Gold Coins – A Safe Haven for Investors

Gold is a shiny, bright yellow metal that captures everyone’s interest. What is the reason behind this? Well, gold has for long been used to depict value and status in different societies. It is also one of the precious metals that are commonly used to make jewelry.

This leaves you wondering why its value has never depreciated over the years. There is only one answer to that question: demand. Its value is expected to increase in the coming years now that investors are moving some of their money to invest in gold coins. These coins have proven to be of much value than paper currency. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The need to purchase gold coins has come about as a result of the uncertainty in the U.S. economy. Investors are looking for better ways to grow their wealth and secure their financial future. People have now realized that value of gold is stable and its price is not affected negatively by inflation.

When inflation hits, the dollar is devalued while the price of gold increases. Moreover, gold coins are safe since you do not have to worry about losing them in case a fire breaks out in your premises. Unlike cash, gold coins are a commodity that is indestructible by fire.

Investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios could buy gold coins from U.S. Money Reserve. The institution boasts of an excellent reputation, having served more than 400,000 contented clients since its inception in 2001. Read more: US Money Reserve | Bizjournals and US Money Researve | Instagram

The firm also ensures to create healthy and long-term relationships with its clients by providing them with exemplary services. As a result, it has one of the largest inventories in the industry. It has managed to ship over two million coins to its clients, which can be valued at more than $1 billion in retail pricing.

Through its skilled coin researchers and numismatic professionals, U.S. Reserve is able to find highly-graded precious metal that could see clients achieve massive profits. The firm is a trustworthy institution that operates by following business ethics to ensure its clients get the best.

As a matter of fact, it has been awarded a prestigious AAA rating by Business Consumer Alliance. When a client purchases gold coins from U.S. Money Reserve, they make the shipment at no cost, and the gold coins are fully insured. Moreover, the organization offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

HCR Wealth Advisors’ Tips on How to Financially Educate Children

Educating your kids about money and finance can help in increasing their knowledge about finance and thus train them in becoming responsible adults. A number of parents are hesitant to discuss financial matters with their children because they think that their children are not yet ready or interested in such matters.

But when children are smarter about money, they are more likely to make more intelligent financial decisions when they grow older. And this is the reason why HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, endorses the early financial training of kids. Below are some tips given by HCR Wealth Advisors on how children can learn about money and finance.

  1. Provide an Allowance for Accomplishing Chores

Kids must learn that nothing is really free, especially money. Giving them an allowance will emphasize the notion that money must be earned and not just given or asked for. So, if your child asks for more money, then offer more chores. Tell them that the more chores they do the more they will earn.

  1. Teach Them How to Budget

After educating your children about the fact that they can earn income by doing chores at home, help them make a budget. Instruct them to write down their income and the things they need on a paper. The list should have income on the left side of the paper while the right side contains what they expect to spend it on. By accomplishing this step, you are helping the child understand how budgeting is done and see whether he or she can afford to buy the things he or she needs or wants.

  1. Open a Savings Account for Your Child

Starting a savings account with your kid is another fantastic way to educate him or her on how to save earnings with a bank. Understanding how to open a bank account and how to utilize debit cards are valuable lessons that your children should learn. Therefore, if you assist them in setting up their savings accounts they can become more dependable financially.

HCR Wealth Advisors on giving personalized financial solutions:

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Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties and President Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani, founder of DAMAC Properties(1976), and Donald Trump have both a business and social relationship which seems to have served them well over the years. President Trump made a brief statement before his inauguration describing his thoughts about eliminating the business element of their connection and keeping the personal side to make sure that it would not affect his efforts as president during heightened times of dispute with the Middle East and the United States. Back in 2015 and 2016 President Trump was able to net $10 million dollars from a shared golfing business interest with Hussain Sajwani. The Trump family, namely his son Donald Trump Jr., has a deeper association than just in business as they attended a wedding in Dubai for Sajwani’s daughter.

Hussain Sajwani is indeed a billionaire and credits President Trump with helping to strengthen DAMAC Properties. He boasts $3 billion with well over 44,000 property units throughout the Middle East. Through the DAMAC company and his associations, Sajwani has been able to fulfill many of his philantrophic efforts and made positive changes for his homeland. Their property locations have an immense global span which is pivotal to having such a wide-ranging outreach. DAMAC Properties has donated millions in resources to help feed and clothe needy children around the world. He is very well connected to the world socially and pubicly. As does his friend President Trump, he too has an Instagram account and posts relevant news and commentary regularly.

The luxury lifestyle is the focal point of DAMAC Properties and its founder Hussain Sajwani. From beautiful villas, hotels, gorgeous apartment homes, to spectacular family friendly golf and vacation resorts, this company attracts wealthy business people and investors to enjoy. Hussain sees the wealth created from his business ventures as a priceless resource to help others and build and celebrate their decisions to excel in life. Having plenty of “friends in high places”, Sajwani would like to continue building upon and creating new business ventures. This can only help him achieve further success for his native country, family and international friends in the future.

See Sajwani’s latest videos, photos and activies:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Illustrates The Value Of Internal Recruitment In Banco Bradesco

Getting the right employees for a particular job can cost an organization tremendous hard work alongside costing the company thousands of dollars in recruitment. In such instances, internal recruitment seems like the most natural answer to multiple staffing needs. After all, the management already has the candidates on board, and there is a working history to help the panel of recruitment to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Moreover, internal staffing makes the entire recruitment process not only more comfortable but quicker alongside reducing the associated costs. One such organization that has successfully illustrated the value of internal recruitment and its impact on the management is Banco Bradesco.

The Changes in Banco Bradesco
As a leading financial services firm in Brazil, the last couple of months have been somewhat unpredictable for the employees of Banco Bradesco because of the frequency in reshuffling. For starters, it all began when in late 2017; the former president of the bank, Mr. Brandao de Mello stepped down citing that it was time to pave the leadership docket for a slightly more vibrant leader. Furthermore, he had served for more than three decades; a reflection of his loyalty to Banco Bradesco. Other than that, he was particular about the bank upholding internal recruitment in the search for his replacement. As if that was not enough, he appointed a successor to hold his position temporarily; Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over instantly. For more than four months, Luiz Carlos served as the chairman of Banco Bradesco.


Octavio de Lazari is elected.
In early March 2018, the panel of directors held a meeting to discuss the way forward in the leadership of the institution. First, they had a sitting to consider the impact of internal recruitment to the firm. From the discussion, it was of utmost importance for the bank to invest in an individual who would help utilize the already available resources in terms of managerial skills and leadership prospects according to Furthermore, given that there was a list of viable leaders awaiting election, the election period was a bit challenging as almost every candidate had some qualifications. However, Octavio de Lazari’s resume was too impressive as he had been part of the bank for quite some time. Although that contributed to his appointment as president, the weight lied on his experience and past contributions in the development of the bank’s service portfolio.

While taking over the leadership realms, Octavio de Lazari promised to walk into the footsteps of his mentors; Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Brandao de Mello.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Retains Leadership Roles
Correspondingly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over his initial role as the chief executive officer. What is more, he is already advocating for the implementation of pension reforms. What’s more, in his perspective, these reforms will dictate the way in which the next policies will be approved.

The Overview
Like in the case of Banco Bradesco, internal recruitment works brilliantly for some companies. Nevertheless, before an organization embarks on this route, it is critical to consider its impact on the employee turnover.

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Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere has never been shy when it comes to expressing herself or her beliefs.


When asked a question, Deere responds boldly with the answer.


When wanting to wear certain colors, Deere doesn’t hesitate.


And when a woman or girl wants to wear colored hair in the work place, Deere questions why that isn’t often allowed.


Hair Color Is Okay

According to Deere, it is perfectly fine to wear hair color in the workplace.


Most of the people at Lime Crime HQ wear the temporary color that the cruelty-free cosmetics line offers.


Deere feels that hair dye is perfectly fine for both school and the corporate setting and doesn’t understand why many people find it to be unacceptable.


What is one thing that the world usually accepts but Deere finds to be unconventional but still accepts due to the fact that she accepts everyone?




Yes, heels are common, but in Deere’s own words, they are shoes with sticks glued to the bottoms.


Deere has always had a unique way of looking at things, and accepting people no matter how they choose to dress is one of the qualities that makes her a leader in innovation.


She Encourages Other Women To Pursue Their Passions

A strong woman is able to build up other women because she doesn’t feel threatened that the success of others will out shine her own success.


Deere is a strong woman.


She is always encouraging women and girls to be themselves and even offers aspiring female entrepreneurs some much-needed advice when it comes to finding success in the business world:


“Look for gaps in the market, and always think about the next innovation.”


Indeed, Deere is one individual who found a major gap in the beauty industry: the world needed bold colors.


Not every girl wants to wear nude or plain hues every day of her life.


Also, there weren’t many options when it came to cruelty-free makeup.


Deere solved that problem when she launched Lime Crime.


Now even women who don’t typically wear makeup are intrigued when they see the cruelty-free glittery, bright shades that Lime Crime offers.


Is She A Control Freak?

Deere is not a control freak.


In fact, she does not mind delegating and have actually assigned major roles to the individuals who are well-equipped to handle them.


When the company first started, Deere was doing all of the formulating herself.


When a company grows however, there are more funds available. Thanks to the growth of the company, Deere is now able to pay people to formulate, and they do their jobs very well! Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani’s Knack for Business Propels DAMAC to Lead in the Real Estate Market

Hussain Sajwani is a revered business leader, well known in the world. As of now, he is the serving chairman, team leader, and chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. Prosperous as he is, his life was filled with challenges while growing up. Furthermore, he came from a modest background. In this article, Hussain Sajwani’s experience is described as a motivational narration to emerging business professionals who aspire to invest in real estate.

Background Check

Sajwani was born in 1954. Emanating from a humble family, his family could pass for a middle class, low income earning status. Also described as conservatives, his parents owned a shop in which his father sold watches and other personal care items for men. Perhaps his father’s determination to succeed in the business rubbed off on Sajwani’s character as he grew up. Over the years, he dedicated time to working with his father in the retail outlet. Sajwani was enthusiastic about the family business. He derived some sense of belonging and achievement every time he was left in charge.

Dreams and Aspirations

On the other hand, the DAMAC owner, was too ambitious to confine himself in a family business. Although his father would have wished for his son to inherit the business and run it from their native land, Sajwani was more visionary. He resorted to enrolling for formal education at a college in Baghdad. Because he was a disciplined student, he bagged full scholarship through a government program that facilitated his relocation to America. Sajwani joined the list of some of the students who pioneered the scholarship programs in that year.

Delving Into Business

Sajwani was a student at the prestigious Washington University. After graduating, GASCO, an oil company employed him. It was at that moment that Sajwani realized his impending purpose in business; to establish a catering business that served more than 10,000 clients in the Middle East, then ventures into real estate.

Hussain Sajwani’s Contribution in DAMAC Group

DAMAC Group is a real estate firm established in 2002, by the revered entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani. The firm deals in leisure, commercial in addition to residential property across the Middle East. The firm’s central office is situated in Dubai and since its inception; Sajwani has served as the chief executive officer.

Lessons Derived from Hussain’s Life

Over the years, Sajwani has developed a strong passion for business. Alongside a definite knack for business, he has appended his name in the competitive real estate market. He took advantage of his earlier lessons in his father’s business and established an empire.

Meet the DAMAC Properties’ Board of Directors:

Jim Toner’s Fertility Treatments Are Better Than Most

Since Jim Toner knows how to help people with fertility treatments, he feels good about giving them a chance at having a better future. He also feels there are things that make him better than all the other fertility doctors. Because he spent so much time learning about fertility treatments, he’s better than most others who offer the same things. It’s his way of making things better and giving people the chance to try things on their own. While Jim Toner spent a lot of time making things better for his patients, he also spent time trying to show people what would happen to make things better for their chances of trying for a baby. While families are working to conceive, Jim Toner is working to find new solutions to help them have a better chance. It’s his goal that gives him the ability to make things easier on other people.

Since Jim Toner sees all the positive things that come from making things better, Jim Toner knows what they need. He also knows everything will keep helping people and will keep making things better for them. Even though there are opportunities people benefit from and things that come their way because of the hard work Jim Toner puts into the business, he knows what it takes to give people everything. He also knows what it takes to make things easier for his patients. There are positive experiences that people benefit from no matter what issues they’re going through or what options they have available.

Jim Toner continues coming up with new ideas to help his clients. He understands the importance of making his patients see the positive opportunities that come with conceiving. He makes fertility something people have to look forward to and something that isn’t difficult for people to try with his help. He also spends a lot of time learning about how things will keep getting better. It’s his goal of giving back that allows him the chance to try things on his own. For Jim Toner, the point of doing all this so people have a better life.

Jim Toner just wants people to see what they can get from what he offers. There are also positive experiences that come from helping people with fertility treatments. Because of the hard work Jim Toner puts into helping people, he knows it’s worth it to give everyone the chances they need. He also knows what will happen to give people the experiences they need no matter what issues they’re coming up with. It’s his goal of working hard that allows him to keep doing things the right way and making things better for all the people in the industry.

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The Ryan Seacrest Foundation Helps Thousands Of Children Around The US

There are few people in the world of show business that have a name as popular as Ryan Seacrest. Since the 1990’s, Ryan Seacrest has been appearing on television and radio speaking to millions of people all over the country. He has appeared on several different American shows that have been a national success and he has had an eye and an ear on celebrities and the world of Hollywood for over a decade. When most people picture the red carpet and all the celebrities taking pictures, Ryan Seacrest is remembered for being the one right next to them. These days, Ryan Seacrest has become so popular he is often as famous or more famous than the celebrities he is interviewing and introducing for new hit movies.

Ryan Seacrest has had a passion for show business since he was a child and it is his passion that keeps him going despite his erratic professional career. More accurately, Ryan Seacrest has several careers. According to him, he has roughly 10 different jobs he is performing on a normal basis. This includes hosting several different radio shows, a clothing line that he manages, a production studio, reporting for E! news, managing the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He has appeared on major popular American television shows over the years, including American Idol which boosted his level of popularity onto the level of high profile celebrities.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is Ryan’s own personal organization that works to help children in hospitals and Seacrest studios throughout the country. Since first starting up in 2010, they have made the lives of many families and children much better despite their illnesses through engaging activities, family time, and educational opportunities. Many celebrities and public figures have also participated int he organization and done events for the children and have taken the time to meet them. All of this improves the lives of these young children and helps them overcome their sicknesses to start living a better life. Check out his YouTube channel to know more about his radio show.

Reasons Leading to the Excellence of Rocketship Education.

In Education, a child’s progress is very important to the parents, teachers and even the student themselves. It determines their potential and progress. As important as it is however not all schools have been able to do it. While the well up schools has been able to get their analysis those from low schools would have to wait longer. This has however been addressed by using another form of evaluation method called Measures of Academic Progress MAP to track students’ progress. MAP is able to show us the value added by the students in spite of the point they are unlike proficiency which would only show students achievement at specific point and time.

Many public schools have picked up Measure of Academic Progress as their assessment tool throughout the world. The method was implemented in public schools by Metro Nashville public schools and director Mr.Joseph last year. This area has many disadvantaged students and this method has been used to bridge the gap caused by this difference in economic status. Rocketship Education has been using this method of evaluation in their schools.

Rocketship is a non-profit network of public charter schools that is offering its services to low-income families that don’t have the advantage to access excellent schools. Rocketship education started in 2006 with the goal of eliminating the achievement gap by establishing a school model that is scalable and sustainable and one that drives student achievement in incapable communities in the country. The foundation of the instructional model by Rocketship is the use of modern technology to personalize students learning by giving each student individual attention according to their specific needs. This is done by deeply engaging parents in their student’s learning and the school community as their advocates to ensure continuous progress is going on in a student’s life.

Rocketship Education helps the children from low-income areas to catch up with their peers through effective teaching. This involves frequent measuring and monitoring student with a benchmark evaluation tool like MAP. It also capitalizes on planning where the child is heading so as to provide enough support for the child to achieve their goals. So far 146 students from Rocketship Education were able to bridge this gap.