Jeremy Goldstein Determined to Partner with Fountain House Organization.

The Man who owns and runs a very large boutique law firm in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, is currently organizing a wine dinner that is intended to raise funds to help the mentally ill patients in the state and the whole of America. Jeremy Goldstein has for a very long period been in partnership with Fountain House, an organization that is so determined to provide recovery assistance to the patients with the Mental illness. The wine dinner has been organized by Goldstein, in collaboration with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel. The objective of the diner is to support Fountain House in their dedicated vision of liberating the mental illness group of individuals.


The reason behind this is the fact that mental illness has been identified as a world crisis by the World Health Organization, with the patients of the dreaded condition suffering from stigma. They have been facing challenges in life that have made them feel as if they are all alone in the wilderness. The common challenges that they face are among the difficulties in maintaining sound relationships with other people, hardships in competition for employment in the competitive market, failure to complete their education and many others.


Due to this reason, Fountain House has been taking the brilliant initiative of trying to recover the members of the group and trying as much as they can to convert them into productive members of the society. Some of the initiatives that the Fountain House organization has taken in the quest to recover the individuals living with mental illness are;

  1. Advocating for improved practices and perception for the people who have a critical mental illness
  2. Providing education for the people living with mental illness and making them feel as valuable individuals in the community
  3. Providing for employment opportunities for the mental illness patients after completion of their education.


Jeremy Goldstein has been in full support of the initiatives and has been partnering with Fountain House to recover these important individuals. Being a member of the Board of Directors at the Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein is determined to run the essential program with a lot of success. As a result of the efforts by Fountain House in partnership with Jeremy Goldstein, a lot of individuals living with this condition of the mind have been rescued from the agony that they have been enduring. They have been turned into productive individuals who can contribute to the building of the society.


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GreenSky Credit helps everyone walk away a winner

When David Zalik was operating his own internet consulting firm, he was able to get an inside look at some of the biggest names in the American home-improvement industry. This gave him valuable insights into some of the biggest vulnerabilities that these companies faced. One of those problems was the fact that so many of the top home-improvement companies were losing business over and over on a certain type of deal.

Zalik saw that on a shockingly high number of deals, customers who wanted to carry out big-ticket home renovation projects would end up backing out of the deal at the last minute. This was primarily due to the fact that they had no contracting experience and would consistently underestimate the true cost of projects by tens of thousands of dollars. It wasn’t that these customers no longer wanted to complete their renovations even at the much higher price. The problem was that many of these customers simply didn’t have the cash on hand to do so. And this isn’t surprising. After all, many of these home renovation projects were running in the high-five-figure to low-six-figure range.

It immediately occurred to Zalik that this was a huge opportunity for someone who could figure out how to provide instant bridge financing for these home renovation projects. Large real estate developers always have access to bridge financing mechanisms that allow them to complete high-cost projects when they run short on cash. But these facilities are rarely available to average consumers who are looking to carry out similar projects on their homes. This was the idea that would launch GreenSky Credit.

GreenSky Credit was able to sign on some of the largest lenders in the country, including Fifth Third, Sun Trust and Regions Bank. GreenSky Credit focused only on prime borrowers, allowing GreenSky Credit to make instant loan offers, on site, for up to six-figure amounts. On the deals facilitated by GreenSky Credit, everyone walks away a winner. The banks get high-performing loans to pad out their books. The customers get to complete renovations that instantly add tens of thousands of dollars in value to their homes. And GreenSky Credit gets its fee.

ClassDojo is a Leading App in the Challenging World of Education Technology

Teachers are a very cautious bunch. They do not trust anything tech related just because it has been created for their use. Whatever types of technology that developers create for teachers in the education field must be useful and meaningful for the classroom. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time for teachers, students and anybody involved in the education process.

When ClassDojo was launched in 2011 Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don made the app with teachers in mind. That was their first priority because teachers are key to the whole education system. Without them, it would be very difficult to teach and train students with knowledge. Having a practical and proven technology to help out with this process helps to make this process easier on everyone.

The technology application market has been recently on the downturn since 2013 and now in 2018, this particular field for software growth is starting to look good. Since it is, EdTech startups are now creating their products with a lot caution. They are teaming up with universities and other education connected organizations to make sure their products are useful for the education field.

ClassDojo had a unique advantage with its development. Sam Chaudhary was a high school teacher. He has first-hand experience in the classroom. He knew what would work and what would not. He used this knowledge when ClassDojo was being developed. This input has helped to make ClassDojo a first rate EdTech app that is now being used by most of the schools within the United States.

Teachers know that the ClassDojo is a great piece of technology. Most are glad that they can implement it in their classroom and that is produces great results. The app’s success has forever change how EdTech apps are being developed. In a sense, ClassDojo has set the standard for this area of education technology. They truly understand what it takes to make a great EdTech app that produces results.

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Vijay Eswaran Is A Global Motivational Leader

Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group. Vijay Eswaran operates his business and his life on the principle that the challenges and defeats in your personal and professional life should be accepted so that people can keep growing.

The QI Group is a global educational and training company which operates in more than 30 countries. The businesses that QI works with include some of the following:

  • Conference management
  • Direct sales
  • Education
  • Real estate development
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

Mr. Eswaran is a prominent motivational speaker who regularly talks to students regarding how young people can choose their career choices. He is also a requested speaker at corporate leadership conferences.

Vijay Eswaran lectures and writes articles that cover varying subjects. One such topic is ‘fear.’ He states that fear can paralyze you or help you move forward.

Vijay talks about topics like fear that have personally affected him. He discusses the steps that he took to overcome his fears which he imparts to his audiences.

  1. Excitement in Disguise

You can look at fear as a characteristic of excitement or an impediment. Children don’t show fear because to them, life is an adventure.

Unfortunately, this changes as we enter adulthood. Vijay says to go back to childhood and change your fear to excitement. It will take practice, start with small challenges, and work up to handling heavy challenges.

  1. What Fear Doesn’t Paralyze, It Will Energize You

Fear is hidden in patterns. When you are about to make a major life transition, a sense of fear pops up. You can use this fear to propel you forward rather than stopping you in your tracks. Allow fear to be an energizing form and let it show you the path ahead.

  1. Great Motivator for Growth

People are wired to stay with what is most familiar to them. When you give into fear, it will keep you stuck. You must learn to let go of that uncertainty and go forward.

If you fail or if you succeed, at least you made a change that introduces you to a new concept. Take small steps and allow fear to open up new adventures for you and guide you on a path to success.