Mike Baur, The Swiss Entrepreneur Whose Nurturing And Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is a seasoned businessman who leads a company called the Swiss Startup Factory. His position in the company is managing partner. Mr. Baur is also one of the founders of the enterprise. The business magnate has two decades worth of experience in banking and finance having worked in this sector for 20 years. Clariden Leu and UBS are examples of banking institutions that Mike Baur steered.


Mike Baur brought together two partners by the names Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to start the Swiss Startup back in the year 2014. Their primary objective was to mentor budding entrepreneurs by guiding them and providing them with the necessary resources required for their business to ground break and break even.


Mike Baur was one of the members of the judging panel of START Summiteer. START Summiteer is a challenge that brings together entrepreneurs who pitch their startup ideas, and the best startups are awarded. The contest is usually held at St. Gallen University.


When Swiss Startup Factory forged a new partnership with CTI Invest, Mike Baur was added more responsibility of being the Deputy Managing Director of CTI.


Mike is also responsible for the operations of an accelerator program that is the brainchild of the Swiss Startup Factory in collaboration with the GoldBack Group.


Mike’s career began in the Banking industry as he shifted towards entrepreneurship and startup companies. He was once a commercial intern working at UBS. Through sheer determination and hard work, he was able to rise above the ranks to the helm of a board of a leading Swiss private bank as an executive member. Swiss Startup Factory is one of the top private company that supports ICT startups in Switzerland. Mr. Baur hopes to touch as many lives as he can and create an impact on budding entrepreneurs with an urge to succeed in business.



Mike holds an MBA from a New York University known as the Rochester University and an executive MBA from the University of Berne. He hopes to guide future entrepreneurs on matters such as marketing products or services, managing human and capital resources within a startup and financial discipline when running a startup. Such knowledge is useful for young people who are making an entry into entrepreneurship.


It is Mike’s confident demeanor and generosity that has made him a household name in the startup sector across Switzerland.


Hussain Sajwani Believes In Investing In Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani was asked in an interview if there is a piece of advice that he was willing to give out to anyone who is looking to learn from him. He shared that he believes that investing in real estate is a smart idea. He believes that individuals should invest in real estate in cities that are doing well and that such investing will profit a person. Hussain Sajwani is the chairman of DAMAC Properties, a global property development company, and he is someone who knows what it takes for an individual to find success.


There are some who focus so much on work that they neglect their families, and Hussain Sajwani is someone who is careful not to do that. He believes that time with his family is important and he makes sure that he has time to spend with those he loves. He has shared that time with his family helps to give him a balanced life.


Dubai is a city that inspires Hussain Sajwani and that helps him in following after his dreams. When questioned about how he brings ideas that he has to life, he shared that he looks to Dubai and thinks about its future. He then thinks about the possible future of his ideas and whether or not they are going to be successful. He puts aside his fear of failure and strives to bring his ideas to life.


Hussain Sajwani was questioned about what he would do differently if he had the chance to live his life all over again, and he shared that he believes that every moment of his life has influenced him in some way. He believes that the good and the bad moments were all important to help him become who he is today. He would not redo his life even if he had the chance to do that.

For more information about Husssain Sajwani: http://arabic.arabianbusiness.com/special-reports/376577/22

DAMAC Properties Owner Hussain Sajwani is at the Forefront of Middle East Development

DAMAC Properties is offering a luxury residential development in Business Bay called Reva Residence. Overlooking the Dubai Canal, the residences are one and two bedroom luxury apartments. According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani, the development includes world class amenities and 24 hour concierge. The affordable apartments are located in the heart of Dubai.


The area of Business Bay is an up and coming area that includes an entertainment, leisure and business district. The incredible views, as well as the exquisite interior of the apartments live up to the lavish and elegant lifestyle that has become the Business Bay area. The development brings to the neighborhood just about everything a young couple or an individual executive in a residence.


Those that choose to live at Reva Residence will have the opportunity to experience the retail, entertainment and dining opportunities the area has to offer. The neighborhood has become a much sought after area that has waterside bicycle and jogging paths and a variety of parks. Right next door, tenants of the area will find the world’s largest shopping mall.


Reva Residence boasts a 24-hour concierge and reception area in a most elegant lobby, a temperature controlled swimming pool, landscaped gardens, a children’s play area, an outdoor courtyard, steam and sauna, and a state of the art gym and fitness center. The apartments all have spacious bathrooms and well appointed kitchens. DAMAC offers competitive payment plans with a one percent payment plan each month.


DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 by Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani. The company focuses on commercial, leisure and residential real estate development. The company is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Under the direction and leadership of Hussain Sajwani, the owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties, the company builds top of the line luxury developments and with aggressive marketing strategies in place he employs a business model that includes off-plan sales.


Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC Properties keeps an eye to the future and has the ability to make corrections as the economy and customer needs and wants change. Sajwani has developed three business strategies for his business and include paying cash for land, keeping escrow accounts independent from everything else and never transfer cash from one account to another and retain cash reserves and keep them in government bonds or fixed deposits.

Jed McCaleb: Founder of Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a successful entrepreneur who has learned valuable lessons during his career. He is excited about various opportunities with Stellar. Stellar is a company that Jed McCaleb founded several years ago. Jed McCaleb wanted to create a payment system that was easier than the current options.


Although Stellar is profitable, the journey of building the company was demanding. Jed McCaleb has experience starting companies in numerous industries. He is passionate about his work, and he wants to make a positive impact on people throughout the world.



Application of New Technology


Technology is a driving force for change throughout the world. In some developing nations, the banking systems are not adequate to meet the needs of residents. Stellar is an excellent platform for people who need to make payments to one another without a bank. Stellar functions completely online, and there are no physical locations for the company.


Jed McCaleb spends a ton of capital each year investing in new technology. Few people understand how expensive developing new technology can be.



Early Failures of Jed McCaleb


Although Jed McCaleb is a successful business owner, he had to struggle to succeed as a business owner. He started several unsuccessful companies before Stellar. Although his first few business ideas failed, he learned valuable lessons during the process.


One of his biggest mistakes was borrowing too much money. With his first company, he did not have a thorough financial plan. When the business failed, it took him years to pay down all of his business debt.



Future Plans

Stellar is a growing company that can positively impact the world. Jed McCaleb has numerous plans for Stellar in the coming years. Not only does he want to increase sales at the company, but he also wants to give more money to charities. He firmly believes in helping people without access to essential resources.

Why Joel Friant’s Original Habanero Shaker Is Getting Rave Online Reviews

Over the course of his professional career, Joel Friant has started many businesses. Among these is a business in which he bought, renovated, and sold homes for a profit aka house flipping. He also once owned a home remodeling business. When the 2007 to 2008 financial crisis hit he decided to find out why some people succeed even in trying times while others fail. Out of this research came a company he started where he was a success trainer.


In the 1990s he owned a restaurant. He wanted to introduce his customers to one of his passions, habanero peppers. Joel Friant developed a product he named the Habanero Shaker. His customers loved this product because of its spiciness and buttery flavor. He decided to expand his market and started selling the Habanero Shaker in Washington state large grocery store chains.


It was during this time that he had opened his house flipping business. Due to this he stopped sales of the Habanero Shaker. He didn’t forget about it, though, especially as people he knew would ask him if he had any plans to release it again. Six years ago he learned about some classes that offered people an education in how to sell their products online. He took these classes while he developed a supply chain of habanero peppers.


The Original Habenero Shaker is the product that Joel Friant sells on Amazon. He says he can reach a global market this way rather than relying on selling it in grocery stores. It is made of 100% habanero pepper flakes and comes in a high-quality canister that keeps it fresh for years. Each container is large enough to last most people somewhere between six months to two years.


Joel Friant’s the Original Habanero Shaker is getting very good reviews on Amazon by people who are verified buyers. It averages right around 200,000 Scoville heat units which is 30 times spicier than a jalapeno. One reviewer says that it’s hot stuff, is a strong spice, and that he was surprised with how smooth the flavor is. He recommended it for many uses such as eggs, meat, and guacamole among others.

AvaTrade’s Services Under Review: Trading with Confidence

When looking for an effective brokerage firm to help you get started in Forex and CFD trading, look no further than AvaTrade. This Irish firm specializes in reliable trading services that allow you to learn how, when, and where to put your money. Whether you are new as a trader or already an expert, AvaTrade helps you to gain valuable insight that will allow you to make moves with your finances with peace of mind.


Getting started in the intimidating world of Forex trading can be tough and novice traders are likely to miss a lot of important information. AvaTrade allows even the most beginner of traders to gain enough information to make the best move for them. They offer special crash courses that will help to teach you about different currencies, trading times, time zones, and much more. AvaTrade also doesn’t leave you lonely; with a hand from premier experts, you don’t need to make moves without some dependable help from people more experienced. With critical information available to you from only a few clicks, you can make informed decisions about your trading with confidence.


It’s not just novices, however, who can benefit from AvaTrade’s platform; for those experienced traders looking to up their standing in Forex, this tool can be invaluable. The brokerage firm gives you important data like currency rates, exchange rates, and what time is best to trade. You could also get information from insiders, provided to you through tutorials and webinars available to you at any time.


Formerly known as AvaFX, AvaTrade was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland as a Forex broker. It provides traders with services relating to Bitcoin, commodities, equities, bonds, and more and serves more than 200,000 accounts worldwide.


In order to guarantee safe transactions, AvaTrade is registered with the Spanish CNVM, is often overseen by parties of the European Union, and is backed by a team of bilingual staff who are readily available for support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. AvaTrade operates out of several offices globally and brings in more than 2 million transactions a month.

2 Key Things that the Oxford Club Recommends to Minimize Investment Risk

Investing in the stock market may not be one of the priority items that many people have on their list today. However, devising a plan to start investing can be one of the smartest moves that an individual can make for their financial future. Due to the fact that the stock market is open to anyone who has the funds, people can increase their personal net worth by huge sums. Before devising a profitable investment plan that can be used by virtually anyone, it is essential that these plans consider a wide range of different factors. So, here are 3 things that the Oxford Club recommends to the newbies who are creating their own investment plans.


Don’t Invest More than You Can Afford to Lose in the Stock Market


Your first round of investments may or may not be good. Dependent upon the types of stocks you choose and the ups and downs of the stock market, you could have a huge amount of success with growing the amount that put in. Or, you could simply break even after a period of time. In either case or situation, you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose or need for day to day living expenses. So, one key thing to remember is that you will take a certain amount of risks but you should never go broke trying to win big.


Understand the Dynamics of the Different Types of Stocks — Use a Balance financial Plan


It is also important to note that there are many different types of stocks that will be available to you to purchase. Some of which can be vastly different from one to another. Therefore, you should know what types of stocks that you want to invest in before you begin to make your investments. Also, if you want to ensure that you are still controlling the amount of risks that you are taking, the Oxford Club and their experience investors recommend investing the funds that you have available in more than one type of stock at a time. This type of strategy will also help to reduce the amount of risk that you are taking.

The Greatness Of Siteline Cabinetry

Pat Corsi, the 1973 founder of the Corsi Group and its longtime chief executive, is an American-born businessperson that values the prospect of American manufacturing.

Talks of potential tariffs have been perpetuated around news sources in print, on air, and across the Internet. President Donald Trump had promised to enact such tariffs in the form of a 25 percent tax on incoming steel, and 10 percent on aluminum. None of these tariffs have been made law yet, though many businesses, particularly manufacturers, across the United States of America are worried that such tariffs may hurt business substantially.

Corsi’s own Siteline Cabinetry has anchored its manufacturing right here in the United States since it was founded three years ago.

He values the importance of manufacturing in America, and is doing his best to make sure the economy here in the United States stays strong.

What is Siteline Cabinetry?

Siteline Cabinetry is a manufacturer of custom cabinetry that operates out of its home base in Keysville, Virginia. It works together with nearby dealers in the Virginia area, though they range as far as New Jersey and South Carolina – even as far away as Indianapolis, Indiana – to solicit orders from customers and relay them to Siteline Cabinetry’s plant in Keysville, Virginia.

The company doesn’t sell cabinets to the public because the many businesses that it is partnered with provide guidance to customers that helps them make informed decisions about the quality work they’re buying, especially in terms of the in-depth, extensive customization that customers are privileged enough to have.

The Products That Siteline Cabinetry Offers Are Great

Siteline Cabinetry offers a warranty to its customers, just like almost every other cabinet manufacturer in the United States, though its products’ warranties last for the entire lifetime of the product. It always makes sure to fix any defects or any other problematic issues that customers have with its cabinets.

The custom cabinetry manufacturer and dealer also sends out products made with a whopping, truly impressive 289 unique finishes and materials. Siteline truly does offer everything customers could possibly want.

How Talk Fusion’s Products Have Become High Quality While Maintaining Simplicity

Talk Fusion hasn’t become featured on Microsoft or been the most ubiquitous company when it comes to mentioning it with corporate software, but it is silently growing and taking over communication spaces where IT experts may not have seen it coming before. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion is always putting forth ground-breaking ideas on how video emails and live streaming can be improved and get the message out that its users want to send. Talk Fusion is doing with their products what many previous video chat applications have done, but in a more user-friendly way.


One thing Talk Fusion users love is not having to download bulky software or even having to use the Adobe flash media player to use Talk Fusion’s video player. The software is almost invisible as it can be used as a built-in plugin with the browser or mobile device app that is compatible with any operating system. Its technology is known as web real-time communications, a protocol used both for transmitting live streams or distributing pre-recorded video files. The company was given the Video Product of the Year award by the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016 and Bob Reina often talks about its video strategies in his articles on the HuffPost and MarTech Advisor.


The beginning of Talk Fusion came when Bob Reina wanted a way to send video files through email back before social media became a fad. He had retired from the police force about 10 years earlier and had been undertaking some multilevel marketing opportunities when he stumbled across email video communications as new way to make sales. The first software allowing videos to be displayed in emails came in 2007, and since then several other newsletter, conferencing and group chat apps have been released. Talk Fusion’s customers include small, large and mid-sized businesses, and non-profits have also expressed their gratitude over how Talk Fusion has allowed them to share their message. Learn more:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate


One of Talk Fusion’s latest programs is Talk Fusion University, a tutorial program that gives associates pointers on how to market Talk Fusion products. Associates earn bonuses and commissions on each product suite sale they make, and Talk Fusion also has free trials that associates can refer customers to and earn credit for. For associates who can meet a certain sales volume or recruit more people to the Talk Fusion multilevel marketing program, they could bring home items like rolex watches, diamond jewelry or even major sports cars.

Shiraz Boghani & Sussex Healthcare

Shiraz Boghani History & Background
Considering the amount of commitment and devotion that Shiraz Boghani has devoted to being as successful as he can be, there is no surprise to see how far he has come in his career so far. If we had to describe the career of Shiraz Boghani up to this point, there are no amount of descriptions of it that would not be an understatement.

The reality of the situation is that Shiraz Boghani has built a reputation that not a lot of people in his field can ever even dream of. Needless to say, Shiraz Bghani is seen as a leader and innovator in his respective field and is a very trusted and respected individual. All things considered, Shiraz Boghani has many accomplishment s and accolades attached to his name.

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In his career so far, Shiraz Boghani has achieved many highly regarded roles such as Leading Director, Founder, and many similar roles. This just goes to show how highly regarded Shiraz Boghani is himself. Also, it goes to show how much appreciated and admired Shiraz Boghani is to his peers and fellow business partners. Also worth mentioning, Shiraz Boghnai has managed to create many trusted relationships and connections with people that can attest to how great of a businessman and individual he really is. That being said, there are many examples to choose from involving Shiraz Boghani that proves how successful he is. So, to understand a little more how Shiraz Boghani has managed to reach the levels of success that he has today, here is more on him and his efforts in the company Sussex Healthcare.

More on Shiraz Boghani & Sussex Healthcare
In what has become perhaps his most noteworthy and recognized accomplishment, Shiraz Boghani has accomplished so much in his efforts with Sussex Healthcare. With the role as a leading chairman of the health centralized company, Shiraz has also been recognized with numerous awards and accolades because of his great work at the company. The company, which is self-described as a leader in the healthcare world, has benefited tremendously from Shiraz Boghani. In fact, Shiraz Boghani has also benefited from being given a role at the company as well. Simply put, Shiraz Boghani and Sussex Healthcare have complemented each other very well. With all of that said, there is no denying that Shiraz Boghani will continue to find success for as long as he chooses to.

Find more about Shiraz Boghani: https://www.behance.net/ShirazBoghani