Louis Chenevert is Worth More than His Weight in Gold

Louis Chenevert has a history of being a successful businessman. Chenevert began his business career by gaining a Bachelor’s Degree from HEC Montreal in Production Management. Since this was an affiliate of the University of Montreal, his degree carried high respect in the business sector.

Straight out of university, Chenevert would pick up his first job at none other than the CEO-training juggernaut, General Motors. It was here at GM that he worked for 14 successful years as a Production Manager. His skills and talents were so apparent that in 1993 he was approached by Pratt & Whitney and offered a job in aircraft engine manufacturing. In just 6 years, Chenevert did such an amazing job that he was elevated to the role of president after being at the company for just 6 years.

Having gotten his feet wet in the aircraft industry, he was voted, and became, the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies in 2006. It was here that he put his experience at General Motors and Pratt & Whitney to work. To say it paid off would be an understatement.

Chenevert led the rising of his companies stocks. When he arrived at United Technologies Corporation, the stock was hovering at $37. After implementing several changes, the stock soared to a total of $117, bringing UTC’s estimated value to $63 billion.

Chenevert was able to produce such results through various initiatives. Firstly, he instilled into everyone the value of integrity. You did not cut corners. You did not hurt the environment. You did not ignore the needs of people. Being true to his vision, Chenever lowered gas emissions by 26% and water consumption by 53%. He would go soon forth and urge his fellow companies to do the same. Chenevert can easily be called one of the biggest business tycoons in aerospace history.

InnovaCare Health, the Global Leader in Healthcare Solutions

InnovaCare Health Inc. is a prominent provider of managed healthcare programs in North America. The institution offers quality healthcare through two main avenues, Provider Networks Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Programs. InnovaCare creates suitable models that are cost-effective, sustainable, and fully integrated with the modern technology. The firm has a great executive team that work together to ensure its success. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are among the main people who work tirelessly to ensure that the company stays at the top.

Richard Shinto

The CEO and President of InnovaCare Health Inc., Dr. Richard (Rick) Shinto, have worked in the clinical and operational healthcare sector for more than two decades. He began his professional life as an intern and pulmonologist in California. Prior to joining InnovaCare, he served as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc.Richard worked for NAMM, California as the Chief Medical Officer. Before NAMM hired him, Rick was the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company. From 1996 to 1997, he worked as the Vice President of Medical Management at MedPartners. Mr. Shinto left MedPartners and was hired by Cal Optima Health Plan, Orange County as the Chief Medical Officer.Dr. Richard Shinto is a skilled author and has written several articles on clinical medicine and healthcare. Rick Shinto educates his clients on healthcare awareness and also offers support to families when their loved ones are undergoing treatment. His empathetic actions enabled him to get the Caring Award given at the ‘A Tribute to Caring’ gala.

Penelope Kokkinides

Since June 2015, Penelope Kokkinides has been serving as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Prior to this post, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the same firm. Before joining InnovaCare Health Inc., Penelope was the Vice president of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. Ms. Kokkinides served at Centerlight HealthCare as the Executive Vice President and also the Chief Operating Officer. She also worked at other institutions such as AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health.Penelope has been in the healthcare sector, specializing in government programs (Medicaid and Medicare), for close to twenty years. Penelope has vast knowledge and enviable expertise in managing healthcare operations and processes as well as developing clinical programs. She is focused on improving the organizational infrastructure and efficiencies in the healthcare sectors.Rick Shinto believes that employing talented and experienced management personnel is one of the key factors for success in a company.

Rick Smith: The CEO Leading Securus Technologies To A High Up Position In The Field

Rick Smith has been a vital part of Securus Technologies ever since he joined them in 2008. He has been the driving force behind the incredible success that the company has been seeing these past few years. He is the current CEO of Securus Technologies and gained this position after the company underwent a merger, which he was instrumental in bringing. The plan was to bring together two of the biggest inmate telecommunications companies together to be one massive leader in the field. The company that they merged with was called T-Netix, and Rick Smith assumed control soon after the partnership was formed. Since then, Securus Technologies has become one of the leading prison telecommunications providers in the country. Rick Smith has led the company with absolute dedication and hard work, which is why he is regarded as such a beneficial leader for the company.

Rick Smith has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to the field, which is why he was seen as the perfect person to lead the company. He is also well versed with the technical side of things because he has an electrical engineering degree and a master’s in Mathematics. In addition, to supplement his business knowledge and so that he could one day lead a large company, Rick Smith decided to pursue an MBA. After his college education, Rick Smith started working at numerous different jobs, changing them quickly, to gain as much exposure and experience as he could.As the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has always tried to keep the company’s position at the top of the field. He regularly looks for new ways in which the company can improve to develop it further in the sector.

Attention to detail is one of the primary things that Rick Smith likes heading to and ensures that every department of the company is working smoothly and with maximum efficiency. He is always aiming to innovate so that Securus Technologies can stay ahead of their competition. At the same time, he also works to provide some of the best quality of services to inmates across the country.Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of inmate calling and communications services in the country. The company provides their services to a large number of prisons within the country, and to a few in Canada. The company aims to provide judicial systems with the services that they need so that they can keep track of the people who are incarcerated in these facilities. Securus Technologies helps judicial systems by assisting them to get access to inmate communications that happen to people on the outside so that they can ensure that nothing illegal is going on between them.

Hussain Sajwani Finds Success & Humility Go Hand in Hand

Hussain Sajwani, the well-known and sometimes boisterous and publicity grabbing, head of Damac Group is a man who takes a great deal of pride in his accomplishments, but is also wise enough to remember his humble beginnings. While most of those in the UAE, especially in Dubai would closely associate Sajwani and his company Damac with the glitzy high-rise developments that are at the heart of the city’s skyline, or with the golf course projects that he has so famously developed in conjunction with billionaire global real estate tycoon, and current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, he is actually a man who still relishes his roots and find ways to constantly stay grounded to them.


In fact, at the heart of his Majlis, an unexpectedly spartan space to begin with, Hussain Sajwani offers pride of place not to a model of one of his great buildings, or photos of his rich and powerful associates such as trump, but instead to a simple plaque that was presented to him by the United States Army during Operation Dessert Strom commemorating excellence in food service operations carried out by Hussain Sajwani’s firm during the conflict. It was from these less than audacious beginnings that Sajwani, Damac owner and Chairman, built one of the most revered and successful real estate development companies in not only the middle east, but the entire world. Of course, there is much more to Damac than its real estate division, and even to this day its food service operation is still an important part of its global holdings and operations package.


As a man of means, and one of deep personal convictions, he also believes that he has an inherent moral obligation to give back to the less fortunate and to help build a better world. As such he Hussain Sajwani has worked with several philanthropic organizations over the years, and most recently gave a cheque for AED 2M to a charity that helps to provide clothing to a million deprived children throughout the world. The single donation given by Damac Properties, a division of the Damac Group, will provide resources to clothe more than 50,000 needy children.


The whole of the Hussain Sajwani family involved in a variety of activities that not only build a better economic future for the company, and the country, but also a better world for everyone to live in. He is a shining example of how a man who has principles can make a difference and share the fruits of his success to stay humble.


To learn more visit http://hussainsajwani.com/.


An Impact Only The Soros Name Can Make

No one knew that a peasant boy, who was led into exile from his own country, would become one of the world’s most profound billionaires we know of today. The same man supported Ferguson protests according to the Washington Times. His contributions toward fair treatment and equality are evident and ongoing.

But it just so happens that when George Soros became a refugee during the onset of Nazi occupation, he found a way to survive and then thrive later in life. It’s now his passion to enable everyone on the planet a way out. This is not just based on a desire but a living example that he is.

Today, Soros’ name is known for wealth, investing and a long track record within philanthropy. It’s no secret as to why. Yet to tell this story, we must return to where it all began. After escaping the German occupation of Hungary, where George was born, the young 13-year-old made his way into the United Kingdom.

Here, George also found the education that would elevate him into the world of finance. But before this happened, the young man needed suitable work for daily survival. He was in a foreign country with no hopes of ever returning to Hungary. So he first found labor within the train-yards of England and therefore Europe itself.

Something special was occurring during this struggle. Like many souls found in similar straits, George’s heart yearned for more. He wanted a better life and more security for his family. So, he soon took the steps to apply for university education. He then took the long road within education and found employment in finance. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com

We see this same passion for opportunity and an open society. It’s clear with George’s return to charity work as was seen during Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

Today, George Soros is known for beating the financial markets in ways that shake the world economy. These infamous trades have literally decided how surrounding markets will survive on a financial level. There’s only one direction a man with this much power and wit can do. He is now retired. But before that happened. …

The Soros family became rich. A mutual fund was started. It made investors rich.

Everyone involved with this man and his innovation then remained rich.

And today, we find a different picture.

We no longer see the active financial specialist hovering over data for money or trends. Instead, we now learn from and watch one the world’s most sought-after philanthropists. Soros is often recorded in major news. His work seeks to protect refugees of all kinds, to spread equality and to fund the social needs of society.

We’re only on track to see more as the future continues becoming today and as the billionaire returns to his charity work. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Brian Bonar Carries On With His One Of A Kind Journey

With his more than three decades of extensive business leadership in both private and public companies, serial entrepreneur Brian Bonar continues to impart his exceptional know-how to companies and individuals.

Brian Bonar is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation as well as the chief executive officer of Imaging Technologies Corporation. He took on the role of chief executive at Dalrada in 1998 and chairman in 1999.

At Dalrada, Bonar is in charge of services that take in worker benefits, human resource administration, payroll processing and financial management and more. He also oversees the company’s operations. At Imaging Technologies, Bonar works towards offering cost effective document imaging technologies based on customers needs.

In addition to the above positions, Bonar is chief executive officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services and president of All Professional Business Services.

As the founder of several enterprises, Bonar has been a director, engineer and procurement officer for many diverse companies.

Acknowledging his skill, Bonar has been named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance.

The Cambridge Who’s Who program offers highly sought after yearly awards to the world’s top executives in a number of categories such as law and finance. In each category, the awards are given to two men and two women.

Bonar was selected not only for being an exemplary example to others but also for inspiring the finance industry to reawaken and advance to future challenges. He was also acknowledged as one of the country’s visionary leaders.

He began his career with IBM and later worked for QMS. He went on to work for a few other companies before launching Bezier Systems, where the company developed the first SCSI based printer.

His area of expertise includes building and establishing growth through mergers and acquisitions as well as business planning, marketing and consulting and new development. Bonar acquired his leadership skills through his education and years of industry experience.

Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College with a bachelor degree and received a masters degree from Stafford University. His hobbies include playing golf and boat riding.