Heather Russell: A Business Lawyer to Know

With a Bachelors Degree in English and Biology from William and Mary, and a Juris Doctorate from the Washington College of Law at American University, Heather Russell is a versatile lawyer who has been a working professional for 21 years. Heather Russell’s work is primarily in Corporate America and she has had a long and varied career at a variety of well known companies.

Upon graduating from Law School, Heather Russell went to work as a Law Clerk for a prominent judge in the Eastern District of Virginia. Following this position, Heather Russell took a job as counsel at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Associates a job she held for nearly 8 years. It was at this point in her distinguished career when Heather Russel’s work in corporate America really took off. In June of 2006, following a successful stint at the aforementioned firm, Heather Russel took a job as Associate General Counsel at Bank of America, a job she would hold until June of 2011.

From Bank of America, Heather Russell worked at BNY Mellon in New York City as Global Chief Regulatory Counsel for over 4 years. Following her stint at BN Mellon, Heather Russell made partner and spent three years at Buckley Sander LLP, a premier Financial Institutions Regulatory Firm in New York. Russell left this job in May of this year for Chicago and Trans Union where she is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Heather Russell is a business lawyer to know. It will be interesting to monitor her career moving forward.

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Professor and Judge, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva comes from Brazil having been born in Itapetininga city in 1958. Marco Antonio is a judge at the Court of Appeal of Brazil. He presently serves in Sao Paulo. Marco Antonio joined the judiciary in 1983 where he works up to date. He has previously served in Diadema, Monte Alto city, and Palmeira D’oeste as a judge. In 2002, Marco Antonio ascended to the level of a substitute judge after receiving a promotion. He later in 2007 won an advancement that saw him become a judge of Court of Appeal. Judge Antonio believes in justice as well as education. He values God, friends, and family.


At the age of 15,Marco Antonio Marques da Silva knew he wanted to a judge. His aspiration to become a judge made him start Pursuing legal classes at PUC In 1977. Marco finished his studied from PUC where he graduated in 1981. Later on, he joined Pontifical Catholic University for his specialization and his master’s degree. Additionally, Judge Antonio enrolled for his teaching degree at the same university. He acquired his postdoctoral fellowship in 2005 from the Law Faculty of Coimbra. In 1982, Antonio began his career in teaching as a professor at PUC. His tenure came in 2003, and he is currently a criminal law professor at PUC.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has received several recognition awards from PUC for his contributions to the university. For instance, in April 2018, he was awarded an honorary by the university. The new auditorium at the campus of Perdizes was given Judge Antonio’s name. The chair of the ceremony was Dirceu de Mello, the University’s president as well as the former president of Court of Appeal of Sao Paulo State. In his speech, Dirceu mentioned Judge Antonio as a man ready for service at any time. Moreover, he mentioned Judge Antonio’s tireless efforts to help others. Judge Marco received this honor for his input toward the new auditorium construction. The University’s Specialization and Extension office (Cogeae) also gave Judge Antonio a plaque as recognition for his devotion to the office’s operations. In addition to this, the chair said that Judge Antonio is a sincere, loyal, and zealous man.


Jorge Moll Insights On Mental Illnesses

Depression among other mental illnesses has become prevalent today. This has downgraded the quality of lives led by many people. Jorge Moll, a scientist who heads the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), aims at finding out how such problems can be solved. He has a lot of experience and is multitalented in giving long-lasting solutions.


One of the subjects that Jorge Moll has been actively involved in researching about is how the well-being of a person relates to the relationships they uphold with other people. Jorge Moll argues that the brain reacts in various ways towards the act of tenderness. The psychology of an individual is also affected by ethics propagated in the society.


Jorge Moll also asserts that for human beings to receive psychological pleasure, they have to develop the habit of giving out more than that of receiving things from others. He came up with this claim after an experiment. In this experiment, he asked the people to talk about their experiences. While answering the questions, magnetic resonance imaging was being used to study how the brain was reacting. It was discovered that the reward system is energized by giving out enabling one to feel pleasure.


According to Jorge Moll, mental illnesses can be avoided if people maintained healthy relationships. Various acts of love and tenderness go a long way in enabling people to feel happy. Through his research studies, Jorge Moll will cause positive transformations in the society. His efforts are supported by IDOR. For a long time, this institution has been on the front line to investigate how science and technology can be used to enhance the delivery of healthcare services. The D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network sponsors it. This institution carries out research studies in oncology, pediatrics, neurosciences, and intensive medicine.


Jorge Moll is a Brazilian based scientist. He has achieved high education levels in the medical field. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Pathophysiology and an MD in neuroscience from the University of Sao Paulo and the Federal University of Rio de Janiero respectively.


The philanthropic heart of Jeffrey Aronin in the medical field

There are different medical conditions and disease that continue to affect people across the world. Medical practitioners and professionals have also taken a key interest in developing lasting solutions to help patients. Apart from that, there are known and rare medical disorders that have led to increased medical research to find a lasting solution. Jeffrey Aronin is a personality that is always carried away by the need to do good to other people. He has been at the focal point in finding a remedy to different medical disorders that have been affecting patients. Aronin is the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences. This is a medical firm that has invested in finding solutions to rare medical disorders. He is made up of a big heart and a philanthropic heart. As such, he likes helping people get to their feet by providing financial and medical support.

Paragon Biosciences focuses on research about rare disorders and diseases that have no cure or therapy. The company has invested in developing medical support and therapies to help the affected patients find their footing again. Aronin has a depth experience in the medical research field and uses his expertise to treat patients’ with rare medical disorders. The company has employed a breed of medical researchers who have long years of experience in finding new treatments. As such, Paragon Biosciences has created a network of companies working under it for a common cause with distinct leadership structures.

Aronin has been a key player in the development of over 14 innovative medicines that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The story of his success revolves around his ability to interact with professional personalities and develop networks of helping many patients. As part of his expansion plan, Aronin says that as an investment firm, they are going to fund the training of medical research teams to help them develop a new medicine. Aronin has over 20 years’ experience in the medical and philanthropic world. He finds pride in helping patients who cannot cater for their medication by providing them with the medical facilities and paying their bills. This has been one instrumental characteristic that has made his name appear on the global realm.


Jim Toner and a Top-Quality Work Style

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner has been working in the real estate investment field for many wondrous years at this point. He’s done a lot more than simply work as a real estate investor, however. Toner has many other big responsibilities on his plate. He serves as a consultant, a speaker and even a radio program host. Toner regularly participates in speaking engagements that take place in locations all around the sizable United States. He talks to people everywhere about the power of real estate investment practices that are smart and thorough. He’s shared his savvy right next to other highly admirable figures. Some of these individuals are Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann and Frank McKinney. He’s even been right next to the knowledgeable individuals who are part of the acclaimed Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Toner has proficiency that relates to educating normal people about real estate investment matters. He knows exactly how to simplify the concepts that are associated with them. He knows how to help people comprehend the topic in significant detail. That’s the reason there are so many people who cannot resist his guidance. It isn’t unusual for people to fork over a lot cash in order to watch Toner’s comprehensive program. They in many cases pay anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000. They fly to his events from many distant locales.

Jim Toner is a respected entrepreneur who has an in-depth background to his credit. He’s been deeply involved in real estate investments for more than a quarter of a century so far. He’s educated countless individuals who want to achieve the gift of liberation from money problems. People who don’t want to wake up in the morning feeling panic about money often are major Toner followers. They frequently depend on the insight that’s accessible through the 12 Little Houses path. This is a customized program that paves the way for people who want to run away from financial limitations and frustration factors.

Toner (@thejimtoner) is like many other assiduous professionals in that he’s a bona fide early bird. He generally wakes up in the morning at about 5:30. It takes him roughly half an hour or so to sort his feelings. Once he does that, he immediately makes his way to the exercise center. Working out has always been something that’s been a top priority for Toner. He thinks that workout sessions can be good for peoples’ careers. He also thinks that they can help individuals who are in the midst of all kinds of other issues.

Toner isn’t the kind of individual who wants to work around the clock. Nonstop work just doesn’t sound like a terrific idea to him. He takes naps on a daily basis. These last for approximately 20 minutes. Get your coy of Jim Toner’s book here.

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Do You Know Patience & Time? Stansberry Research Likely Does

Stansberry Research investment data firm outperforms others because of their dedication to streamlining relevant information and applying it with prowess. Its decades of experience in financials plus its cumulative of hundreds of years in analysis and successful return on investments provide the solid foundation to launch record breaking portfolios. Its no different with insurance.


While many establishments have found investing in the insurance industry about as successful as caging a 2 year old, Stansberry Research has successfully demystified and conquered the challenge. Apparently, the key was in selection. Similar to real estate investing wherein location dictates worth, investing in a profitable insurance instrument required assessing ‘where’ it placed in the lives of its customers. As an hyperbolic example, investing in a health insurance company that serves over eighty percent of clients involved in reckless or adventurous activity on a regular basis may not provide as high a return on your investment as, let’s say, a vehicle insurance company whose customer base comprises over eighty percent green conscious persons who have incorporated an increasingly larger percentage of their travel as commuters. In other words, the ‘location’ where the insurance product places in the lives of possible claim filers dictates the soundness and degree of any investment for profit. Needless to say, that involves a considerable amount of data gathering and logarithm development.


Stansberry Research loves the esoteric yet practical nature of data. People, it is found, are not so unique or different as we’d like to think and our behaviors can become quite predictable, especially as a collective. The same remains true of certain industries, socioeconomic events, global impact of wars, the effects of new technological or medical progress and the like. To assist in this regard, Stansberry Research offers current, projected and analyzed data and resources for all of its patrons. You will find in depth unraveling of any and all investment curiosities through their newsletters and databases such as Health & Wealth Bulletin, Stansberry Investor Hour, Stansberry Alpha, Stansberry Venture Technology, Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor, Retirement Millionaire and their online Education Center, to name just a few.


Founded in 1999 by the first editor of American heritage to correct copy for the world renowned Fleet Street Letter, Porter Stansberry, his research firm provides all of the information an investor would need. The terminology and market clarity achieved helps one decide and yield lucrative results from their investments. The three investment portfolios offered by Stansberry Research for its investor clientele are The Total Portfolio, The Income Portfolio and The Capital Portfolio. You will find a secure, money making spot for yourself and your family in one.


Jed McCaleb Is Expecting Stellar To Take The World’s Financial System Into The Future

Jed McCaleb has been a developer in the world of cryptocurrency for many years, and he is sure that blockchain technology will change the way that the financial system of the world works. McCaleb has worked on some of the most well-known crypto projects and was the founder of the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange. Today, he works with Stellar as its Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. The blockchain company is in business to make cross-border payments easier and more affordable, and he expects that there will be a universal payment network at some point in the future.

If you take a look at Jed McCaleb’s Linkedin page, you will see that he has been working with decentralized technology for many years. He was the founder and Chief Technology Officer of MetaMachine, which created eDonkey2000; one of the original decentralized person to person file-sharing networks. If you look further, you will see that he also serves as an advisor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which is a nonprofit that is in existence to make sure that artificial intelligence will benefit humanity rather than be detrimental to it.

With Stellar, Jed McCaleb is creating a network that makes monetary transactions move faster, and, in fact, it is already faster than bitcoin; by quite a bit. IBM is working with Stellar to create a payment system that large banks may be using. McCaleb believes that the initial coin offering phenomenon is a good thing and that the funds created by these offerings have already helped blockchain technology to grow much quicker than it might have without them. He believes this is much better than having to rely on venture capital. He also expects that all equity will be tokenized within a decade and that it will run on a decentralized network.

According to Coin Telegraph, Jed McCaleb knows that there are already many other projects underway that are looking to connect digital tokens to the existing financial market, and he is expecting Stellar to be a large contributor to the movement. The lumen, which is Stellar’s crypto token, is now one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market.

Read Jed McCaleb’s prediction here: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/21/an-early-bitcoin-pioneer-predicts-how-the-blockchain-will-change-banking.html


AvaTrade is a worldwide forex broker that is under AVA Group of companies. It was incorporated in 2006 is one of the most reputable online brokers. It is well established in Ireland, Japan, Australia and the British Virgin Islands. It provides a beautiful client experience while trading on anything on its platform. Also, it is regulated by a recognized regulatory authority which guarantees its authenticity in the market. For instance in Europe, it is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Remarkably, AvaTrade has received several awards such as Best Customer Support. It offers a variety of trading platforms including Meta Trader for the platform, mac, mobile trading, floating spreads, web trading and proprietary platform. These platforms coupled with several automated software such as RoboX and Mirror Trader ensures that every client needs are met adequately.


AvaTrade simply offers a standard account and a demo account to traders. An amount of about $100 via credit card or $500 through wire transfer is required to start up a standard account. Moreover, swap free accounts are being offered to the Muslim traders and MAM accounts to professional traders. These accounts have features such as the ability to create multiple sub trading groups.


Unexpectedly, AvaTrade has bonuses and special offers to its traders. Notably, there is $75 to $400 for every client referral that begins trading on their platform. Also, there is an ongoing promotion of $14000 bonus for new traders who sign up. Over the years, the company has been identified with giving out 100% deposit bonuses in addition to the promotions.


AvaTrade is also instrumental in offering a collection of financial trading instruments to its traders. There are more than 50 currencies available any time to trade in forex. Likewise trading in nine different cryptocurrencies is convenient for traders. Lastly, trading in indices, Bonds, Stocks, ETFs and commodities with competitive and low spreads is significant.


Through options such as live chat, email, FAQ, social media and telephone, AvaTrade can offer superb customer support. For instance, the telephone support is provided in 21 different countries across Europe. This ensures immediate feedback to the clients and also the modification of services according to customer specifications.


There is also a variety of deposit options to clients such as credit card, PayPal and web money. A minimum initial deposit of $100 is required for opening an account. The same methods are used to withdraw deposits, and it takes about five working days to process. Ava Debit MasterCard is the fastest method of withdrawal.

The Successful Empire of Hussain Sajwani

DAMAC Properties was founded by Dubai businessman Hussain Sajwani who is the current chairman of the organisation. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate from the University of Washington where he acquired his degree and later started work as a Contracts Manager in GASCO which was part of the Abu Dhabi National Oil company and after some time he ventured into his own business where he started a Catering agency. He also participated as one of the pioneer individuals who came up with market expansion in Dubai. He managed to build several hotels which housed business people who came to the Emirates. He identified a gap in the market and the year 2002 he started his own company DAMAC Properties which has further developed becoming one of the major leading organisations in the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani had skills in fields such as sales, administration and finance and this are some of the factors which contribute to his success today. The company has managed to secure opportunities in cities such as Doha, Amman, London and Dubai making it lead the market. DAMAC Properties has managed to secure employment for over 2000 people who work in the property development field.

Due to his skills in business, Hussain Sajwani has many investments, and this has enabled him to hold investment portfolios in many regional and also global markets. Hussain Sajwani has also managed to work with high profile organisations such as The Trump Organization which is owned by Donald Trump, and he is hoping to tighten his business links with Trump. The two business partners celebrated New Year’s Eve together, and Trump didn’t forget to mention the renowned businessman in his speech.

According to Look Up, DAMAC Properties is mostly identified with building excellent properties where every buyer of a luxury apartment is gifted with a Bentley. DAMAC Organization still has a part which deals with the food industry as a reminder to Hussain Sajwani as to where he started. DAMAC has faced much crisis during its development but the active management was able to put the company from the crisis, and it managed to rise back to the top of the industry. Mr Sajwani has had thoughts about further expansion of his multi-billion company to places such as Turkey although the plans are still underway and it will be aired out later. He has managed to create a very successful empire so far.

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What You Ought To Know About The Oxford Club And Its Membership

The Oxford Club organization is a private and worldwide network of investors and entrepreneurs. The Organization regularly offers recommendations on real estates, bonds, options, funds, equities, currencies and precious metal. The club’s main target is to assist its members in creating wealth to become rich and live a comfortable life.

Previously, the Oxford Club was known as Passport Club. It and was founded in 1989 by William Bonner, among other founders who were all ambitious of creating a private financial club consisting of investors with a common interest in searching for investment opportunities in the United States and the world at large. According to the Founders, the best investment opportunities are found through an individual’s connections or through deep research and not via both the mainstream press and Wall Street Brokers.

Julia Guth is the Chief Executive Officer of the Oxford Club. Under her is a great team talented in customer service, sales and marketing, editorial, research, operations and publishing. The club has three major membership levels namely the Premier membership, the Director’s Circle membership, and the Chairman’s Circle membership.

Premier membership consists of the subscribers of any Oxford Club’s paid publications, may it be services or newsletters. This membership is compulsorily renewed annually. It is the lowest membership level though the members also enjoy some of the club’s privileges. Directors Circle level of membership is composed of those who have been in the club for a long time. The members include fully committed members who enjoy the benefit of accessing the 3 club’s newsletters. The highest level of membership is the Chairman’s Circle membership. The members at this level enjoy access to all publications of the club, and also access exceptional features of the Oxford Club website.

The Oxford Club has its headquarter offices in Baltimore, Maryland. It has been successfully operating for over a period of twenty years hence definitely considered equal to the task. Internationally, the club has over 100,000 members in over one hundred and thirty countries. Over the twenty years the Oxford Club has been operational, it has spontaneously enabled its members to acquire and also protect extraordinary wealth. They are also on Twitter as @The_Oxford_Club