions about these entities.

The moves that David McDonald is making in ensuring that OSI Group is moving forward

The supply of protein item globally has been the primary role of OSI Group. The company is based in Aurora, Ill. The other products that they have are things like pizza and sandwiches. The company is privately owned by David McDonald and his still offering his services to the company as the president. Form the time David Macdonald started the company it has grown to what it is right now 50 facilities in 17 parts of the country. From the time OSI Group began to operate in China like 20years they have grown as the economy improved. With that with the help of David, they have been able to rise to what they are right now in China the largest chicken providers in the place.

David McDonald attended the Lowa State University where he earned his BS Degree from 1983 to 1987 and while in the university he was among the member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He offers his services to the North American Meat Institute where he is the chairman. David McDonald has overseen the acquisition of so many companies that have been a great addition to the company helping with the growth. One being the Baho Food acquisition, a company that deals with the manufacture of meat products. The reason why David McDonald was so interested in the buying of Baho Food is that it will help with the growth of OSI Group in parts of Europe.

David McDonald ensures that together with his team they will go beyond their means so that to take care of the needs of the client. That will need them to be creative at all times which can be challenging at times. Though according to David what has been helpful is the transparency they created with the customers over the years. That has been of help to McDonald because once they know the needs of the clients, then they will be able to innovate new product to meet their needs. Having the close relationship with clients has been of help too in knowing the so many changes in the market and being up to date for OSI Group.


Meet Logan Stout: As a CEO and Founder of IDLife, Mr. Stout has a passion for helping others to succeed in business

Whether it is his major successes that have happened on or off the baseball diamond, ex-pro baseball player, and author, Logan Stout is a multitalented and a very successful businessman. In 2013, Stout published his book, Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams. In the book, Stout focuses on encouraging individuals to have their passions come to life and to live to maximize their potentials.

As CEO of IDLife, LLC, he has been able to propel IDLife, a Multi-level marketing (MLM) firm to one of the 100 Solid Top MLM companies, worldwide in only a short time frame of existence. IDLife was hatched in 2014 but has quickly become a successful company since then. IDLife focuses on providing its customers with health and wellness products since then. The mission of Stout’s company, IDLife, is to inform individuals concerning the topics of health.

In addition to IDLife, Logan Stout is the CEO of the Premier Baseball Academy. As the founder of this baseball academy, he wants to provide kids with the opportunity to take classes like Situational Hitting Clinics, an Arm Velocity Class, a Premier Spring Training class, and also Private Lessons.

Besides being a CEO, Stout is a leader who has teamed up with other successful leaders to share his vision and mission to help others succeed in the business world. One of Stout’s business partners, John C. Maxwell, was deemed the world’s most popular leadership expert by Inc. magazine.

Concerning this symbiosis between Logan Stout and John C. Maxwell, both men will help to provide the opportunity for training individuals who are living in 196 nations in the world. Logan Stout knows that there are people who have a passion for starting their own business and have ideas but do not know how to go about the entrepreneurial process to bring their visions to fruition. For those people who have good ideas, he wants to help them succeed and build their leadership skills as well.

In term of Stout’s philanthropic works, Logan Stout is the Chair at the Boys and Girls Club of America and also the American Heart Association. Regarding his education background, Logan Stout earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas.

Logan Stout played baseball in college, and after his graduation from the University of Dallas, he played in the minor leagues for the Fort Worth Cats.

IDLife’s Facebook Page:

Mike Baur, The Swiss Entrepreneur Whose Nurturing And Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a seasoned businessman who leads a company called the Swiss Startup Factory. His position in the company is managing partner. Mr. Baur is also one of the founders of the enterprise. The business magnate has two decades worth of experience in banking and finance having worked in this sector for 20 years. Clariden Leu and UBS are examples of banking institutions that Mike Baur steered.


Mike Baur brought together two partners by the names Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to start the Swiss Startup back in the year 2014. Their primary objective was to mentor budding entrepreneurs by guiding them and providing them with the necessary resources required for their business to ground break and break even.


Mike Baur was one of the members of the judging panel of START Summiteer. START Summiteer is a challenge that brings together entrepreneurs who pitch their startup ideas, and the best startups are awarded. The contest is usually held at St. Gallen University.


When Swiss Startup Factory forged a new partnership with CTI Invest, Mike Baur was added more responsibility of being the Deputy Managing Director of CTI.


Mike is also responsible for the operations of an accelerator program that is the brainchild of the Swiss Startup Factory in collaboration with the GoldBack Group.


Mike’s career began in the Banking industry as he shifted towards entrepreneurship and startup companies. He was once a commercial intern working at UBS. Through sheer determination and hard work, he was able to rise above the ranks to the helm of a board of a leading Swiss private bank as an executive member. Swiss Startup Factory is one of the top private company that supports ICT startups in Switzerland. Mr. Baur hopes to touch as many lives as he can and create an impact on budding entrepreneurs with an urge to succeed in business.



Mike holds an MBA from a New York University known as the Rochester University and an executive MBA from the University of Berne. He hopes to guide future entrepreneurs on matters such as marketing products or services, managing human and capital resources within a startup and financial discipline when running a startup. Such knowledge is useful for young people who are making an entry into entrepreneurship.


It is Mike’s confident demeanor and generosity that has made him a household name in the startup sector across Switzerland.


Adam Milstein: Philanthropic Works in the United States

Adam Milstein is one of the few successful Israeli-American businessmen out there. Being a successful businessmen and entrepreneur is his ultimate dream, and he got the idea inside his brain while he was still a teenager. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, but they would have to transfer to a neighborhood a few kilometers away. Since he has been living in Israel for years, he was required to serve the IDF or the Israel Defense Force. He would be advised to fight on the battlefront, and as he launched his guns and explosives in the air, he would think if he would still be alive after the action. After the war, the conscripted citizens are being sent back to their families, and he decided to take up a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics. He wanted to become successful in life, so after graduating from the University, Adam Milstein decided to help his father with their business and made it a successful one. He would later leave for the United States, where he will be chasing his dreams by becoming the managing director of the Hager Pacific Properties.

He knows very well how their family business works, especially if it is regarding the storage of the food that will be affected. He would employ a scientific approach in dealing with issues that he had before, and he later admitted that he wanted to be good friends with everyone to grow his extensive presence in the industry.

Adam Milstein would later use his position at the Hager Pacific Properties to create a something different. He would be participating in philanthropic events dedicated to Jewish students and their families. According to Adam Milstein, he will be taking the students back to Israel for a trip, showing them the country where their ancestors lived. Through their foundation, the Adam, and Gila Milstein Foundation, they will be able to send so many children back to school for them to learn. They would also provide books to be read by the students and the parents who wanted to learn more about the culture and tradition of Israel. His facebook page

Daniel Taub: Interview After Ambassador

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. His education is from the University College in London, University College in Oxford, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 1989, he moved to Israel, and served in the Israel Defense Forces. Since then he has held several diplomatic and legal posts. After four years as Israelis ambassador from 2011 to 2015, he has resigned.


Daniel Taub is one of his country’s highly regarded diplomats. The day he took office as Israelis ambassador, he presented his credentials to the Queen during a meeting. On this day, he wore a statement piece, his kippah. Nothing was changing his practices and beliefs as an Orthodox Jew. His hope was to bring the two countries of Israel and U.K. together. For him, and most citizens, they feel this has happened. He was deemed the most popular and successful Israeli since Shlomo Argov.


Daniel Taub was there in crisis and in times of joy. He believes that faith can help build bridges. He spoke with programs such as Newsnight and the Today show about Israelis relationships. So far, relations between the two nations are as strong and successful as they have ever been. To Ambassador Taub, it is easy to see both sides of issues. The answer is to put aside your own personal views and look at it open-mindedly.


For the Middle East, there is a silver lining, according to the ambassador. They must treat the region with care and not dictate what is happening there. There are factors they want Israel to influence and show much importance. The Iran agreement took them into new phases, some of which are concerning. Iran needs to stick to the original deal that was drawn up, or nuclear capabilities in Iran will be problematic. Learn more:


On the brighter side, resilience of peace agreements are shown with Jordan and Egypt. There are also alignments of the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Most of these countries have the same concerns as Israel. All initiatives for agreements must be nurtured. The United States has even supplied Israel with all of their latest technology.


Daniel Taub is not officially assigned to Anglo-Jewry. He suggests he is ambassador to the Court of St James, not to the Jewish community. He believes that his Jewish spirituality is of importance for building faith and bridges between communities.




The selflessness of Activists

In active justice processes, every subject is discussed with just objectives. In passive justice processes, there are never any legal grounds for discussion: subjects get subjugated without any just objectives. Such processes are unconstitutional and rampant in the United States, especially in Arizona where the Arpaio legacy is adamant in resisting its deconstruction.

Veteran journalists and civil rights activists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had to go through tumulus events to initiate deliberate efforts to wane the precedence of racism and oppression established by the Arpaio tenure.

Other civil and human rights activist groups have put in similar efforts to end oppressive policies and administrations across the United States.

However, the struggle is real and difficult. Still, activists have to put in concerted efforts to secure the liberties of all the people as enshrined in the Constitution. Some of the groups that have braved the fight for decades include:

  • The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)
  • The Amazon Watch
  • The Advocates for Human Rights
  • Puente Arizona
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Immigrants’ rights project

The young but spirited Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has despite its inexperience, continued to lead the assault against discrimination of Hispanics and immigrants in Arizona. The initiative draws inspiration from the brave way its founders fought off America’s self-proclaimed toughest sheriff and even ended his tenure of tyranny through litigation.

The founders, veteran journalists and founders of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, stood up to the unscrupulous sheriff notwithstanding his reputation for viciousness. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They, like any other civil rights activists, had all the reason to be opposed to what the sheriff had been doing with his mandate. He had been enforcing immigration laws unlawfully, profiling Hispanics racially and misappropriating funds. He had also let his over 60 jail inmates die of treatable diseases while in his custody in a period not exceeding three years.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund got to practice one of the most fundamental activist maneuvers even before it was launched officially. Civil and human rights activists groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) employ the open fist approach to set a legal precedence against oppressive public officials.

Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County for wrongful arrest and prevailed. They had hoped to set precedence against the oppressive tactics of the abrasive Sheriff and their tact worked. They used the settlement awarded from the law suit to set up the Frontera Fund which now funds other activist groups to use litigation to further causes they share and propagate.

Other legally acceptable strategies that activists use to champion for the rights of the oppressed include awareness campaigns, boycotts and strikes, peaceful demonstrations and funding politicians who are supportive of their causes. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Rights are not given, they are inalienable. However, people and groups can conspire to infringe on the rights of others. Enjoying rights, therefore, is an active process that requires rights to be defended from abuse. Activists defend the rights of other people. However, people should defend their rights independently and refrain from infringing on the rights of others.

Daniel Mark Harrison, Business Owner

Monkey Capital is an innovative company within the financial planning industry. This is a company that offers specialized investments for people who are willing to take on a little more risk in their life. With all of the different investing options today, it is difficult to know what company to work with.

Daniel Mark Harrison founded Monkey Capital several years ago. He was tired of the lack of choices in the financial planning industry. Many of his clients have done well investing with him. Although it was difficult to get the business started, he has done a great job helping others in this area.

Early Career

Daniel Mark Harrison had an early start to his career in financial planning. He worked for a financial planning company where he was responsible for bringing in new clients. Anyone who has ever worked with Daniel Mark Harrison knows how passionate he is about helping others.

Daniel Mark Harrison decided to leave his corporate job and start his own company. This was a risky decision for several reasons. Starting a business is not easy, and he had no guarantee of success. The good news is that Daniel Mark Harrison had a big client base to work with in the beginning. Monkey Capital grew quickly, and he continued to provide customers with high returns.

Future Plans

Daniel Mark Harrison has many plans for Monkey Capital in the coming years. He wants to grow the business as much as possible. However, he does not want his company to lose the personal touch that it is known for. With that being said, he is working on expanding to several different locations.

Louis Chenevert is Worth More than His Weight in Gold

Louis Chenevert has a history of being a successful businessman. Chenevert began his business career by gaining a Bachelor’s Degree from HEC Montreal in Production Management. Since this was an affiliate of the University of Montreal, his degree carried high respect in the business sector.

Straight out of university, Chenevert would pick up his first job at none other than the CEO-training juggernaut, General Motors. It was here at GM that he worked for 14 successful years as a Production Manager. His skills and talents were so apparent that in 1993 he was approached by Pratt & Whitney and offered a job in aircraft engine manufacturing. In just 6 years, Chenevert did such an amazing job that he was elevated to the role of president after being at the company for just 6 years.

Having gotten his feet wet in the aircraft industry, he was voted, and became, the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies in 2006. It was here that he put his experience at General Motors and Pratt & Whitney to work. To say it paid off would be an understatement.

Chenevert led the rising of his companies stocks. When he arrived at United Technologies Corporation, the stock was hovering at $37. After implementing several changes, the stock soared to a total of $117, bringing UTC’s estimated value to $63 billion.

Chenevert was able to produce such results through various initiatives. Firstly, he instilled into everyone the value of integrity. You did not cut corners. You did not hurt the environment. You did not ignore the needs of people. Being true to his vision, Chenever lowered gas emissions by 26% and water consumption by 53%. He would go soon forth and urge his fellow companies to do the same. Chenevert can easily be called one of the biggest business tycoons in aerospace history.


Scott Rocklage is one of the most successful scientists in the United States. Rocklage has achieved so much in his successful career, and these accomplishments are used as an inspiration to the individuals in the entrepreneurship and biochemical research industries.

At the moment, Rocklage works as the managing member in a company known as 5 AM Ventures. Scott acquired this position in the year 2003, and he has done his best to make the institution a leader in the harsh economic times.

The Boston based doctor is famed for his vast experience in the healthcare management industry. According to his portfolio, Scott has been in the industry for thirty years, and he has changed the department significantly. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

His broad scientific background has played a crucial role in his career. Thanks to his expertise in healthcare, leadership and science have been instrumental in the success of his company.

Apart from Scott’s responsibilities at 5 AM Ventures, the successful businessman serves on several boards of directors for companies such as Semprus, Relypsa, and the prestigious Achaogen.

The sixty-one-year doctor also serves as a member of Pulmatrix, Variation and many other companies. His appointment to these positions has been influenced because of his expertise in healthcare management.

Dr Scott Rocklage is respected for his impressive educational achievements. According to his portfolio, Rocklage went for his first degree in chemistry from the public University of California. Later on, he registered at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he acquired his Doctor of Philosophy degree, specializing in Chemistry. His education has influenced his career life.

Dr Scott M. Rocklage’s leadership expertise has made sure that his company transforms the lives of many individuals, especially those who are interested in life science. Under his leadership, 5 AM Ventures works with the companies who are interested in introducing new methods to help in the innovations in the healthcare industry.

The businessman has embraced the new technology to make sure that his company operations are successful.

Apart from his accomplishments in science, Scott is known for his philanthropic contributions to the society. Just recently, the successful scientist partnered with his wife to give support in renovating the science lab at his former school.

According to him, education is the most important thing in the society, and everyone should make sure that universities and colleges have the items needed to impact knowledge to young people. The donations offered by the couple helped many students in MIT.