Oncotarget Is Maximizing Impact Of Research

Insightful peer-review has helped Oncotarget to the maximum advantage of research. In fact, this is one of the reasons behind its rising popularity. Its constructive, punctual, as well as multiple peer-review, has helped its authors a lot.

Its members of Editorial Board include Carlo M. Croce, who was the former Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research; along with Andrew Schally who is a Nobel Prize winner. They have published 27 and 10 papers respectively in Oncotarget.

Since 2013, a record number of 4 members of Oncotarget/Oncoscience/Geotarget have won the Breakthrough Prize, which is the highest prize ever. These include Bert Vogelstein, Michael N. Hall, besides Alexander Varshavsky and Stephen J. Elledge. Download output styles at Endnote.com

Oncotarget has sponsored the Gordon Research Conference. Its popularity has prompted Oncotarget to accept papers on topics that are beyond oncology. These include neuroscience, endocrinology, in addition to cardiology, metabolism, besides cell biology and all areas of pharmacology besides much more.

Oncotarget even states that in case you feel that your paper had been mistakenly rejected by the other leading journals, then you can submit it to Oncotarget along with peer-reviews that are obtained from the other journal as well as the rebuttal letter.

The term “oncotarget” basically encompasses everything. It includes all molecules, pathways, along with cellular functions that are common in cancer aging as well as neurodegeneration. Next is atherosclerosis, lymphocytes along with neurons in addition to cancer cells and microbes.

Oncotarget is now a multidisciplinary traditional journal that allows free access. Oncotarget is publishing papers online. It has weekly issues. It is possible to print each issue or paper on special demand.

Their mission is to make scientific results rapidly and widely available. The mission of Oncotarget is to maximize the impact of research. This is possible only through insightful review as this allows sharing of exceptional discoveries in a quick manner. It also helps to eliminate these borders that exist between specialties today. Different fields of biomedical science get linked this way. It is helpful in fostering the application of basic as well as clinical science in order to fight diseases. The leadership here is formed of the most prominent scientists.

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Jason Hope Predicts Internet Of Things Will Drive Next Wave Of Innovation

Jason Hope, one of Arizona’s most famous tech entrepreneurs, has recently taken to the blogosphere, releasing a series of articles that detail all of the exciting developments that he sees taking place within the group of technologies broadly termed the Internet of Things.

Hope argues that technological progress has stagnated over the last 50 to 75 years. But he sees that quickly changing as the Internet of Things revolutionizes nearly every field of commerce and daily life.

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Innovative stagnation

Jason Hope points to the fact that, when many of today’s Baby Boomers were growing up, cartoons like the Jetsons and shows, such as Star Trek, told of things to come, a future in which every family would have a flying car and in which computers could bake cookies from raw elements like carbon and oxygen.

Hope points out that, although many people don’t know this, the jet airliners of the late ’50s and early ’60s were actually considerably faster than those of today. One jetliner that was in common usage in the year 1960, the Convair 880, was capable of cruising at nearly the speed of sound. That’s almost 25 percent faster than a typical jet today.

But Hope sees this disappointment of failed progress coming to an end. As the Internet of Things comes online, people may well have their own flying cars soon.

Find more details about Jason Hope: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jason-hope#/entity

Nationwide Title Clearing Eases Process of Ordering Property Reports

In the real estate industry, things such as wrongful foreclosures and stagnation of asset transition have become a major problem for many property owners and lenders. These two things cause a number of title defects which make it difficult to process property transactions. Fortunately for those looking for a solution to this problem, Nationwide Title Clearing has responded by launching a new service of ordering property reports online. Nationwide Title Clearing is among the leading companies in researching and processing documents pertaining to mortgages and real estate transactions. The executives of NTC have stated that for anyone to have a clear title and reduce the risk of buyback or failure to foreclose, property records are significant to possess. In order to help eliminate this problem, Nationwide Title Clearing has updated its website to allow individuals to get property records on the internet at any time.


According to Nationwide Title Clearing, title defects take place when an individual or a company claims a property that is currently owned by another person or entity. There are other factors that can make a title invalid as well. These usually include things such as wording in documents that don’t comply with required standards. Problems with title can occur when a signature is missing in the document, documents that have liens and also a wrong procedure in terms of filling out the form. Nationwide Title Clearing CEO John Hillman stated that before you transfer property, it is important to make sure that all documents have complied with the standards and requirements according to real estate law.


Nationwide Title Clearing Incorporated was founded in the year 1991. The company is based in Palm Harbor, Florida and serves mortgage lenders, investors and servicers such as residential mortgage servicers. NTC looks to assist the mortgage banking industry, protect homeowners and preserve all of the land records in the United States. Over the years this company has earned the trust and respect of many entities in the real estate and mortgage industries. It has established a reputation of providing the most accurate research and best quality documentation which has proven to be the very best in the entire industry. Nationwide Title Clearing attributes its success to their understanding of what their clients need as well as committing itself to offer a number of customized property reports for its clients. With its great service and expertise, NTC has been able to maintain its reputation as one of the most trusted entities for obtaining property documents and information.


For more information, visit http://info.nwtc.com/blog.

Revisit The Fun Sound Of True Guitar Playing With Great Headphones


Many people are discovering the advantage of owning personal music items like Beat headphones for several reasons. They stream incredible music from favorite stations no matter if they are being worn at the gym, at work, at home, or just to occupying time on a commute. Unlike headphone styles of the past, Beats are fashionable and comfortable to wear for long intervals.


Skullcandy is another good headphone brands that are equipped with modern wireless features. Both of these brands make a person’s favorite bands come alive. The tech sounds are extraordinarily vivid, but the true test of these headphones happen when listening to classic sounds. This means classical music, or classic rock. There are few opportunities to enjoy a masterfully played acoustic guitar in today’s world, without a great pair of headphones to transport the listener away from the stresses of life.


Of course, experiencing the sound of a favorite guitar solo and legendary player through excellent headphones only ignites a desire to revisit a love for playing music. Being surrounded by incredible music leads a person to pick up a Seagull, or Fender acoustic guitar and start strumming like a pro. With one of these incredible guitar models, it’s easy to begin exploring sounds in the privacy of home, or decide to start formal music lessons. Either are fantastic, and will enrich a person’s life.


Enjoy music on a great set of Beats and Skullcandy headphones, or make music at home on one of the best acoustic guitar brands like a Fender, or Seagull acoustic guitar. The choice is simple. Just enjoy the music.

Penelope Kokkinides And Rick Shinto Are The Faces Of Innovacare Health’s Leadership

Innovacare Health is a managed healthcare services firm. According to HRMR Online, the success of the firm is anchored on its experienced executives. The company’s top leadership team comprises Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Innovacare Health offers innovative healthcare plans that include MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. The membership for the two plans is made up over 200,000 individuals. Over 7,500 providers serve these people. Additionally, within the government of Puerto Rico’s health plan, Innovacare Health manages two Medicaid plans. These plans provide extensive benefit coverage to the clients through a coordinated care model. Innovacare Health offers the only NCQA-accredited health plans in the Island. Innovacare Health is dedicated to provide clients with quality healthcare by developing cost effective and sustainable models of coordinated managed care.

In his career, Rick Shinto has worked for several health care firms. The current president of Innovacare Health has over 20 years of experience in managed care. Dr. Shinto’s focus has been on clinical and operational healthcare. He has been an employee of Aveta Inc. where he served as the president and chief executive officer. Moreover, Dr. Shinto has worked for MedPartners, NAMM California, and Medical Pathways Management Company.

At the beginning of his profession in the healthcare sector, Dr. Shinto practiced in Southern California as a devoted internist and pulmonologist. He has authored many articles on healthcare matters. Rick has written extensively about clinical medicine. Dr. Shinto has a B.S., medical degree, and an M.B.A. He graduated from the University of California, State University of New York, and University of Redlands respectively.

She has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years. Kokkindes specializes in government programs that include Medicare and Medicaid. The expert has extensive knowledge in developing and managing health care processes. Penelope Kokkinides is also experienced in developing clinical programs and managing health care operations. Her focus is primarily on improving organizational structure and efficiency. Formerly, Kokkinides served in different firms, including Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice.

Kokkinides’ appointment as Innovacare’s chief operating officer was announced in July 2016. She was among the three professionals who were added to the company’s management team. The other professionals that joined Innovacare Health’s executive team include Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. Jonathan will serve as the firm’s chief actuary officer. Mike will render his services as the chief accounting officer.

Just Who Is Doe Deere

When it comes to cosmetics, there are plenty of brands to choose from in today’s society. The cosmetics industry is one of the largest and most popular industries in the world. Some of the biggest name brands are found here such as Maybelline, L’Oréal, Max Factor, Cover Girl, and others. One of the hottest brands in today’s market is known as Lime Crime and it is redefining what a successful cosmetic line should be. Lime Crime was founded and developed by a woman named Doe Deere. Deere was actually born in Russia, but moved to the U.S. when she was around 17 years old. Having such an eclectic sense of style and by having a strong interest for this field of work, Deere created a small business in which she sold he very own products. She modeled and sewed her own products as well, but being in such a competitive market, she new that she would have to make some changes in order to stand out.

Doe Deere switched gears and found the perfect niche to fall under. Vivid and bold colored cosmetics were a bit overlooked and Deere jumped on the opportunity and ran with it. Lime Crime was born and in 2008, the brand was launched. The brand specialize in deep pigmented and dazzling colors, which helps it stand out amongst the competition. It’s “Velvetine Collection” is by far some of the best selling lipsticks in the world thanks to it’s liquid matte, smooth finish. These lipsticks come in many different color hues such as cashmere, red velvet, black velvet, utopia, saint, scandal, rave, bleached, riot, rave, and many more.

Lime crime is all about self expression and the products are universal. This means that many women as well as men use the products to spice things up. The brand is also cruelty-free and it’s certified vegan. As of today, Lime Crime has become a major player in the cosmetics industry and Doe Deere will be steering the ship to even more success in the future.


Vijay Eswaran Leading the QI Group to Greater Heights

Since its founding in 1998, the QI Group has impacted millions of lives through its various business operations and charity programs. The company was established by Mr. Vijay Eswaran, who is now the executive chairman of the group. Its headquarters are in Hong Kong and it has operations in more than 25 countries through its subsidiary companies. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://www.qigroup.com/about/leadership/leadership-2/

The unique business model of the company has enabled it to grow very fast. Independent representatives (IRs)employed by the company refer QI’s products to consumers. They are then paid depending on the value of QI products their referrals purchase and the sales volume of other IRs in their teams.

Humble Beginnings

 Vijay thought of starting the business, all he had was a business idea. He knew no one in the field who could help him and had trouble obtaining capital to start his business. Asia’s economy was performing very poorly and no one wanted to risk investing in such a business. No one had faith in him.

He partnered with a few other people who shared his sentiments and with support and encouragement from his wife, Umayal Eswaran, they set the ball rolling and 18 years later, the company is doing exceptionally well under his leadership.

Bottom Line

The QI Group cares about the overall wellbeing of the community and therefore has an arm, RHYTHM Foundation, dedicated to corporate social responsibility. The foundation has made donations to a number of charities and taken part in several other community programs.

Vijay Eswaran values his employees and knows that the company cannot succeed without them. He always reminds them of the company’s humble beginnings and reminds them to be grateful for the far they have come.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran regularly interacts with customers to know their needs and get to hear their stories and develops products based on his findings.

EOS Lip Balm Fashion Iconography For The Original You

Craig Dubitsky was a simple man who with one bold move managed to completely change an entire industry with one inspired idea. Seeing that the lip balms taking over the industry at the time were impersonal, medical-type products that smelled as unappealing and medical as their names: Blistex and ChapStick. Wanting to make women feel more at ease and enjoy the process of their every day lip care routines, Craig Dubitsky decided it was time to take a lesson from other beauty products like lotion and shampoos and conditioners which were infusing scents, dyes, and even glitters into their products for a while now which was winning the eye of women everywhere who wanted their own symbol of fashion iconography in their skincare(https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) and beauty products. This was the exact reason so many women were fawning over lip gloss buckets at the time: they were different and fun and came with fruity flavors like watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi. There wasn’t too much choice at the time and it wasn’t doing the same job as lip balms were, but it was more original and it made women feel less like they were merely taking their medicine. Dubitsky wanted to inspire women to enjoy EOS lip balm as much as they enjoyed their kiwi lip gloss and their coconut shampoo, so he decided it was time to fill the gap in the lip care department with pretty pastel eggs that had their own flavors like Sweet Mint and Pomegranate Raspberry. It seemed like a simple and small move, but like wildfire it struck fast and made a huge impact! Women everywhere were going crazy for these eBay sold delicious smooth lip balms and the flavors and scents that made them feel unique unto themselves. EOS Lip Balm made a monumental difference and it clicked -literally!

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