George Soros: Fulfilling His Mission of Aiding Countless Lives

George Soros is a prominent name in the world of politics, but not for the reasons most people in that field are. George is a man whose impact on governments all over the world has been so enormous, that he is sometimes known to have more persuasive power over the people than what the actual candidates standing in elections have. But George has never actually contested in any political elections. Read this story at about George Soros.

When George was a young boy, he lived with his family in Hungary. During his childhood, the country was then under the control of the Pro-Nazi regime. Owing to this political state in his country, there was an extensive amount of distress in the people of the society. The government in power played a significant role in the unhappiness of the people owing to the harsh policies and laws in place. George and his family were practicing Jews at the time, which created all the more problems while they lived in Hungary. Seeing this happen to the people around him and the large impact it created in his life and set him on his path to help people to always put the right party in power for the development of society. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

However, George soon realized that to pursue his mission to help people; he would need a lot of funds, to start foundations and organizations to set forth on his mission, on the scale that he wanted to conduct it. When his family moved to London, George enrolled in London School of Economics with a goal of entering the field of finance. On completing his education, George came to New York and invested in his first hedge fund, which garnered him the fortune he has to his name today.

George is known to be one of the richest people in the world and has been featured numerous times by Forbes on their ‘top’ lists. In 2016, he made an appearance on their list as one of the richest hedge fund investors. Through his fortune, George Soros has created an impact on countless lives and has benefited numerous people through the various organizations that he has funded as well as started up himself. In 2016, George set the roots for an organization that strives to help people seeking refuge in war-torn countries and countries that were under any political distress. The group used George’s personal funds to give monetary support to entrepreneurs and businesses of these people so as to help them set up their life in their new home and support their families adequately to provide them with a good start.

George has also donated millions to the Democratic party, with the hope of bringing a just party to power, for the benefit of the American citizens.

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Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto Are The Faces Of Innovacare Health’s Leadership

Innovacare Health is a managed healthcare services firm. According to HRMR Online, the success of the firm is anchored on its experienced executives. The company’s top leadership team comprises Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Innovacare Health offers innovative healthcare plans that include MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. The membership for the two plans is made up over 200,000 individuals. Over 7,500 providers serve these people. Additionally, within the government of Puerto Rico’s health plan, Innovacare Health manages two Medicaid plans. These plans provide extensive benefit coverage to the clients through a coordinated care model. Innovacare Health offers the only NCQA-accredited health plans in the Island. Innovacare Health is dedicated to provide clients with quality healthcare by developing cost effective and sustainable models of coordinated managed care.

In his career, Rick Shinto has worked for several health care firms. The current president of Innovacare Health has over 20 years of experience in managed care. Dr. Shinto’s focus has been on clinical and operational healthcare. He has been an employee of Aveta Inc. where he served as the president and chief executive officer. Moreover, Dr. Shinto has worked for MedPartners, NAMM California, and Medical Pathways Management Company.

At the beginning of his profession in the healthcare sector, Dr. Shinto practiced in Southern California as a devoted internist and pulmonologist. He has authored many articles on healthcare matters. Rick has written extensively about clinical medicine. Dr. Shinto has a B.S., medical degree, and an M.B.A. He graduated from the University of California, State University of New York, and University of Redlands respectively.

She has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years. Kokkindes specializes in government programs that include Medicare and Medicaid. The expert has extensive knowledge in developing and managing health care processes. Penelope Kokkinides is also experienced in developing clinical programs and managing health care operations. Her focus is primarily on improving organizational structure and efficiency. Formerly, Kokkinides served in different firms, including Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice.

Kokkinides’ appointment as Innovacare’s chief operating officer was announced in July 2016. She was among the three professionals who were added to the company’s management team. The other professionals that joined Innovacare Health’s executive team include Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. Jonathan will serve as the firm’s chief actuary officer. Mike will render his services as the chief accounting officer.

Desiree Perez and Samsung in the Talks of Saving Tidal

Desiree Perez -the manager and head negotiator of the music streaming service Tidal- has been involved with talks with Samsung on a possible partnership to save Tidal. Tidal has been having a slow decline in revenue. The quality of the service and the high profile musicians who distribute their music on Tidal, make it worth keeping of course.

Desiree Perez is known for making tough deals for Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports. She has been working her deal making magic on the future of Tidal as well. Samsung has struck up deals with Kanye West’s Life of Pablo. Kanye West has released music exclusively on Tidal in the past. Beyoncé and Rihanna have additionally released music exclusively on Tidal too. The move by Samsung to make a deal with Kanye West appears to indicate that they are fully open to negotiating deals with the artists that have music on Tidal.

Spotify and Google are also in talks to be interested in Tidal. The service has a decent number of subscribers and the artists who offer exclusives on Tidal are some of the most respected artists in the world. Whatever happens Jay Z’s right hand woman Desiree Perez will get the right deal to save Tidal and keep the music streaming service true to itself.

Meet the New Millennials Guide- The Magnises Black Card

Magnises has grown to become a big New York-based club with several facilities. Young professionals are set to enjoy better networking and faster networking through the membership. Additionally, when one gets the card, one can use it to shop and make payments both offline and online. The card has in the past been used to check into exclusive clubs and hotels recommended by the application. Many millennials have loved the whole idea of the application. That is why Magnises is growing to several cities across the world. The current membership of the company amounts to 10,000.

The Magnises membership comes in the form of a black card. The card can be linked to one’s credit card or debit card. The inspiration behind the card was the American Express. Billy McFarland decided to come up with an affordable card for millennials. He found that other cards that offered similar ventures were expensive.

Anyone that wants to experience the offers that come with the card can apply for membership today. All that one has to do is to go online and fill a registration form. The form is used to take information about you such as your age and career. The company has also been working with brands and stakeholders that will give back to the community. The company’s aim for new members is that they can contribute to the community too. Magnises wants to build a large community of like-minded members that will serve to build a strong reputation within the program.

The event is usually made of an endless supply of cocktails for the guests that attend.

Billy McFarland started Magnises in 2013. The card released the black card in 2014. After two years of operation, the company has built a huge membership base of more than 6,000 subscribers. The company has become highly successful as it has raised more than $3 million. Billy McFarland is the CEO of the company. He has been highly interested in technology and building companies from a young age.

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